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  1. It's probably no special day to you but I'm excited as fuck.

    #1 I've been working 6+ hours every day for the past 4 weeks, Dec 20th will be my first day off since then.

    #2 I painted this sick monster energy drink logo on this hoody I'm going to give to my honey for christmas on that day. (She loves monster energy drinks)

    #3 Because she said she got me something for christmas and hinted to me that "It is Doom-related" and I "will love it" This will be the first time I got a doom-related gift from someone outside my family. She's fucking awesome.

    #4 It's not going to be the only gift I get from her ;)

    #5 It's also my birthday.

    #6 32 IN 2444444444444!!! I can't wait to map for this. I've been fooling around with doombuilder for a personal project, and have been making great progress real fast. A 24 hour time limit is just what I need for motivation. I'm expecting to do either:

    A: Get 2 completed, detailed, playtested maps done,
    B: Get 6+ generic layouts that someone else can detail and do whatever with.

    Whichever is more helpful.


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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Ohh now I am confused. Which order do I watch all the shows in? I have read that the movie slots in around episode ~26 or so?

    3. esselfortium


      The movie either replaces or supplements episodes 25 and 26, depending on your view. (If you actually think about it, make comparisons, and aren't a troll trying to be contrary, it supplements them ;) ) Don't skip the TV ending like some people do; it stands on its own and is a completely different telling of End of Eva, and understanding one will help the other make more sense.

      Death and Rebirth, the other movie, is skippable. Death is just a per-character recap of the TV series and Rebirth is just the first half of End of Evangelion.

      I highly recommend seeing the New Production Cut (called the "Director's Cut" or "DC" on the English release) versions of episodes 21-24 before watching End of Eva, though. If you haven't already seen those episodes, just watch the DCs; if you have already seen them, go back and watch the DC versions for the extra stuff. There are some new scenes and new information and such (originally created as part of Death, but irritatingly, many of them were removed for Death's video release to encourage people to buy the Director's Cut releases) in them that help to set things up a bit better for End of Eva; some things might seem a bit off without that for context.

      Of course it's still a complete head trip no matter how prepared you are for it, but everything in it does have a purpose, even if it's not immediately apparent.

    4. Butts


      That shirt is so bad ass! Your girl is a win.