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  1. bugfixes and optimizations, mostly. I'd just bring solutions ports developed to some things that don't work 100% right in the original game. Beyond things like fixing some hitscan bugs, I don't think the scope of it would be too great. Optimizations definitely interest me, since fastdoom and similar projects have demonstrated that the game isn't quite as fast as it could be.


    I know everyone's going to bitch about how bad the game would be if hitscans didn't just randomly go through targets based on where they are on the blockmap, or if punching was more difficult than it needs to be, but at the same time, I can't imagine anyone going on the newly created timeline "gee, this doom game sure would be better if hit checking was shittier"

  2. I don't really feel bad for nintendo given reasons mentioned (and hey, it's very cool from an archival standpoint to have all this old work visible, people will find lots of cool things and come to enjoy these games even more), but I also don't think this is a catastrophic event that's going to destory the company. I'm confident they'll survive. Meanwhile we get lots of cool things to look at now.

  3. the shotgun was pretty frustrating tbh. the cone's angle was 22 degrees. This is on par with the spread of a zombie in the original doom, but it's also worse since can also be in any direction, not just horizontally. It sucked a lot of fun out of the weapon, and as mentioned I found myself more fond of the game's other weapons. For reference, the pistol has no spread, the machinegun has a 1 degree cone, and the chaingun has a 5 degree cone.


    Fun fact: the RoE SSG has a tighter spread (vertically, at least) than the normal shotgun.

  4. It looks like, for whatever reason (mipmapping maybe?), vkquake2 still has the resampling code of the original game which downsamples textures to make their dimensions powers of 2, so that's probably why its worse looking than usual. It would look like that in the original game's GL renderer.


    Basically all ports for many years now have allowed NPO2 textures since almost every model skin is NPO2, so I have no idea what's up with vkquake2 on that front.

  5. I dunno, on the other hand, I doubt that if Half-Life had better sounds, we'd all be sitting here going "man, wouldn't half-life have more personality if the sounds were shittier?", though we could possibly lose the "xxx but with half life sounds" since some of them are distinct for their uh, quality.


    I really get the feeling sometimes valve wasn't that good at sound mixing and editing, given that there are some strange choices, especially with Half-Life 2 where we have those famous zombie sounds at 11025hz for.. some reason?

  6. On a whim I wrote a mod that changes the handedness thing in Quake 2 to make the weapon aim at the crosshair, using a concept inspired from Team Fortress 2 where the shot is aimed at a trace fired from the player's eyes. Like the TF2 implementation, it also turns off and fires perfectly straight if the crosshair is too close to a wall, still allowing you to fire around corners. It's been quite fun to play with, even if it does cause some of that nonsense where projectiles can veer off course if aimed at something that move

  7. This is hard. Quake 2 is kind of dull. So freaking dull. You spend so much time fighting solo encounters that aren't particularly threatening. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I went through the game again on Hard recently and didn't even come close to dying once. But it's theme, the enemy visual designs, the weapons, and so on are all so great. It's a game with great potential.


    Half-life out of the box is more involved. Enemies tend to be lighter on the HP, but can dish out more. Plus, they're frequently used in ways that make much more sense, and tend to be more interesting. The game on a whole just works better. But I'm also not all that for its hitscan-heavy combat. I've felt like Half-Life, at least for my play style, is strange in that when you're fighting aliens, it's not that hard, but it becomes a lot harder when fighting the marines since they're so unforgiving. The aesthetics of Black Mesa are pretty nice, though, and even Xen doesn't piss me off that much (though it could be much better, of course). One thing I definitely do miss in HL are the big enemies. Whenever there are big enemies in the half life series, they're usually special, but I did like that Quake 2 has bigass cyborgs that take a lot to go down. Now if only it could actually use them in interesting manners and make them somewhat threatening...

  8. you can buy doom 2 by itself on steam for $5. You don't have to get final doom and master levels, it's part of an entirely separate $15 bundle. You indeed cannot buy Quake 3 on it's own, and I suppose I can sympathize with this viewpoint because Quake 3 is $15 but Quake Live (which lacks that content) is $10, so as much as I want to make a comment about how we're now at the stage of complaining when a game contains more content, I can't because it may actually be bringing up the price.

  9. As part of my Quake playthroughs, I decided to compare and contrast Quake 2, since Quake 1 is still fresh in my mind... God, I honestly love the quake 2 aesthetic and some of its ideas, but each time I play the game, it feels just that much more bland. I put the game on Hard and I don't think I came close to dying once. Nightmare probably wouldn't even be that much worse, I should try it sometime...


    The Reckoning was short, but it was actually more interesting. Even those damn shielded gladiators weren't near as bad as I remembered, if anything they worked a lot better than the other bullet sponge-y enemies like Tanks because they actually were mobile and put up some level of a threat.


