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  1. I think Sandy once mentioned that Carmack was the one who recommended the idea of using damage thrusts as a mechanic for e3m6, but I need to find the source on that again. I believe it was mentioned in one of his Q&A threads in an AoE2 forum back in the late 90s.


    The final level of ROTT indicates the possibility of doing a rocket jump, having a low wall, asbestos armor, and a missile weapon right next to it, and you need to get to that area for the true ending, though I think it's also possible to get the flight powerup on that level? I wonder who's idea that one was...

  2. I kinda like how the purple goo is like the only thing I've seen the community almost entirely agree is bad. Marauders? Decisive at first, but as more ways to kill them are found, their impact is lessened and people like them more. Doom dance? It's hit or miss, certainly a matter of preference, but those who like it definitely enjoy what it added to the combat. The purple goo, though? I don't think I've ever seen a single person praise it, and a lot of the better players I've watched seem to universally loathe it. I'd be very interested in the designer's thoughts as to why it was added.

  3. tbh if there's one thing I find myself questionable about this whole thing, it's this whole thing where apparently everyone was immediately supposed to know about reload canceling and the like, when it's not been been a big deal in any previous doom game (impossible in doom 1-3 since you can't switch weapons mid animation, doable in doom 2016 but why the fuck would you when the gauss cannon was so fucking broken). But now it's a thing in Doom Eternal. Not gonna complain there, I've been watching some Doom Eternal play and I can say I'm 100% behind the way id is evolving the game series, but it does feel like player training suffered a little in some fronts.


    I'm glad Hugo Martin is willing to be calm and cool with people in the face of seemingly endless rage and help them figure out what they need to do to succeed. He's a chill, likable guy, and hearing his thoughts on how they designed Eternal are very cool, and probably should be paid heed by anyone looking to do any sort of game design, even if Eternal isn't your particular cup of tea.

  4. tbh I do vaguely understand the point some commentators made that Mr. X was more in line with what you expect in a survival horror game, but I dunno, I still haven't played eternal due to no money. I'm still on the fence about whether or not I'm going to like the marauder and I won't know for sure until I try it...


    I don't expect any petitions about the Marauder to have any big effects though, and that if id's going to make any judgements around the Marauder, they'll be based on responses few months in the future when people have had time to grow more used to them, and the effects of it would only come in future content and games because it's too late to do serious rebalancing to the campaign now. And besides, id has been brutally confident in their design since day 1, I think anything short of the community almost unanimously saying that something is shit is not going to be enough to cause a major change. Yeah, their design's gonna piss some off, but what are you to do? You can't please everyone.

  5. tbh I wouldn't describe what was done to S:VE as handholding if only because the things they patched over were basically screws that would completely ruin a save without any warning whatsoever. Strife's conversation system was... kinda limited in its actual application tbh. So many "choices" in the game are "progress the game" or "summon a bunch of monsters to kill you," with only a few choices having actual game impact. Patching over the screws isn't something I consider too bad.


    And if you like that sort of nonsense in your old games, there is a legacy mode where all the patches are removed and you can enjoy being cursed to death by Harris.

  6. Ah, that's reasonable enough, and I've heard as much from folk who are involved with id software. I double checked the source and the guy I had initially heard that from and he mentioned it was from one of the noclip interviews with Hugo Martin, but not which one. Guess I have some digging to do... (edit: and certainly, when you watch the footage here, you can see how little struggle the enemies are presenting for the player. Especially the arachnotron. It might be less annoying but it also accomplishes absolutely fuck all in the game)


    ed: for those curious, relevant article on the subject.

  7. There's a really slippery slope there, though, in that there are plenty of people who do love the marauder. It's an extremely polarizing design, and you'll find probably equal amounts on both sides honestly. Anything major id does to the marauder in either directions is going to be at the expense of someone's fun. But honestly, I doubt id would do anything unless there were bugs in the implementation or the response was overwhelmingly negative, after all, in Hugo Martin's own words, they're willing to frustrate the player so long as they have something to teach the player, and that thing people had to learn apparently involves ballista-SSG high burst damage combos and proper target selection.

  8. Carmack was present for rage at least, and while I'm sure he would have tried to get whatever is possible released (I wonder if he's the only reason why the rage modding stuff happened, tbh...), I do suspect he realized the reality of the gaming market and would have pushed for middleware.


