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  1. I thought DMX was present in the PRB, though? It's possible to activate it by providing a specific sound config and a WAD with some sound files I believe, though it's buggy and full of limitations. I should see if I have those files lying around here... I remember hearing whispers that it could be implemented in 0.5, also, but I haven't looked into that closely.


    One thing of note: All of the alpha executables, except for 0.3, have full symbol tables in them, which in theory should aid in a reverse engineering effort, but no one has been interested enough to step up and do so. There's not a whole lot useful to learn from doing such an effort, beyond getting a look at how the engine evolved, and perhaps some insight onto things like the sectorlist algorithm and why it was so flawed.

  2. while I get what you're getting at, $60 can be a pretty big investment for something you're not sure you're going to like, especially when that $60 could go to so many other experiences one might enjoy more, so it's not strictly as easy as "trying it"


    Of course there are ways to get around that. If you have a friend who has it, you can play their copy to try it out. You could wait for a sale, and I'd assume maybe the console versions would be available to rent?

  3. I've realized recently that the story is probably the part of the game I'm the least interested in, and id's done a really good job of things. If you want the story, it's there, you can enjoy it, but those who aren't as interested, you can just shove it to the side. it's a backdrop to establish a setting, not much different than the original doom in some ways.


    So no, I wouldn't say I am that bothered by spoilers.

  4. The vast majority of those screenshots in the magazines are available as LBMs on the idgames archive, but there's a couple I find curious. The CGW screenshots show a scene with hell textures (it's not actually present in your CGW images, though? the same image appears later down), so I'm morbidly curious if e2/3 content was being developed around the time of the 0.4 and 0.5 alphas, but the alphas were simply restricted to "shareware" content. If they were, I wonder how many workable maps there were at that time. I also find it curious since it's pretty clearly some intermediary version between 0.4 and 0.5


    Then again, a single hellish level in 0.5 that barely works and a rectangular room in a screenshot barely indicates anything. For all I know, that rectangular room could be in the hallway in 0.5 e2m1 that crashes if you try to go to it. (ed: just checked it, the flats don't match and the hallway is much taller than it's wide, so this is unlikely)

  5. Instead of repeating the same stuff about the game itself, I gotta admit I'm not getting good vibes from the dev having a full slew of games published over the past few years with very mixed reception. It gives a vibe of someone quickly making half-baked concepts and dumping them on steam to make a buck or two, and possibly do all the trading card and emoticon nonsense these kinda guys like to do.


    At least there's no cases of assets obviously used from other sources...

  6. for the highcolor modes, they didn't use the normal playpal, they used a special RGB5 palette, with 32 different RGB5 palettes for each lighting level, instead of a colormap. Maes discovered long ago that the highcolor mode, in the 0.4 alpha at least is writing the correct data (rgb5 pixels with halved horizontal resolution), but it doesn't properly set the right mode on... basically any hardware, so it's still drawing that data as if it's indexed pixels.

  7. my favorite part of the midichlorians thing though is that it's not really an explanation. how do the midichlorians do the space magic? it basically did nothing but explain why some people can use space magic and why some couldn't, i guess, and this is something they felt people needed to know?


    ah, anakin. I love how you can ruin a movie entirely by skipping all the training and getting stronger, and having a little fuck get in a space ship, do some spinning, because that's a nice trick, and somehow save the day without any actual skill whatsoever. amazing. all this manages to do is make the character even more fucking unbearable and ruin basically any dramatic buildup whatsoever. Amazing.


    I have no idea whatsoever why anyone would say Rise of Skywalker makes the prequel trilogy look good.

  8. man, this is honestly a really hard question to answer, since different games can be disappointing to others in varying ways. Context contribute some, and I don't think asset flips and shovelware garbage on steam counts. These games suck and are occasionally outright unplayable, but you weren't gonna play them in the first place. Really, what's worse, a kid playing with unity who delivers a game that's unplayable, or an established professional development studio that delivers a game that's unplayable. I don't want to excuse Steam for allowing illegal or unplayable games on their platform, but when it's just 1 or 2 guys trying to make a quick buck, that scarsely qualifies as "Worst of the Decade" material.


    I don't want to just say forbnite, because while I hate what the game is, there's a new game that gets super popular every few years at this rate. Had the decade magically ended a few years ago, it might have been DayZ or a zombie game everyone was getting annoyed by. Earlier, it might have been FNAF, even earlier, it might have been Minecraft. Just saying Forbnite for me at least would be a recentism bias, since I remember things like FNAF being just as annoying (though come to think of it, the ridiculous commericalism of Fortnite is probably higher than games like FNAF...) Something like Duke Nukem Forever might count, but a lot of the big disappointment only really comes from the big duke nukem fans, those outside the community only saw a generally unremarkable game.


