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  1. blarg

    Weird chocolate doom glitch

    Have you hit the BLOCKMAP size limit? I've never had trouble with the BLOCKMAP limit before, so I have no idea if the symptoms match yours, but the gun firing crashes reek of collision detection bugs in my mind.
  2. blarg

    8 minutes of crap

    My speedrun was 0:07, can anyone get 0:06?
  3. blarg

    who also plays with keyboard only

    I have always used the keyboard only, no matter the application. On older keyboards I used the default configuration, however I eventually switched to a sort of hybrid approach, where WASD perform the same function as the arrow keys (turning not strafing), and alt/ctrl/space are strafe/fire/use. For modern sourceports, crouch, jump, look up/down, etc. are keys around WASD. Nobody else I know of has uses this "left handed" version of the original configuration, but I can never use anything else. I myself am not left handed, either, which removes the only logical explanation I could imagine for my peculiar configuration. That being said I rarely deathmatch others, and against other marines I could see a mouse being necessary for faster reaction times/greater precision in aiming.
  4. blarg

    What was your first experience with Doom?

    I sadly do not remember my first DOOM encounter, although that's understandable considering I was 2 years old. Apparently my father would let me sit on his lap while he played on his new (and first) PC. My mother did not appreciate him exposing me to a violent game at such a young age, and made that perfectly clear. However, these complaints only amused my father (as often happens in my household), and he continued the practice for a while until he lost interest in DOOM, and video games in general. As I got older I played DOOM every once in a while, but was never too crazy about it. Also I usually played DOOM 2, although I'm not sure why since I consider DOOM 1 to be a bit better... Then, a little after DOOM 3 came out, my dad talked about getting it. Unfortunately, he found we had an inadequate graphics card, and put me ("the computer expert") on the job. It was only then, after stumbling across Doomworld that I revisited DOOMs 1&2, and fell in love with DOOM.
  5. A tech/hell-base-in-a-mountain area I've just started. The outside still needs some fixing up, but it looks decent: A closer view:
  6. blarg

    Linedef Edit Error

    When I try to edit a linedef in ZDoom (Doom in UDMF) format, I get the following window: The problem is, that if you notice, the "identification" section at the bottom is cut off, and there's no scroll bar and I can't resize the frame. I assume this is caused by the 1024X600 resolution of my netbook's screen. However I figured I'd ask if there's a way to fix this. System info: Acer Aspire One 10.1" Netbook 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 1 GB RAM Windows XP Home Edition SP3 DB2 version #:
  7. blarg

    Strange see-through floors [Hexen]

    You might try adding a delay in there, it's possible all the glass shards get spawned inside one another and form a huge useless clump.while(count < 20) { Thing_ProjectileGravity(mapspot, random(54, 63), random(0, 255), random(10, 40), random(5, 20)); delay(5); count++; }How long the delay is depends on how big the shards are and thus, how long you need to wait for them to separate. Or it could be something else. It's worth a shot though.
  8. blarg

    Strange see-through floors [Hexen]

    You could use RotateLeft or RotateRight instead of doorswing, that would stay open and it would look exactly the same.
  9. blarg

    Vanilla doom restrictions

    Yes. (See Essel's post for download) I find it very helpful as I mostly map for vanilla.
  10. blarg

    Would this even be possible?

    I don't know of a way to directly "resurrect" the imp (besides an arch-vile or another monster which calls A_VileChase or an equivalent) into a stronger monster, but I think you could do it in ZDoom like so: The imp is just a normal imp, you kill it, and go to the exit door. When you click on the exit door, an ACS script runs which removes the imp corpse, and in its place spawns the new monster. In order to fake the imp coming back to life, modify the monster's spawn state in DECORATE to have an animation which shows the imp's corpse turning into the mutated monster when the monster first appears. Also running in the background (activated by the door's script) is a script checking the new monster's health, and when it dies, the door is opened. There may be a more simple way, but that was my first thought.
  11. I use Cognaxon WSQ Viewer. It can both A) Open pretty much any image file under the sun, and B) Convert an entire directory at once to a more common format such as BMP, PNG, JPEG, etc.
  12. blarg

    Random ideas

    Besides making them a respectable size, I think that they could perhaps infect monsters, but instead of using them to spawn more parasites actually make the host monster stronger (and heal them?) in a sort of cooperative relationship.
  13. blarg

    MAP12 Error

    And no one knows what causes this?
  14. blarg

    MAP12 Error

    Exactly Here's a demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=bb41f5cc0460cee8e7ba8e3c6e11ce20e04e75f6e8ebb871
  15. blarg

    MAP12 Error

    I just noticed that in MAP12 of DOOM 2, if you try to shoot one of the roaming Arachnotrons with your back directly against the outer boundary of the map, you'll hit the low ceiling that (I assume) was put in to make that outer boundary wall not ridiculously high. Unfortunately, the Arachnotron's shots can still hit you. Someone has probably already noticed this, but I was surprised to find it effect my actual gameplay only just now, after years of playing that level and not noticing it. Has it affected anyone else's attempt at MAP12?