    It's a kinda sad reality, but find a way to convince the general gaming public that they don't need all these fancy features in their games, or for the middleware developers to give away their valuable software for free... It's not impossible to release source for a modern game engine, UE4 has been open source for a few years now (under very restrictive license terms, though), and even then it's pretty raw.


    (side note: I do want to point out I don't particularly like bethesda. Like at all. But I'm not going to let anger get in the way of factual things)

  9. I've heard a lot of growing debate over the years about whether or not this intense graphics fetishism (which makes these engines more complex to the point where middleware becomes vital to get big development burdens off the dev team) is actually worth it, but until someone can somehow convince the general game-buying public (ahahaha) that it isn't, it's the way things are. It makes me sad too, but then again, as a solitary programmer, most games since at least the early 2000s, if not earlier, are complicated enough that there's no possible way I could understand how every part of them functions.


    That said, I do wish they'd release a map editor or something about modding (and there have been some slight whispers of modding...) Yeah sure you can't pop open the editor and squeeze out a original quality map in a few hours, but I very much imagine a dedicated team could do something interesting, especially considering that these modern toolchains are designed to help those with the skills more easily realize what they want. I'm sure someone's gonna come in and go "look at all that rage modding lol", but I consider that horseshit. Rage wasn't neearly as popular as Doom 4 or Doom Eternal, and Eternal particularly represents a great refinement on that toolchain.

  10. Services like Google Drive, while they do push the "backup" angle a lot, are generally pretty good at serving a "thumbdrive" role and I use my free google drive storage for that reason. I used to use Dropbox a lot, but ever since they imposed a 3 attached device limit on free accounts, I've moved on. I don't really like selling my soul to google, and there's probably better options, but hey 15gb free isn't bad at all.

  11. 45 minutes ago, Foebane72 said:

    I've never understood how so many enjoy so-difficult games. In the past, I've heard countless stories of frustrated players punching their (CRT) screens and quickly introducing their PC base units to the pavement outside, but why doesn't that happen now? I would've thought with people succumbing to rage so much easier now than in the past, such stories would increase. I don't like masochism at the best of times, and I certainly don't inflict it on myself. Makes me wonder why others do?

    I dunno, a new era where people aren't destroying computer hardware over fucking video games sounds like a good time.


    It feels good to overcome a challenge, especially a challenge that feels fair and is communicating the nature of it to you. Doom and Doom 2, for all their strengths, are pretty easy games, and it's hard to feel fulfilled when playing them. Overcoming some really tough challenge feels a lot better.

  12. No source is honestly really freaking disappointing, but I understand it's not entirely in your hands. I can understand the practical purposes (console manufacturers who will fucking stab you to death if you so much as leak the tiniest aspect of how the SDK works) though


    I really hope I look like an idiot in a month as it turns out that bethesda has a plan and we get some sort of source that doesn't result in anyone getting stabbed

  13. you know, I'm thinking of the times I've played Plutonia pistol starts, first on HMP and later UV, and I honestly cannot think of a time where I thought "man, this is complete bullshit", and I'm not a particularly skilled player, so I'd say it's fair. Difficulty levels do help some if you're really struggling, though I do find easy starts tipping the game a bit too far in the easiness (maybe not a bad thing though?) I remember a setup where you're stuck in a tight area where a bunch of monster closets all over the space with barons pop open, on easy that's reduced all the way down to imps.

  14. tbh I'm not sure I'll go for the full on history nuking. I'd like it if my identity was completely nuked, but this is the internet, and nothing dies. It's too late for it to happen, as I can't exactly go back and hound the idgames archive maintainers to remove my real name from Claus1024, have it removed from the archived idgames things on archive.org, and remove every subtle reference to my real name I made before I've decided I'd like to be credited by net name only..


    In any case, thank you for putting the request there and moving the pages.

  15. On 2/6/2020 at 6:43 AM, Xymph said:

    <old link removed>

    Hey, would it be possible for me to only be credited by my internet username? I did reveal my real name long ago in the documentation for some projects and community projects I was involved in, but in the intervening years I've gone back on that and prefer to only use my username for attribution, and with the way the internet is going I now severely regret my decision to put my real name out there in the first place... If only I had that insight a decade ago