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  1. Remiel wrote
    ...playing straight through two levels by InsanityBringer...

    Er, what? I only made one map.

    However, after reading the review, I determined that I will never touch another community project for quite some time(except for my Claustrophobia 1024 entry). Anything I could map would just end up getting overshadowed by someone else.

  2. I'll try to understand what you said there

    after that I entered XWE & guess what I see my music type is MUS hh if I do this step in XWE it will say unknown format & would not except it as music or sound.

    It might list it as being MUS, but it is still techinally a MP3. However, XWE doesn't support playback of MP3s

    well I tried to play zdoom to try it but nothing happened I tried sulltag nothing happened!!! I tried GZdoom & I heard my music then I closed GZdoom & tried Zdoom again & it worked the music worked on zdoom too I guess GZdoom fixes some problems too.

    In (G)Zdoom, did the music start playing the instant you started a game?

  3. shinobi.cl said:

    In fact, you can, with the right source port.

    The thing that causes the crash is that the player is given a radsuit in a loop.. If i take the GiveInventory("1", "RadSuit") the thing does not crash anymore.

    So, the solution would be that the player is given only 1 radsuit for each life. (At respawn time)

    The problem now becomes the duration of the Radsuit... I started another thread for that...

    You should report that. It is agaisnt the DOOM EULA