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  1. Not really.

    Earlier today I had been playing Streets of Rage 3 desperately trying to beat the game on Hard mode. I hadn't beat the game on any skill level yet (I hadn't even tried easy mode) because my wayward opinions about playing games is that to get the best experience from a game is to play on it's highest difficulty setting. After a couple hours of kicking ass in the first few stages and then having my ass handed to me while playing at my best performance, I was pretty heated up by the blatant strength of my foes and decided to take a break from this game and switch off to something else. I found a Skulltag CTF server with some people in it.

    Already being "in the zone" with my reaction time being sharp and precise as ever, I expected to be on top of the game. yada yada yada... the combination of high pings, repeated unbalanced teams due to some clan members that, god forbid, they play each other on opposite teams, resulting in many games of 3v5, and 4v8, etc. On top of that the players remaining in the game that always landed on my team are those who have quite obviously never played doom before. While playing to the best of my ability, I still couldn't wear all of my team's hats by holding off my opponents, defending the flag, and getting the other team's flag without dying, however, I was determined not to quit. The subsequent losses that followed in addition to the repeated "<!> YOU FAIL IT <!>" messages being repeated by the enemy players concocted an infuriating vibe in my brain. Here are the results.

    I've heard about people who get so into games and always end up smashing game controllers and such. This is the first video gaming object I broke out of rage. Some vocal harmony, a pack of cigarettes (I don't even smoke, I guess I do now.), an angry brother i flipped off, and a cold shower later, I went out to buy a new keyboard. I didn't really like it much anyway. Well done, Skulltag.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      It is the blogs forum, who cares.

      Where did 40oz go anyway. I miss his raging against the 21st century (not)

    3. 40oz


      i poke in and out of here every once in a while. My schedule has been pretty full.

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