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  1. I don't remember the high color mode being too rocket sciency, so simulating it shouldn't be hard. Instead of rendering to an 8 bit framebuffer, it renders to a 16-bit RGB5X1 one, drawing colors from a special 16-bit color palette, which instead of having a colormap like the 8-bit renderer, instead has 32 levels of 16 bit palettes for shading.


    If the 0.5 RE effort bears fruit (I'm hopeful atm, but working out the rendering functions is testing me), I do want to implement a quick-and-dirty port for the sake of testing functionality.

  2. 1 hour ago, PixelCrunch said:

    Speaking of the Alpha Versions (and a bit off topic), Is there a way to play the Alpha version .WADs in a modern source port? Please let me know!


    Also, some of the Alpha versions supported the obscure Sierra High-Color D.A.C Module, which supported up to 32,768 colors @ 320x400, but was cut from later versions.

    No current ports support them, the game data is too different. But it can be converted. Deathz0r made two "alpha resource" wads many years ago, but with advances in engines like ZDoom, it should be possible to make a more accurate recreation.

  3. god who cares about the minigun vs. chaingun stuff, we all know id barely knew anything about these guns and what people are actually talking about here. I do find it funny other games did follow the "chaingun" lead only to abandon it later though. Half-Life's sentries were mentioned as having "chainguns". Starcraft marines had "chainguns", but those were all changed before release.


    In any case, recently playing the original Serious Sam again, I remembered how much I loved that game's minigun. Good sound, makes things die rapidly. Pinpoint accuracy is a little silly, but I can't complain in the context of the game. Doom 4/Eternal chaingun is also pretty great. I'd mention Doom 3, but I feel it's held back a little by the fire rate. From a gameplay perspective it's not bad, especially since it conserves ammo, but its fire rate is a bit on the slower side (something like 6/7 shots a sec whereas the machinegun is 10), which doesn't feel quite as nice.

  4. I may have taken my current interest in the alphas to a new level, and have been working on a reverse engineering project for 0.5, which is a good compromise of being older enough to be really different, but still have a lot of potentially "interesting" things to see. It's been productive so far, I have most of the game and playsim code mapped out. Some things I've found.


    • There are debugging keys available. Hold the letter and then hit ~ to activate one. L takes a LBM screenshot, P takes a PCX screenshot, C finishes the level, D restarts the level, and S opens up a weird sprite viewer thing.
    • Monsters have HP. Zombiemen have 10, imps have 20, demons have 40, cacodemons have 100, and barons have 250. It looks like these all got bumped up when the weapon damage got randomized, at the moment the prototype rifle does just five damage (but things respond to damage by vanishing, so...)
    • The state table is fairly complete, and has prototype sequences for most monsters and stub AI functions (sadly they have no implementation at all..). Interestingly misc1 and misc2 are actually fairly heavily used.
    • Soul jars give you "soul ammo", which would be used by the dark claw.

    I've updated the alpha's TCRF page with some of these findings.

  5. I think the thing that bugs me about his defense that he was using gzdoom as the baseline from comparison is that he was acting like gzdoom was the original. Things like the new secret sound are a "change", not a "new feature" (that's different than the new feature zdoom added long ago). Things like how the console was "removed", and how the music sounds "weird" compared to gzdoom (I wonder if he'd freak out if he heard the music being played back with opl synthesis...). This, alongside a lack of a clear "When compared to GZDoom," ever being mentioned in the video, makes me think that was just an excuse and he really did misremember things. I dunno, maybe I'm reading too much into it, I'm glad he can at least admit he made a mistake, even if it's not the cleanest means, but this was so poorly thought out and it really doesn't improve my low opinion of gmanlives any.


    That said I do wonder a little if the new secret sound was designed to evoke the zdoom one, if only a little. It's a similar concept, a big bong sound, but it's quite different enough I'm not entirely sure.

  6. I'm more confused about what this is doing in a c++ thread... actually going through the user's history it would appear this is nothing more than a spambot. Oops. I've taken to reporting these when I come across them, there's been a bunch over the years, but I overlooked this one.


    ed: bot is probably a stretch, I'm assuming they're actual paid spammers or something given that their behavior isn't 100% robotic (ie dropping songs in the music thread and so on), but it's spam nonetheless.

  7. realized a couple of months ago I really needed to get in shape, so I hit the floor. I figured, ah, probably couldn't do any proper pushups, but I'll grind out until I can do some.


