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  1. I feel as though I don't contribute to enough non-Doom related communities. In fact, doomworld.com, skulltag.net, and occasionally zdoom.org are the only forum pages I browse regularly.

    I attempted to do some searches in hopes of finding a mildly moderated forum with a small-to-medium sized, though tightly knit crowd of some random funny people. I did find a couple forum pages to sign up in. Little did I know, without taking precautions and reading the fine print, that I would have to succumb to extreme prejudice.

    Today I attempted to register to a forum full of rants and raves and typical debates and random flamewars. My kinda crowd! Anyway upon clicking the register link, I am greeted with the forum terms and conditions and receive an option to clarify my age. "Were you born before or after Jun 07 1997?" Without really thinking about the question, instinctively, I somehow correlated the words "after" to meaning "older." and selected after 1997. I then filled in my preferred username, password, and email, and was told that my forum account is not yet activated until i activate it by going to my email inbox. I opened the email I received from the forum, though instead of getting a single link to click to activate my account, I had gotten an agreement that the email stated that I needed to "Print out, and have a parent or guardian sign" so that they know I am permitted to read and post on those forums. Then have my parents fax the printed and signed document to the website administrator so that he can activate my account.

    I am unable to sign up again because my email and username is already taken by an inactive account held by someone who is younger than 13 years.

    I did manage to find another forum that seemed kinda interesting. Upon filling out my required information and a few other personal fields, including one of those randomly generated images with the text on it that you have to type, I agreed to register and was linked to a page on the site that said "Spambot Registration Detected" I refreshed the registration page and filled in the information again from scratch, and added a little more personal information about myself, only to be linked to the same page.

    Internet forums just aren't as friendly as they used to be.

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    2. Nuxius


      40oz said:

      I doubt there is anyone who has ever followed through with these directions.

      And you'd be wrong.

    3. Maes


      Is that forum even worth all that trouble? That is complete bullshit IMO. Seriously, fuck them.

    4. printz


      It's 40oz's mistake for misclicking the button, not their mistake for being douches.