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  1. I've noticed an increasing number of modern games that include team based combat, where if you, or someone on your team has to reload their firearm, the character obnoxiously shouts "RELOADING!!"

    This bothered the hell out of me in Call of Duty 4, but also appears that Star Wars Republic Commando, Killzone, and now Left 4 Dead are using that idea too.

    In games, I'd be surprised if reloading a regular gun took more than a full 2 seconds. What the hell is anyone going to do for you during that duration? Who the fuck cares whether your reloading or not? Save your own ass and reload when someone's not driving bullets down your throat.

    Which essentially, that's what most people do. Shouting "RELOADING!!!" is completely unnecessary and gets old fast. I dont know why games are provoking this as a feature.

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    2. 40oz


      Nancy said:

      Reloading your gun in 2 seconds or more (depending on what type of weapon you're carrying, obviously), while bullets fly around, you would indeed want to let your team mates know that you won't be shooting for a little while and 'Reloading!' is obviously shorter to shout than, for example, 'Dudes! Seriously, dudes, I'm gonna be a sitting duck here for a little bit, so if you wouldn't mind assisting me in not dying while I get this cartridge up in this mofo, I'd really appreciate it, you guys! Seriously, I'll take you out for some beers later or something, but keep em busy while I do my little thing here, arite?'

      Crysis. Play it on a more difficult level setting, and enemies will shout it in Korean.

      Well no kidding, but is not saying anything at all a bad choice too? I think not. I can understand if this is real life, since reloading isn't the same operation as it is in a game. You don't just press X and wait, you kinda have to draw away from your concentration on your target, and indeed take more time that it does in the game anyway.

      Coopersville said:

      I like that my character is going to announce that he or she is reloading when I play Left 4 Dead, because it saves my ass when the retarded frat boy on my team gets killed and blames me for sucking at the game. I'm also a team player and help my fellow players when I can.

      I just watched a video of Left 4 Dead in gameplay. The player was using a sniper rifle that only had about 5 bullets or so per clip. Every time he shot 2 or 3 zombies he would reload. In fact he reloaded any amount of time that was necessary. And everytime he reloaded, he obnoxiously shouted "REEEELOAADING!" However, reloading the gun was a simple, pull out the clip, put in a new one. Done. It took about 1 full second and that was it. Has anyone ever rescued a guy who decided to reload his gun in a situation where it took a zombie only one second to kill him by announcing that he was reloading??

    3. Coopersville


      JohnnyRancid said:

      Has anyone ever rescued a guy who decided to reload his gun in a situation where it took a zombie only one second to kill him by announcing that he was reloading??

      My brother died that way.

      That, and a Smoker zombie can lynch a survivor in the blink of an eye. Hunters, too. Snipers, especially, need protecting. That's why God invented the Spotter.

    4. Darkman 4

      Darkman 4

      It was only bad in Insurgency, where your guy would yell it so loudly that every goddamn person in the area could hear him.