    Nah, I ground out a couple sets of 7-8, so I'm not quite as heavy or quite as not strong as I thought I was, but I've been keeping up with exercises over the following months. Been pretty productive, it feels great.

  8. Help I can't stop hacking the alpha versions.


    This time I turned to 0.2. 0.2 is tiny enough I think it could be reverse engineered easily, but I haven't any idea where to start, so i've taken to exploring other avenues, and found just like alpha 0.5, there's complete structure dumps in the executable's symbol tables. A few things I've learned from this:

    • Even though they aren't used in the alpha, the game already supports multipatch textures, but texture 0 (the only defined texture) is simply overridden by the renderer. Its actual contents are just a bunch of patches placed 112 units away from each other, and it's 80 units tall (don't have the precise width atm), which fits that computer "grille" texture in the alpha. Textures beyond 0 are not overridden, and will be drawn as specified. The format is close to the nameless 0.4 format, but with some extra bits that got cut, evidenced by the structure dumps.
    • Sectors are "areas", which define a floor and ceiling height and which lines are associated with them. I need to pull a Jeffery Bird and see if multi-area maps are possible. I suspect the renderer actually supports them.
    • Lines are interesting. Looking at the structure dumps, lines are like the DoomED DWD files where they define their own flats, but the heights come from the associated area. I tried changing the flat nums but it didn't seem to do anything, I wonder if the code overrides the flat nums on all lines in area 0, or all lines entirely. There's also only one texture defined, so if windows are actually possible in this alpha, they need to have the same texture on the top and bottom, and there's no masked textures (but I assume those didn't come in until way later) Oh yeah, in addition to "firstcollumn", there's also "lastcollumn" which allows for some really primitive texture scaling:



    Edit: I created some tools to emit workable 0.2 format levels, and I've gotten some levels like a basic cube working, but any attempt to make a level with more than one area, no matter what lines the area is referencing, causes the game to immediately crash upon rendering the world without any fanfare whatsoever. Even when referencing a completely closed loop of lines, with (presumably) absolutely no way for rendering to progress into it, it still crashes. I don't know if this is some limitation of the engine (only allocates space for one area, crashes if any more are loaded) or if I have my data defined wrong. (ed2: even an area with 0 lines in it causes immediate crashes)


    Edit 3: I took a look at viewinfo and I think I understand its format (its defining spans of places which aren't drawn to on screen), but in my usual "I'm probably missing vital information", I can't change it in any meaningful way without inducing crash city again. Whee. I also have no idea how it interacts with HIGHBLIT, but it seems there's also supposed to be MEDBLIT and LOWBLITs. The alpha 0.3 format looks simpler.

  9. re: anime, I wonder a little if there is actually more trend-chasing anime in the current decade than there was in the past, or if it just feels like there's more because even overseas we basically have awareness of the vast majority of things that are airing, something that was much more cloudy in previous generation. After all, shows at the core of the slice of life trend emerged in the mid-late 2000s. How many shows were chasing the Haruhi and Lucky Star trends that have been thoroughly forgot about? There's also all the griping about recency biases and people fixating on certain shows like BNHA and demon slayer and so on, which can get annoying for sure, and it basically erodes any value in polling for "anime of the decade" and so on, but are we going to forget about all the Narutos and DBZs and all those things?


  10. incredibly boring and "why the fuck did I spend any amount of thought and effort on this at all" thing I noticed while I was trying to figure out the identities of some objects in doom alpha 0.5 which had valid editor numbers but didn't actually spawn anything:


    The editor numbers in the range 2000-2999 seem like they were picked solely based on how the sprites were ordered in the source sprite sheets, as released by john romero. The first sheet, in order from left to right, top to bottom, is the shotgun, chaingun, rocket launcher, plasma gun, bfg9000, then the clip, shells, a unused cell (no idea why...), rocket ammo, stimpack, and medikit. This seems to correspond with the ordering of the game's editor numbers starting at 2000. There's some places where tweaks later down the line violated this ordering, but for the most part its how those numbers came about.


    edit: Doom 0.4/0.5 things you just found out about: IDs <= 3000 all seem to implicitly defined, and won't error out if placed. It seems like id was still in wolfenstein mode with regards to coding at the time, and I'm assuming that the 2000 range is some sort of implicit static decoration, which has its sprite number set from the editor number set. All objects in the range 2001-2149 work, but anything else crashes when the sprite tries to render with an undefined sprite number error. But hey, at least some decorations work, even if they can't animate:image.png.f82790e931c4e5faae230d7a343f553d.png


    edit 2: voodoo dolls exist in Doom 0.5 and you can actually shoot and kill them (and yourself as usual). I didn't think the rifle actually did any real damage, it just removed actors, but apparently the minimum of combat is actually implemented.

