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    2. Roscoe


      tl; dr, anyone?

      Anyways, the main thing I've discovered about food and shit was to stay away from anything that has sugar added to it. Much easier said than done. *drinks 1 liter soda*

      Good appetite booster? Don't eat. For a long time.

      Also, what she said about going out into the wilderness and being away from fast, easy foods is kinda true. I hiked/camped in the Grand Canyon for a few days, and during that time I don't think I've ever wanted desired plain old water more than anything else. And when I'd finally have a drink, it tasted like nectar of the Gods.

      Probably not a helpful post, but eh.

      Good luck, Original Poster. I am having similar problems.

    3. 40oz


      The past few days I've been successfully eating food without the feelings of being satisfied, for reasons I can't explain. I had beef pot roast soup with rice in it and a turkey wrap, and while I was eating it I decided to cook some mac and cheese and make a tuna sandwich while I waited for the macaroni to boil, and I ate all but the excessive portions of mac and cheese I made. I'm not really sure what holistic thing I did to make myself eat... So uhh. Honor the cow I guess.

      realistically though, I took a few hours to prepare the tuna salad and soup the previous day so putting the tuna on bread took roughly the same time it took to microwave the soup, so the food preparation that I associated with work that darknation pointed out (or Evelyn did, I'm not entirely sure yet) was pretty low profile.

    4. ArmouredBlood


      Sounds like you don't enjoy your food much. Invite friends/family for dinner, and have them reciprocate, and try some food out you might not normally have. This subreddit has some interesting ideas, though I haven't been in a position to try them because I'm an unemployed freeloader.

      For exercise, I hope you have someplace interesting to walk/bike to because I'm pretty bad at it.