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  1. As of late I've been on a house hunting quest with my loving fiance. We've looked at a few houses in person and we only have a few prospects now that we're considering putting an offer on. One of the things that we are really hoping for is at least three bedrooms, or two if there's enough property to add on the house.

    As of now, my fiance agreed that before we have kids, It is okay that I use one of the bedrooms as a "Doom Room" / Office. A room to myself where I can put together my PC and Widescreen TV combo that I play with a gamepad, and optional split screen with three other PCs on Odamex. Also a dimly lit room with bulletin boards and sketch paper and a wide desk to draw over so that I can continue planning and making doom maps. (At the moment my life is just way too full of distractions to map comfortably.)

    While the topic has come up some times before, My fiance would most certainly like to have kids at some point in her life. I agree and have no qualms with that. However, the topic of exposing my children to Doom at a young age, teaching them to map and play the game very well, My fiance has proven to have a rather averse stance on that subject. The first time I mentioned it she said "Our kids are NOT playing doom."

    I chose not to get confrontational and I figured with a little more Dooming she might think differently in the future.

    Another time it came up, I happened to be staying over her house with my laptop and her young cousins, a boy and two girls ages 3, 5, and 11 were visiting as well. They're very loud and hyperactive kids at times, and it was very funny to see how intrigued they were with the game as I was playing it. I was especially interested in how quickly they were able to figure out that colored doors are locked without the colored key, and tell me what places to go that I haven't explored yet, especially in such godawfully ugly '94 maps I was playing. I let them get a chance at playing a few levels too, and they adapted to using the controller pretty quick. The three year old played the best! It was also funny to see them shouting "GET THAT ONE THATS A BIG GUY" and "EWWW! HE'S UGLY!!" and telling me not to go in the hallways that are too dark!

    Later that day my fiance seemed kinda iffy about me letting her cousins play the game. She said the game is really violent and scary, and that I was out of my mind if I was gonna let my kids play it. She even went on to say she doesn't want our kids to become psychopaths! I tried to deconstruct her argument saying that I started playing the game when I was 3, listen to grindcore, and watch gore/slasher movies, but everything else about me is completely normal. I went on explaining that the graphics are so colorful and pixelated, that it's comical compared to the melancholic gore that they're no-doubt going to be exposed to when the other kids at school are playing Gears of War 6 and Grand Theft Auto 8. And that violent video games have been scientifically proven to pacify a person's mind and make them less prone to commiting any violent acts (Which can be good and bad, I wouldn't want kids that are TOO passive)

    Unfortunately, she didn't seem to buy into any one of my points and is still holding her stance. She doesn't seem too strong about this subject as I've seen her on other topics of interest, so I'm not really heartbroken about it. I'm sure there's gonna be a point where I can get her to crack and admit defeat. There's no way in hell I'll censor my kids from my favorite things.

    The thought of that makes me wonder if my mom wouldn't let my dad be interested in the things he likes in front of me. As far as I know, I don't really have any grasp on the genres of music he likes, his favorite movies, what he likes to do. He's difficult to interpret sometimes. Not that I've ever had any problems with him, I just feel like there's more to know about him than I already know. I wouldn't want to be a closed book towards my kids, show apathy to virtually everything, and pretend to like things that I dont.

    Any ideas of what I can tell my fiance about Doom to help change her mind? Or better yet, a source to direct her to so that she may see it differently than her naive TV-news-influenced thoughts lead her to believe?

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    2. 40oz


      How is it creepy? I too, agree with everything st. alfonzo said. I would want my kids to play Doom for the same reason I would want them to play with building blocks, legos, action figures, doll houses, and toy cars. These things allow kids to create scenarios within their imaginations, and with legos and building blocks, have the freedom to express what they imagine in their own way.

      I'm interested in seeing what they imagine, and the ideas they generate by the way they interact with these things. Even Doom. I'm especially interested in demonstrating how the things they build with legos and blocks can easily be translated into Doom and interacted with in a virtual reality. Then they can draw levels on paper or come up simulations of gun fights with their toys like I did when I was young. When (if they're interested) they are a little older, they can learn how to map on their own, practice with thing placement and drawing sectors to create fun gameplay and interesting architecture.

      I'm not bent on making sure my children relive my life exactly as I had. There's a lot to learn about cause and effect through Doom. I feel as though I'd be missing out on a great opportunity to express creative freedom while they are young and delightful, before they grow older and begin watching imagination deteriorating TV and browsing facebook and playing linear rail shooters. I feel as though we live in a world where these types of things are inevitable, and I'd much rather strengthen their imaginations while they're young before they perish at the feet of today's culture.

      Also if you couldn't already tell, I didn't passively agree to have kids. I want kids too. Not too soon though, but shortly after I have a solid career that would permit to be at home with my future family more often and still be financially stable.

    3. Use


      40oz said:

      Also if you couldn't already tell, I didn't passively agree to have kids. I want kids too. Not too soon though, but shortly after I have a solid career that would permit to be at home with my future family more often and still be financially stable.

      That's all a kid can ask for really. So many of them have it much worse.

    4. arkore


      She's right, this game is scary. Your kids will have nightmares for several years.

      The dark rooms, the abushing monsters, the sudden growls, and hanging corpses.