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  1. Looking for people to be guests on WXR! If you'd like to talk and nerd out about Doom stuff on our podcast, or know someone you'd like to hear talk, notify me or talk your friend into getting in touch with me! Topics such as:

    • The new Doom Forum
    • The Doom storyline
    • Source port racism
    • Whats good/bad about Brutal Doom
    • Doom-like indie games
    • Doom 'conspiracies'
    • Other topical stuff worth ranting about
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    2. joe-ilya


      I have loads of free time anyways.

    3. Decay


      Source port racism rofl. Port tribalism usually garners some great reactions. When you post the recordings, can you post a quick summary along with it? Or are you doing that already and I just missed it...

    4. Linguica


      I know some things about the new forum