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  1. 40oz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    shoulda made a gif!
  2. 40oz

    What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    Much respect to the people who like Doom 2 more than Doom 1, I'm on your side. Doom 2 is better to me too. BUT There's an important facet to consider when someone criticizes an artistic medium. You're probably familiar with the euphemism that you don't have to be an experienced chef to know when food doesn't taste right. The rest of that euphemism would go on to explain that anyone is perfectly qualified to say that a particular food doesn't taste well, and they may say something like it needs less salt or more ranch dressing or whatever. The important thing to consider is that Cacodemon345's suggestions for improvement are not really coming from a place of professional opinion. However, his feelings about how Doom 2 just isn't quite as good of a gameplay experience as he wanted are still correct, and that's what needs to be considered. Granted, none of us here are in the position of improving Doom 2 in the meaning of actually modifying the levels, so there isn't really any action to be done here other than to discuss our opinions and make some food for thought to apply in our own personal creations. That said, let's move on... Consider this opinion: "Why is there never enough ammo to kill the monsters? You need to put more ammo in here so I can actually KILL the things I'm supposed to kill! How the fuck am I supposed to kill these cyberdemons with just a shotgun? This is retarded. This map sucks." Even though the player says you should be putting more ammo in the map to make it fun, the player may not know that you set those cyberdemons up on purpose to be telefragged so you wouldn't need ammo to kill them. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean your map is free from any problem. The problem with the map is that there is something that you did to build the expectation that these cyberdemons were meant to be killed with weapons, and by not providing ammunition, you, the level designer, denied that expectation and put the player in a frustrating situation that wasn't enjoyable. That's a problem, and it's important. So when Cacodemon345 says that Doom 2 isn't very good for some reason, we can't fairly expect him to assess everything that's wrong with it accurately if he doesn't really have much experience making levels in the first place. But that doesn't mean his feelings that Doom 2 is bad are wrong or that he's wrong for having those feelings. It's up to us as level designers to interpret his complaints and explain them in a way other level designers might understand.
  3. 40oz


    ... ... ... MAP18: Courtyard - ok monsters all infight here in this courtyard, I get it. MAP19: The Citadel - Oh this is a big castle thing, that makes sense MAP20: Gotcha! - uhh.. what exactly is the 'Gotcha' moment here? I don't remember ever being really shocked by anything this map. Was the Cybie/Mastermind arena supposed to be like a Dead Simple style boss battle thing, and then it was decided later that the map needed to be extended? To this day I'm still not really sure what this map name means.
  4. John Cena is a perfect Duke Nukem, but I don't see Duke Nukem fitting the mold for the current Hollywood trends. I'm expecting massive waves of protest, which might work in a "bad publicity is good publicity" sort of way, but will more likely crash and burn before ever hitting the big screen. Political climate aside, I couldn't see a good movie coming out of this anyway. A lot of alt-right trolls will watch the terrible film and praise it for being "what America is all about" or whatever. But Duke Nukem doesn't have a notable weakness, fear to overcome, or a motivation for his actions other than testosterone. You need something relatable to make a protagonist interesting. The plot isn't very deep, and it's too ridiculous and tasteless to expand on in any compelling way. And even if it was expanded on, it would probably fuck up the fanservice video game nerd viewers are going to want. Duke Nukem is a good game but this is just going to be an exhausting controversy-laden time sink to deal with.
  5. 40oz

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    ^ godddddaaaamnnnn
  6. 40oz

    4 very brown square maps for Doomsday.

    Screenshots? Play info?
  7. 40oz

    What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    That's exactly right. I think the "less detailed and polished" opinion comes from some expectation that you would normally see cars and street lights on earth. I always pictured the city levels to be buried in ashes, and crumbling for many years after the actual attack, so all that's left is rubble and crumbling buildings where their insides are exposed. But at the same time, there's a bit of super-mario style intelligence behind the level design so you can actually climb up on top of stuff and platform jump around so the player can actually figure out what they are supposed to be doing instead of everything just looking all jagged and decrepit all the time.
  8. 40oz

    How do YOU speedmap?