    I'm now on Ground Zero, which is where I gave up last time. It was so brutally unfun. This time, I decided to be cheesy. I poked at a disassembly of the game's dll file and found where the turret health was stored. I reduced it to 150 (I might play around with it some, 150 makes them vulnerable to a single railgun shot). We'll see if it actually makes things more fun or not.

  10. avoiding the shots aren't too hard, but they do have entirely too much hp.


    I'm torn on whether or not giving them the power screen (like brains) would have helped. It does allow you to attack them in the back, but frontal attacks would end up being even worse off (reduced to 1/3rd of the damage instead of 2/3rds)

  11. The vore's projectile is weird, compared to the revenant fireball. A revenant fireball will only attempt to turn up to a limited amount (around 16.875 degrees) every ~0.114 seconds. The vore fireball, on the other hand, has no limits. It turns less frequently, only doing so every 0.2 seconds, but it can do a full 180 degree turn in a single frame. It actually doesn't move faster than the player on most skill levels, traveling 250 units/sec on all except nightmare, where it travels 350 units/sec, greater than the player's 320 units/sec speed.


    Copper made a very reasonable decision to cap the vore projectile turn rate, making them so much more fun to deal with. It's still extremely tight, but this also works as an asset as it makes it easier to discard of them by running them into monsters.

  12. honestly I don't find Dissolution of Eternity too hard, I'm playing it again on Hard right now. Maybe I'll eat my words when I get to episode 2, but the main problem is that there is way too much of the new ammo, which is generally better and more efficient than the original quake weapons.


    also, fuck ground zero. The Reckoning isn't particularly fun either (hi, did you ever want a super tank with a power shield giving it way too much HP?), but Ground Zero, especially on hard, was just a fucking slog.

  13. I played them recently in my Quake fest, and I remember being relatively unimpressed. Scourge of Armagon has some good moments, but there's also signs the designers didn't understand Quake too well. Rocket launcher in the first level? Really? Speedrunner's wet dream, at least... (To be fair on this point, you do lose it a few levels down the line, the game incorporates some inventory resets) Megahealth secret right at the end of a level? I guess they didn't realize megahealth doesn't carry over across levels... The new monsters did their job and felt interesting enough, new weapons were kinda interesting, if not the most effective.


    Dissolution of Eternity... levels were okay I guess, but the weapons were kinda abysmal in my eyes, given that the majority of them were just tweaked versions of the base weapons. Quake itself had that problem (the super nailgun is exactly the same as the nailgun, but it uses 2x ammo and does 2x damage per shot), but now in addition to having the nailgun and super nailgun, we now have the super nailgun but it's lava themed and the super super nailgun. Very creative...

  14. I don't get this wording at all. Why was it even worth spending time adding that extra exception into the words of the text, when the rest of the text of rule 1 would presumably forbid it anyways? It's a genuinely bizarre decision, and on top of that it's super poorly defined. Where's the criteria for what constitutes a majority? Is it the United States, China, or where? Is it based on the user's post location? If so, how is it enforced?


    I'm reminded of that time github tried to do basically the same thing, rolled it back from the negative response, and then put up a revised code of conduct that does not have such language.

  15. In my quake adventures, I gave the mission packs a try again, but I'm not super fond of them. They have neat concepts, but I feel the developers just didn't understand quake particularly well, so they end up being a bit odd. I haven't looked much into Quake mapping, I should take a peek at fan made sets (in recent years I've only played Copper's UDOB, so I really need to fix that...)


    Also continuing the Project Diva grind. Trying out some of the easiest Extreme songs is going well, and they're more interesting than most of Hard at least. I can finally read multi notes after having the positioning logic for them explained, and yet I still sometimes fumble them...

  16. My post was more about the logic Doom using being "2D" that was crudely extended to "3D." My understanding is that a straightforward projectile in a newer game engine would solve every axis at once. Something like take the vector to the target in XYZ, normalize it, and use that to set the velocity by scaling it to the desired velocity. All of this is done at once and the projectile will move at an entirely constant speed no matter what angle it was fired at.


    Doom, on the other hand, only does this in 2D. Essentially it creates a vector facing the target in the XY plane, scales that to the desired speed, and sets that as the velocity. It then compares the Z distance from the start spot to the target's, and adds enough velocity to make it so that when the projectile would arrive at the XY plane, it will also have reached the desired Z distance. This means a projectile being fired with a greater pitch will move faster, and it can move at excessive speed if the Z distance is great, and they also can't be fired straight up and down.


    It doesn't really imply much about the game's 3Dness or 2Dness, since again, you can do this same exact thing in any modern engine, but it does suggest that within the game logic interactions on the Z axis were a bit of an afterthought.



  17. Neither function will return until it has completely finished, so the two won't directly interfere with each other's pellets. I believe the player's SSG will always win and go first because player-specific thinking is done before everything else gets a chance to think.