    When it comes to my mind, there's a few contenders. No Man's Sky, for being waaay overhyped despite underdelivering horribly, Star Wars Battlefront 2 for literally starting a huge shakedown in the game industry of consumer-unfriendly "surprise mechanics", and Fallout 76, for being a game developed and published by a major publisher who only manages to make the game worse and worse given time. At the same time, all of these happened in the latter half of the decade. I don't want to imagine that 2010-2015 are magical times where there were no bad games, but I'm also having trouble thinking of any right now... FO76 definitely has a lot of recentism bias, but the fact that there's a new issue or bug almost every week at this point, combined with the fact that one of the longest lived publishers behind it, makes it a fair contender in my book.

  9. I guess JJ Abrams's "fuck it" didn't exactly pay off in the end, did it. Feels like the series is cursed. Try to go into new territory, end up writing complete nonsense like the prequels and perhaps TLJ. In response to this, they say "fuck it", try course correcting back to the presumed "safe" old content, somehow manage to fuck that up.


    I half want to see it just to see how badly they fucked up, but I also don't want to throw money at it, soooo...


    For whatever reason i've only recently gotten into metal with some small obscure bands, I've been looking to broaden into some of the more well known stuff but I honestly have no idea where to start on that, heh... I do like some of the more (presumably, honestly I have no clue) niche bands like Sabaton also.


    A friend of mine has sent me a number of albums from more known bands on occasion, but I haven't had any opportunities to look into them further.

  11. I've actually not used any of the newer DB2 forks in a long time so I can't comment if things changed, but in the past if you needed to move geometry and things you had to select them in their separate modes, and then use the edit selection mode bound to e by default to move them both at once. This might still apply in the forks.

  12. it's hard to get really good animation with just two points being tracked (the controllers). Normal IK rigs for animation usually have controls for elbow facing, to allow for additional flexibility.


    if you had full-on kinect-like body tracking it would be more reasonable, though I'd rather take the controllers so you can like, actually have controls in the first place...


    ed: also has it been explained how locomotion works in this game? I'm assuming it's not normal FPS like locomotion (it has a bad tendency to induce motion sickness in many), but I feel the usual teleportation solution wouldn't fit the world that well here...

  13. walking through walls works since Doom's collision detection is super simple. It checks if the object's bounding box after the move would be touching anything, and responds if it is. Since the bounding box has a radius of 0 when the monster becomes a ghost, the chance of a move causing an intersection with a blocking thing is extremely low, possibly even impossible based on how things are implemented.

  14. I really don't understand why people argue against the whole concept of the player character being a demon-slaughtering machine. Yes, that bit of text in the game's manual says you're just some ordinary marine with a slightly higher than average sense of justice, not a mythical or legendary hero. But the game doesn't agree. There's a huge disconnect when the game encourages you to move fast and slaughter great amounts of demons. What sort of ordinary marine would be able to do this and keep it up despite constant wounds and literally fucking going to hell? I'm not the greatest fan of Doom 2016's story (thank goodness though you can just set it aside and play the game!) but I think the Doom Slayer really works because instead of standing in contrast to what the player does in game, he instead works with it.


    Would this work in a tense movie like this one? I dunno. I watched the movie last night and our main character sure did get involved in a lot of demon shooting. Even faced with what lies beyond the portals, a swarm of demons, and the big bad demon explaining everything to her, she's still able to just slaughter all the demons present. So maybe it could.

  15. 1 hour ago, MaxRideWizardLord said:

    and yet doesn't sound anything like Into Sandy's City, neither any of the midi comments provide any information as to whether or not Robert Prince was inspired by that one particular song when he wrote Into Sandy's City.



    I'll confess that yeah, to my musically untrained ear, it doesn't sound similar, but if those who are more musically inclined say it is... I don't have a good argument there.


    can't wait for this to be completely and utterly rejected by another 5 paragraph essay of a post


    ed: actually to throw a little fuel on the fire in the other direction, Sandy Petersen, even way back when, was well read, and he was also familiar with some Russian media (he mentions Alexander Nevsky a lot), but I do find the idea of say, Sandy showing office mates a Russian adaption of Sherlock Holmes, that he had said thing on hand, and that it musically inspired Bobby Prince to be slightly absurd.