    I often start by trying to accomplish the most in the fewest number of vertices. I put a lot of attention into building the main areas and the path id like the player to move in. The goal being to get the start area, main areas, objectives anf exit done in the shortest amount of time. A broken map that looks great is really embarrassing so that needs to be done first. The remaining time can be focused on the less important stuff like how good the map looks. my first 20 minutes or so involves a lot of boxy rooms and basic shapes like octagons, T's, crosses, etc. Right angles are easiest for me to work with. I just contort them into different shapes later on. Theres a challenge associated with speedmapping that involves giving the map some decent playing length. The simplest and most blatant way is to cram the map full of guns and monsters, but the most innocuous way is to use linedef actions to make the map more interactive and eventually give access to the exit.
  9. 40oz

    Post your Doom textures!

    yeah I think imgur did that because it was a big image.
  10. 40oz

    Post your Doom textures!

    Plutonia Plus
  11. 40oz

    Loop-around level design

    I appreciate anotak's attention to detail with the TEKGREN's lines directing you where to go. I imagine that must be exhausting to design in your maps. That's definitely the right track though. I think I've mentioned this more than a few times but, I've been starting my maps from a large central area, and then building the map outward toward the start and the exit. I often have most of the map's areas connect to this central place, including all the key locked doors, so whenever you're feeling kinda lost, just go back to the central place and figure out where to go from there. I often reference MAP11: Circle of Death for a map that seems to capture this effect most perfectly and simply.
  12. Much respect Lut, and Linguica. I realize being Administrator's for this forum has grown into a massive and mentally exhausting responsibility. Thanks for doing what you do for so many years.


    I'd like to apologize on behalf of the behavior of people that stormed my recent and ironically titled "People Suck" thread. I'm a trusting person and I've made some amazing friends by assuming the best of people rather than the worst, and I think many people can benefit from adopting a similar philosophy. Skepticism is very healthy and useful in small doses but sometimes it goes wild to the point of xenophobia against perfectly harmless people.

    But most importantly I'd like to apologize on behalf of myself. I don't mean to hurt people. I do say some shit that might be dark to you and pretty normal to me. I don't know how destructive it is until it re-exposes itself, misrepresented in its most cruel and scandalous form in my threads. Its not an excuse to say that without feedback, I'm being denied the ability to help in repairing these damaged relationships. Its in both of our best interests to work this out from where it started, and Lut is right that this is best handled by PMs. 


    I don't know how to respond to people who continue to find reasons to either fight with me or back up the people who do it at the most inopportune times. I've reached out to many of these people to talk to about it privately and I think they'd be concerned about the damage it would do to their reputation if other people got to see their responses in that context.


    I love Doom and its surrounding community and I dream someday that it won't be so difficult to just be yourself AND be a doom fan. 

    1. minigunner


      The best thing to do in this kind of scenario is to identify what you did wrong, and work on resolving that so it never happens again. It seems like you're handling that step, but there's also another thing. Other people may not be as quick to see that as you are. Don't force reconciliation, make your intentions known, then do your best to be good on your part. If people want to mend bridges, and they know you want to, they'll come to you when they trust you enough.

  13. 40oz

    People suck

    Actually... no they don't. In this world, we are all surrounded by generally good people. People do what they do, often with the best intentions. They want to be happy, and they want other people to be happy too. People don't like bad things and we work together to keep all the bad things out so we can enjoy the good. We're all very similar in that way. Everyone shapes their our individual perspectives through their life experiences. Unless you are omniscient, you're bound to put your attention in some places -- for good reason, and accidentally form blindspots in other places. It happens. It's normal. These blind spots are very difficult to detect on your own and we have to rely on other people to help us find them. It happens to me too. Some people go for decades without knowing they're there, and it can sometimes take just as long to delete that extra baggage they've been carrying for all this time. Look, I get it. When people make jokes about things I say, I know you feel you're doing a service for yourself and everyone who reads it. It's entertainment! And I respect that. It's good to clue each other in about stuff and simplify things so that they're easy for each other to understand. But the reason I'm writing this is that I've talked to people who have similar experiences to me. My experience with the internet involves a lot of different strangers I don't know a whole lot about yet. Among these strangers, a pretty large percentage of them seem to speak to me in a manner that seems as if I wear all my prejudices and phobias on my sleeve. That in a matter of a few posts, the conversation has already gone so far off the rails and into memes and expressions of disapproval before there is any context to start with. People are not that simple. It takes a long time to know what someone's all about. Some people make mistakes, and most of the time they don't even know they're doing it. It's not their intention to fuck shit up. I get the impression that a lot of people here don't seem to think that way, or worse, they once did, and their opinion has changed. We need to talk to each other. Like actually talk to each other. Not fill the forum with memes and jokes and puns that only your friends will like and understand. I trust that everyone here really is working towards being a good person. We're not all that different from one another.
  14. 40oz

