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  1. Posting from Paris


    ...omellete du fromage

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    2. Impie


      Try a croque madame while you're there. It's an awesome dish.

    3. 40oz


      Thanks for the tip, Impie. I'll look for it on the menu of our next restaurant.


      @franckfrag: We found a new airbnb in Paris, so we will still be here today and tomorrow. We will be flying to Barcelona after that, then flying to Rome, then flying back to the United States. It may be a very long time (finances and obligations permitting) before we visit France again.


    4. WH-Wilou84


      Ah, I'm really sorry Jon, would've been a great pleasure to meet up with you guys and have a couple fancy drinks, but my gf and I already had plans for the week-end.
      I hope both of you did enjoy your time in our city. :)

      I'll definitely make up for it though, by participating in a WXR session sometime in the near future if possible. ;)

      Have a good trip !