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  1. Last night, up till 10pm watching music videos on YouTube.

    Go to bed, wife locks doors and joins me shortly after returning from the King of Prussia Mall. She came home in her friends car.

    Forgot to change the alarm so I wake up at 3:30am, an hour earlier than intended.

    Walk the dog at 3:30am, observe my car still in front of house. Observe nothing unusual. Very quiet Sunday morning.

    Return home at 4am, car still parked in front of house.

    Feed dog, eat a banana, observe car keys sitting on kitchen counter.

    Go up stairs to bed, nap for an hour because I don't have work until 6:00am (didn't lock front door, didn't think id need to for only an hour -- and after walking up and down the neighborhood without seeing anything suspicious,)

    Wake up at 5:00, brush my teeth, change clothes, put on deodorant, come down stairs, look at phone for a few minutes to kill some time, then go to kitchen.

    Can't find keys.

    Retrace steps around the house, thinking if I moved the keys to a location where they'd be easier to notice for about 15 minutes, its now 5:50am

    Look out the window -- CAR IS MISSING.

    Call police. Officer on the way.

    Call work, tell them I cant come in, car is stolen, work uniform in the car.

    Officer arrives at 6:10am gets some information. Asks if we were drunk last night, if the car could possibly have been repossessed, if we have any friends who might have believed it was okay to borrow, if there's something of value in the car, if we have enemies (crazy ex girlfriend, crazy relatives) that might want to get revenge for something, but we answered no to all the questions.

    My wife and I are the only ones who live in the house. We haven't had any guests at the house for weeks, we don't have any enemies (afaik) that would want to do something to us, our crazy schizophrenic next door neighbor doesn't drive and has been in the hospital for the past five days. And my car isn't really worth anything or has anything of value in it.

    The crazy thing is that someone entered my house WHILE I was in the house, with my wife and my dog. I don't know how they got in without alerting my dog, or me, or anyone. The keys were not in a very obvious place, I don't think, at least not more obvious than other things such as an iPad that was sitting on the living room couch, a Nintendo Wii, a bluray player, expensive makeup my wife came home with, an engagement ring that was in the bathroom(!!)

    I don't know who could have done it. I honestly dont have any friends who know me so personally to know my morning routine, so I can only imagine it was some stranger stalker in the neighborhood who saw an opportunity (not even a good opportunity either, we were all in the house!) couldn't find anything else out of place or unusual with the house. This person was really inconspicuous for someone who would commit such a risky crime for a relatively little reward.

    I am however, relieved no one was hurt and other than my missing car, nothing was damaged or destroyed.

    I know statistically that most people that steal (or get caught stealing) vehicles often take them for a joy ride and dump them off somewhere else usually pretty far away and that most people who do often get away with it. Most of them usually aren't even recovered. The officer said this is a very strange and unusual case that we don't know anyone or can suspect anyone who would have done it, to freely enter our house, take the keys and leave with the car. Its a super ballsy thing to do.

    If anyone has had any experience with having a stolen car, or has any advice they heard from someone who had their car stolen, I could really use it. At the moment im changing the locks on all my doors and waiting to get a call from the police to tell me they found it.

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    2. Tango


      that sounds really frustrating. I can't even imagine the thought process of a detective who would walk up to the door and put his business card there. wtf

    3. Blastfrog


      That sucks. Still, worth waiting to hear what happens with the guy they found.

      Tango said:

      that sounds really frustrating. I can't even imagine the thought process of a detective who would walk up to the door and put his business card there. wtf

      It's pretty standard practice AFAIK.

    4. Hellbent


      whoah, kitty now blinks. awesome. So any more updates on this story? Are you going to buy yourself a less egregious vehicle? Something other than a large SUV? What about a minivan. I'd go for a Honda Odyssey.