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  1. For many years I've worked at low paying service jobs where I was on my feet, expected to be alert and assist people for whatever little menial things they desire. My last job in particular I worked at for six years and it was by far the most demanding job I had ever worked. The work was mentally draining, and physically exhausting. I came home frustrated, and out of breath, it was difficult to be friendly to my friends and family, and I could barely keep up with my real-life obligations. I stuck around for the benefits but after years of studying accounting, I successfully landed a job in the accounting department of an insurance brokerage company not far from home. I get my own desk, a cubicle, and a computer with dual monitors. I've been working here for a few months and the work is a little mundane but it's easy and it's not any less mundane than the work I put into Doom. It gets pretty hectic towards the end of the month as we are closing the books for the month and reporting numbers to corporate, but the beginning of each month is a breeze. I may as well be on vacation! While I'm working I can listen to music and audiobooks from my ipod. People leave me alone, my boss is cool, and I get paid a lot more than what I was making previously.

    It's not very difficult to keep up with my work, which inevitably leads to plenty downtime; downtime I never saw in my previous jobs. After I met my wife and became a homeowner I thought I would never have time for mapping again. I even made an unofficial retirement from mapping blog a few years ago. Doom was a hobby and at the time I felt I was coming closer to putting that hobby to rest. My free time was quickly vanishing and it was troubling to get buried in real life obligations and try to have fun at the same time.

    Since the last month, I've been dilligently completing my work ahead of schedule, and using my down time to plan my days after work and for the weekends. I've been keeping an organized notebook filled with to-do lists regarding my Doom projects that I'm involved in, and I can do some pretty basic mapping on my computer at my desk using a USB drive I have with WAD Author on it and all the wads and editing utilities I could ever use. Since I'm relatively new to this company, I've been serious about completing my assignments ahead of schedule and being motivated to learn more and establishing good relationships with my peers and supervisors. I'm much happier than I thought I could ever be. I feel like I see colors more vividly, my imagination is blooming, and my ideas for maps are flowing. I come home from work full of energy and can use my weekends to work hard on my Doom projects with stuff I can't do at the office.

    I had always dreamed of how great it would be to actually make money while I'm making my Doom maps. My wish has come true.

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    2. Tritnew


      TraceOfSpades said:

      ^Read the OP. There's a happy ending.

      Not that kind. Zip your pants back up.

      Just read it, good for him.

    3. untilitdies


      I'm in the exact same situation, buddy. Feels great!

      The only downside is that I work during nights, so my social life is deader than Daikatana.

    4. dg93


      Congrats 40oz!