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  1. Aight so don' even get me started on how crazy this day was. So I'm just chillin workin at subway just listenin to some jams on da ipizzle right? yaknow the usual. So this chump walks on in the front door, some big biker guy with all his bikah buddies sittin out in the parkin lot. So he walks up and hes all yellin "Gimme a footlong roastbeef on italian!" and im all like aight whatever, no need for the attitude but whateva.

    Like halfway through makin the sandwich he's all "YA PUTTIN CHEEZE ON DAT??" and im like "yeah dude gimme a sec" then his forehead drops and hes al like "DONT TALK BACK AT ME KID" and im all "yo back down I aint frontin!" then all of a sudden outta nowhere he lunges at me across the counter tryn to grab me, but hes kinda chubby ya know what im sayin? So i just dip back and im all "Aight aight, ya playin hardball?"

    So I jab him with the left and give em a hook with the right and im still wearin my sandwich makin gloves too, i dunno if the blood was from his nose or from the roast beef. At this point his face lights up red like a cherry. he's all callin in his buddies from the parkin lot. Now all a sudden im surrounded by like six fat bikah dudes right? Im all like whatever yall fat I aint backin down. I'm all hype now nyways. Then he's all tryin to be tough sayin stuf like "You picked the wrong guy to mess with punk!" and im just like "you bring five guys to a fight whos da punk now??" I mean they eat at subway how tough can they be yknow? The one guy didn't take it well, he pulls out a switchblade, im like shoot these guys are packing and this never happened I made it all up thanks for reading. I anxiously await all your "ah i knew it the whole time!" posts.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Really? I buy Subway because it's not all greasy and gross. It's actually kinda healthy as far as fast food goes.

      Providing you stick to the healthy subs anyway. A footlong Pizza has more grams of fat than some McDonalds burgers :P

    3. Jodwin


      There's something about the concept of "healthy fast food" that just sounds completely wrong, impossible and unnatural.

    4. Maes


      Jodwin said:

      There's something about the concept of "healthy fast food" that just sounds completely wrong, impossible and unnatural.

      Why? If you bite into a single unpeeled tomato or apple, it's noth faster to eat than a sandwich or gyros and healthier. Not tastier though :-(