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  1. I was watching some of The Green Herring's UV-Max videos of random PWADs on youtube and was a map that reminded me of some of my early (EARLY) doom mapping way back when. I had then remembered many years ago being heartbroken from having a laptop that I burned out to the point of not even being able to turn it on. My oldest brother was able to remove the harddrive and extract all the data on to some DVDs for me much later. By that time I recuperated from the loss of data I had on there and moved on. I decided today that I would load the DVD up and browse around.

    I was amazed to run into a ton of my past files. I found some old freeware games I used to play, folders and folders of punk music I used to listen to (brings back memories!) and a whole bunch of images including some custom made forum profile pictures like the one seen below:

    I guess I thought that was funny when I was in middle school.

    Apparently Ashley Robbins was my favorite pornstar because I found a folder jampacked with her nude photoshoots among a few other random playboy playmate pics and some of Carmen Electra. Also found a folder of a bunch of myspace pics of my first girlfriend I used to creep on. Probably whacked off to those pictures too. Found some screenshots of old wads I was playing that I shared with a friend of mine who is also a Doomer. Found some slige wads (slige was a big deal at the time) I also stumbled on a folder with some midi files I had extracted from Doom wads like Scythe 2 and Memento Mori. I found a few that I recognize but am unsure what their origin is, it would be awesome if any of you guys could identify them for me.

    I'm a bit dissapointed that I could not find the earliest bits of Doom mapping I've ever done which include edits of DOOM1.WAD, and some urban deathmatch maps. I did find my JDoom folder which was loaded with wads I was playing like Icarus and DOOMUD3.WAD, whatever that is. However I did stumble across this wad I found in my Doombuilder folder aptly named "jon.wad" which isn't my first map ever, but it's about the earliest piece of doom history of mine I will ever find. I don't even remember making it. Here's a download link if you guys want to see what I've been doing way back in 2004. It's MAP02.


    I do however remember working on a megawad that was going to replace SS Nazis with a cool doom zombie look alike. (basically a strife guy with doomguy's helmet) It's very short, clearly unfinished and full of unclosed sectors. I think I was trying to achieve a vanilla deep water effect and the architecture is inspired by fbase6.wad I believe. Boy how times have changed.

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    2. Xeros612


      DuckReconMajor said:

      Does this mean I'll end up moving on to grindcore too?

      Well it wouldn't be much of a downgrade. ZING

    3. Use


      40oz said:

      ...way back in 2004.

      Wait 2004 is way back now? Fuck.

      Oh Chirst I made Nilla in 2004. DIE TIME, DIE.

      It's funny you should post this cause today I was just thinking about my old WADS and how it would be neat to look through them again for tidbits that might be interesting. Unfortunately they're lost forever.

    4. 40oz


      DuckReconMajor said:

      Oh wow old you is like me right now heh


      Does this mean I'll end up moving on to grindcore too?

      Not always. A lot of my punk friends in middle school listen to various genres of music now. Very few of them listen to the same stuff that I listen to now. Some moved on to listen to ska, crack rock steady, and pop punk, some listen to hardcore and straight edge, and some others started listening to classic rock, but we all can still agree that all the stuff we used to listen to religiously is still good.

      EDIT: for anyone who is interested I went ahead and created some replicas from memory of my two earliest doom maps ever. I remember playing deathmatch with zcajun bots for hours on these things. I made them as close as I can remember them and they feel fairly accurate. The thing placement is probably way off though, I remember just dotting guna around aimlessly. The only thing I know for sure is where the rocket launcher was placed in MAP02. The music are some mids I found in the midi folder on my DVD and the sky is also a sky I ripped from some wad long ago. I have no idea where it came from now but it seemed fitting for this type of wad.