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  1. Last week, I noticed a flier posted outside of my workplace concerning a lost pet. Joe the Tortoise, with contact information with any help of where he was last seen.

    Today I was walking my dog along a rather busy street and spotted something rather disturbing on the side of the road. Shell split in half, head severed, unusual intestines I'm not used to seeing (I've never dissected an amphibian before.) A certainly gruesome sight. I can tell by it's size that it's not your normal pond turtle. I think I have a duty to report it to the person who posted the flier, but I feel a little uncomfortable delivering the news.

    RIP Joe the Tortoise.

    Anybody have any suggestions on how I best tell this person?

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    2. Technician


      Quasar said:

      I don't think I'd call unless I was certain the animal was the same one. Just today I had to swerve on the highway to miss an enormous snapping turtle that was walking his pokey way across (I wonder if he made it all the way? >_> )

      Depending on the area of the country you're in, large "weird" looking turtles may actually not be that uncommon. In Oklahoma, they grow large enough to eat ducks. I am NOT kidding. These beastly leviathans from the Triassic lurk on the bottom of lakes and pull down ducks by their feet. I assume they tear them to bits after they drown.

      I carry a shovel in my trunk so I can pick them up to bring to the nearest swamp.

      Our turtle populations are taking a hit. And we don't eat them like in the south.

    3. GreyGhost


      BaronOfStuff said:

      ...how the fuck does someone manage to lose a tortoise?

      Probably the same way I lose my reading glasses - put them down somewhere and wander off, then have to re-trace my steps and hope I don't sit/step on them. Fortunately my glasses don't have the power of locomotion, otherwise they'd remain lost.

    4. traversd


      It would appear to happen more often than you think. The neighbour asked us last month if their turtle had escaped into our backyard.

      "The what in the where now?"

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