    People suck

    Thanks for the detailed response. I can tell you put a lot of thought into it, as did I before responding to it, and I really do appreciate it. I concede that the platform I've built my forum avatar on has some poorly worded posts here and there. I don't actually have all of my posts memorized nor do I even know how many people read, or interpreted them in the way that I meant. I also don't know whether or not they were effected by them in a negative way. I'm not really sure how you or anyone wants me to address something like this. Should I be surveying everyone on doomworld to find out each and every person I hurt and where (should they be willing to tell me,) and preface every post I make with a laundry list of all the unfinished business in my life so people can know if I have anything worth saying or not? I make that extreme example because I do listen, especially to people who find my posts distasteful. I've made direct and sincere apologies to people I know I've wronged, and in some cases these situations work out. But there have been others who overtly rejected my apology for reasons they won't enable me to understand. (I have the private messages to back it up, but I respect these people enough not to flop them around in public) I want to make amends with anyone here. It's the people I feel would be attracted to a thread like this that prefer to have enemies. The world just isn't that full of evil people, and I truly believe they are doing a lot of self harm in believing that. It doesn't feel good to me that my fellow Doomers are doing that to themselves. I'm always working on myself. The 40oz I was years ago is different than the one I am today. When I say that, I'm not saying that old 40oz used to be a racist misogynist transphobic shitbag and now I'm not. I never was. It's a recent phenomenon that there are far more non-racists who misjudge the bond they have with the people they talk to that are put on trial than actual racists. I do concede that the comments I've made that you're referring to use overtly sexist, anti-trans, or racist language. But at the same time acknowledge that I have a long history here with doomworld that I've filled with genuine, helpful, and thoughtful posts. This is an extremely selective bias! It's a bias that leans towards confirmation that people suck when they really don't. People I've talked to directly, many of which found their way to Doomer Boards are not very different from the people here at all. They feel just as strongly about deception, ignorance, misinformation, injustice, and freedom as anyone else here. They're completely normal people who have their biases, just as any normal people here do. They're not hateful or anythingphobic. They're butthurt. People here were shitty to them for reasons they can't be sure they understand, and it makes sense to me because in my own experience, I'm dealing with conflicts that are entirely new to me that already start from a place where I've been doing damage to them for years, but they outright refuse to clue me in on where this is coming from. This doesn't sound to me to be the actions of someone who thinks people are generally good.
  15. 40oz

    People suck

    I wrote that two years ago. I didn't know you were still bothered by that. Obviously, i dont feel very good about it now, but it probably felt necessary at the time and I'm sorry. Youve never mentioned it to me before. I didn't document any blackmail of my own to use against you for a moment like this, but I'm sorry I said that. A lot of stuff happens in two years. I dont think of you as the same person you were two years ago. Even though you give me every reason to, I don't think you really believe it either. Congrats on the likes though.
  16. 40oz

    People suck

    Is there good intent behind that point?
  17. 40oz

    People suck

    Do you really believe this? You wouldn't tell that to your son would you?
  18. 40oz

    People suck

    Precisely! The gut reaction to adversity is that the person is intentionally trying to fuck shit up. I trust that nobody here brings on a disagreement with the intention of hurting that person personally. Well... except for dew.
  19. 40oz

    People suck

    It's the people who seek confirmation for people sucking that need to hear this message the most.
  20. 40oz

    People suck

    If you dislike the person you're hearing the message from, that doesn't make it wrong. I'm sure you believe you're writing that negative post for a reason that yields a net positive in the long run, right?
  21. 40oz

    so did some kind of shitstorm happen

    I dont know what any of this means. I write in legible sentences, so yeah I think there is a point.
  22. 40oz

    so did some kind of shitstorm happen

    I hope somebody some day will tell you in words you can understand, that you pretend to know what people are thinking and if you just asked them for clarification you wouldn't have to live in a world with so many evil villains.
  23. 40oz

    so did some kind of shitstorm happen

    Yeah it is. Checkmate, I guess...?