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  1. Here's an award winning thread:

    almost every day I go into work, my nose starts to get itchy. I feel it on the tip of my nose and the outer parts of the inside of my nostrils. Its a lot like when you visit someone who owns a hundred cats and there's a thin coat of fur on every surface of their house and they just turned on an oscillating can. Its an infuriatingly annoying feeling and I only feel at work. As soon as I go home the feeling is gone. Theres no furry things where I work. I work in food service and the air isn't stuffy or anything, and I don't have any allergies, or a cold or anything. My nose just gets super itchy.

    anybody have any idea what's up?

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    2. 40oz


      geekmarine said:

      Well, I have two guesses... one is that maybe there's something in the air at your work that irritates your nose - you said you work in food service, maybe one of the spices you work with bothers you or something? Just a thought. The other thing is, I was wondering if the air was particularly dry at your work or something. I dunno, just spitballing ideas, seeing what sticks.

      could be. I wondered at first if it had something to do with humidity, as our refrigeration units attract a lot of condensation, but I'm at work and it just rained this morning but I'm not feeling it as bad today.

      the spices might have something to do with it too. Though I don't recall having the same issue when I worked the same job in a different building last year. Thanks for your input, geekmarine and everyone who posted. I've been meaning to post this thread for months but I always forget about it by the time I get home and googling my symptoms has pulled mostly unrelated results. I've heard an itchy nose is a sign that you're going to get in a fight, probably because its debatably the most annoying feeling in the world.

      theres no congestion or runny mucus or anything, no bumps, I don't even think theres any red irritated skin. Its just a repeating feather dangling on my nose feeling. It sucks working with food, scratching it could easily be misconstrued as picking it or blowing it into my hand or something. During times of high customer volume I don't have much choice than to just deal with it, or rub my face on the sleeve of my shirt, which surprisingly, is also questionable for a customer.

    3. 40oz


      Nomad said:

      Hey ol buddy ol pal Johnny Rancid, where do you work? Sounds like there could be something at work that you may be allergic to. Generic version of Zyrtec is probably the best anti-histamine I've used, I'd recommend giving one a try either way.

      its a privately owned convenience store / gas station franchise called Wawa, which is kinda exclusive to the north eastern united states (but recently opened up in florida last year). I kinda hate it and have been meaning to quit but they pay alright for someone with little experience and if I stick it out a few more years I can reap the companies employee stock ownership benefits :)

    4. Nomad


      Do your eyes get sore and/or randomly cloud up too? Do they sell flowers by chance? Oftentimes "allergies" can be pretty mild and you can go most of your life without realizing you have them. It's probably fair to just call it "hayfever" in that case. I'm no doctor, but as said before an antihistamine would probably help. Not benadryl unless you want to be a zombie all day.