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  1. I've always had massive amounts of respect for the Doom community. Growing up, theres was never a game I loved more than Doom, and for years its been the only game I play. Having made maps myself as a means of giving back to the community that continually satisfies my appetite for more Doom, I have an enduring love for anyone who has done their part to keep this game relavent for so long.


    Im very serious about this. Whether its conversations about mapping philosophy and gameplay, ogling at screenshots, participating in peoples projects or events, its all been very stimulating. I couldn't make this up. I have a deep and profound love for all of this. Ive literally wept thinking about Doomers who have passed away. It saddens me when I think of Doomers I've talked to who once shared the same burning flame of optimism for Doom as I have but moved on to do other things.


    All the interesting talks, the hilarious shit shows, the jokes, the demos, the multiplayer, the collaborations, all of it has made everything in Doom so fulfilling to me. I've been late for work, bailed on plans, and have even fought with my wife to write detailed feedback for maps, host a podcast, help with peoples projects, anything i can do to help benefit other doomers. I don't believe I could possibly repay the community for how much good its done for me. I cant find other people who love this game like I do in my normal every day life. Theyre just not around. But they're here. Doom would just be this weird closet thing that I do alone and no one else understands. It would be this huge empty void in my life if this community weren't here.


    I'm being completely up front when i tell you how much i appreciate all of you. Its ok when its not reciprocated. But on numerous occasions in the past few years Ive read more and more posts that suggest I'm really toxic for this place. Maybe its funny, i dont know. But its been feeling very real to me. People I've had great respect for consider me an enemy, people I've always thought to be friends have gone distant, and some people I've never talked to before already despise me. I don't know how many of you are serious when you make posts here that suggest that I'm not one to be trusted, but it really hurts. I don't like to be one to cry for help, but if you're not one of them, please send a message to my PM inbox. I really need it right about now.

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    2. Memfis


      Guys... Adblock...

    3. leodoom85


      This is great...talk to one person to start talking shit to another. Settle down your things privately...

    4. Liberation


      C'mon 40oz, ignore the muppets! People spend to much time getting offended by mean tweets and posts when they should be getting on with life... Important things like providing for you family etc, not crying in there pillow between wanking off due to a difference in opinion.