  11. The specific mention of Star Wars and Return of the Jedi specifically makes me wonder a little if they're going to pull a Star Wars at some point with the Doom franchise. In a sense, we already have the prequels, the original Doom games, but they're not like the star wars prequels as they still focus on the man that became the Doom Slayer. There's still a lot going on in the game's universe, and there's many stories to tell, but I do wonder what Doom would be like if they chose to proceed without our protagonist.

  12. I think that's like, the single gameplay mechanic id is doing that I don't know how I feel about, though in practice it could be not much a problem (the nature of the DLC will ensure you're always there with the plasma beam available). It'll probably work out in theory given that fighting the buffed monster will be more involved, but I guess we'll see.


    It's just strange to me because for the most part Doom Eternal isn't near as restricted as some make it out to be, and players discuss to no end the merits of different ways of doing things. Yeah, precision bolt is made for weak spots and does bonus damage to ensure its value, but against arachnotrons and possibly mancs if you don't have it available you can do a sticky bomb, and later on the ballista provides another option. And hey, you can just shoot them with any gun.  Something like the marauder, where burst weapons excel, they excel because there's not some big bonus they have, but they work because they work with the characteristics of the monster. Their inability to defend their rear also opens up additional options. But here? They are putting their foot down and saying you absolutely have to do something in a specific way. I'm confident it will work out to some degree, since it's a minor part of a bigger battle, but I guess we'll see.

  13. I didn't think yamagi came with that. Every build I've ever got of it didn't come with any custom content, and I'm looking at the archive of the current build straight from the Yamagi website and I see nothing of the sort, and I can run it right now and I have the old HUD and no ugly red crosshairs, so I dunno.


    I remember civvie complaining about it in his video, so I'm really freakin curious where this is coming from. Do people still have a pak file from kmquake2 left over and they switched ports at some point?

  14. As grazza's log indicates, the issue isn't adjacent sectors directly, it's the amount of 2s lines that lead into other sectors. The code loops through all the lines in the sectors, checks if they're 2s, and if so, stores the height of the sector its joined to in an array, the heightlist mentioned in the log. This means the amount of sectors its joined to isn't important, but the amount of lines joining to other sectors (whether they're the same or different sectors) is.


    Basically you can only have 20 2s lines in a sector that's going to move. Technically speaking you can have 22, since the check was implemented wrongly, and ports will handle this gracefully, emulating the overflow.

  15. With vanilla, no, you can't have direct episodes. A very common workaround is to make a bunch of maps as usual and end the "episode end" maps with a death exit, which clears the player's inventory, so progression is basically the same as progressing across episodes in Doom 1.


    If you're mapping for ports, you have some options. A new version of prboom+ with a lump named UMAPINFO allows you to define new episodes freely, and these will work in zdoom and eternity and probably other ports. EE and ZDoom and its derivatives also have their own lumps that allow defining episodes, if you're aiming specifically at one of them.

  16. It would help if we could see the texture definition, since the error is most likely there. (Though you could rule out problems with offsets and lower unpegged by using another texture that's known to work) Another potential option (if you have a patch that's larger than the texture itself, perhaps) is a negative offset getting clamped.

  17. having the meatier Doom 2 monsters in doom 1 would be pretty interesting. Certainly there's other weapons to fight them, but I think I'd find myself missing the SSG if you needed to save rockets or cells for something a bit more involved. Of course this is going to depend entirely on the level balance, so it can easily be a non-factor depending on how many rockets and cells the mapper puts in. I like the SSG though because it picks up the slack that the bullet weapons have in terms of power, even if it's not actually near as beefy as the heavier weapons.


    dumb idea if I time traveled to when Doom 2 was in development: augment the chaingun with a minigun to also pick up the slack for the bullet weapons. Less accurate, no sniping, maybe fires 3 bullets per ammo point or something like thatnah it's a dumb idea.