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  1. Much respect Lut, and Linguica. I realize being Administrator's for this forum has grown into a massive and mentally exhausting responsibility. Thanks for doing what you do for so many years.


    I'd like to apologize on behalf of the behavior of people that stormed my recent and ironically titled "People Suck" thread. I'm a trusting person and I've made some amazing friends by assuming the best of people rather than the worst, and I think many people can benefit from adopting a similar philosophy. Skepticism is very healthy and useful in small doses but sometimes it goes wild to the point of xenophobia against perfectly harmless people.

    But most importantly I'd like to apologize on behalf of myself. I don't mean to hurt people. I do say some shit that might be dark to you and pretty normal to me. I don't know how destructive it is until it re-exposes itself, misrepresented in its most cruel and scandalous form in my threads. Its not an excuse to say that without feedback, I'm being denied the ability to help in repairing these damaged relationships. Its in both of our best interests to work this out from where it started, and Lut is right that this is best handled by PMs. 


    I don't know how to respond to people who continue to find reasons to either fight with me or back up the people who do it at the most inopportune times. I've reached out to many of these people to talk to about it privately and I think they'd be concerned about the damage it would do to their reputation if other people got to see their responses in that context.


    I love Doom and its surrounding community and I dream someday that it won't be so difficult to just be yourself AND be a doom fan. 

    1. minigunner


      The best thing to do in this kind of scenario is to identify what you did wrong, and work on resolving that so it never happens again. It seems like you're handling that step, but there's also another thing. Other people may not be as quick to see that as you are. Don't force reconciliation, make your intentions known, then do your best to be good on your part. If people want to mend bridges, and they know you want to, they'll come to you when they trust you enough.