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  1. Man I thought being unemployed for a while would be great. So much free time! Can hang out with buddies all the time! Party all day long!


    Everyone's at work. Nothing's on TV. Minimal motivation to make maps. I applied for like 10 jobs yesterday, awaiting calls. Trying not to spend money, especially by myself. Browsing the forums and creepin on facebook like 20 times a day. Texting people. Not getting replies. Looking forward to the 3 days I get to go to school each week. Homework's done. Room is clean. Nice weather outside. Still bored as fuck.

    I kinda want to do some active stuff outside at the park or something, but I'm pretty certain it's gonna be boring to do alone. Kinda wish I was making money right about now. Is there anything productive I could be doing in the meantime?

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    2. printz


      Super Jamie said:

      Pretty sure that's Agent Spork :P

      I would love not having a job. I'm pretty sure I could come up with things to do, such as sleeping a shitheap and working out lots, watching TV and playing retro games. I like being with friends but I've always been a loner so occupying my time on my own is no problem. I like a decent bit of Jamie time even nowadays.

      How would you get financed? [/obvious question]

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      printz said:

      How would you get financed? [/obvious question]

      You can bludge off unemployment benefits pretty easily in Australia. That's not alot of cash, but enough to get a room in a share house. Probably not enough to do fun things like internet and mobile phone and drinking, so I'd likely get a part time job.

      This is all part of my continuing and increasing weariness with working 40+ hours a week. Trust me, I've thought long and hard about it.

    4. MajorRawne


      Well I've been gathering the redundancy dividend (commonly known as "the dole") for a while. My area was hit badly by redundancies so basically all that's going now are cleaning jobs for £5.30 an hour (which is roughly what it costs to buy one fluid ounce of petrol) and said cleaning jobs require 2 years' prior experience. I was wondering if I should blag them during the interview. "Yes, I attended mop college for two years and in my spare time I spray Domestos around the toilet bowl." Or I could just carry on writing a novel and building Doom maps, and waiting til there are some jobs going.