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  1. Any smokers here?

    I'm not but I can't say I've never considered it. I have smoked several times before but I've never really gotten the addictive pull from it. Whenever I smoked it was just because I just happened to have an opportunity where it was okay to smoke and cancer sticks were presented to me.

    There's nothing about the smell that really bothers me. I've dated girls that smoke, I've dated girls that don't. Either way I'm not biased or anything. I think it's weird when people feel uncomfortable smoking in front of me, kinda like they are eating in front of me. But if I've got no desire to smoke, I don't feel like im missing out on anything. I think truth commercials are retarded. If they are allowed to bash smokers for choosing to buy cigs then they should be allowed to bash fat people for their eating habits.

    I know these are stupid reasons and I'm pretty certain the cons outweigh the benefits but I've considered starting smoking for the cig breaks at work. Also I feel like ciggarettes are some kind of a social lubricant like snacks at a party. I mean, for starters it's a lot easier to break the ice for a conversation with other smokers if you ask if you can bum a cig or better yet ask for a light. Another reason I've considered smoking is that it would give me a reason to go outside and talk to new people. I mean, I could just as easily now go outside and loiter around the outside of convenience stores and try to strike up a conversation with someone, but if I do that it kinda draws attention to that being the only reason I'm standing out there, which would kinda make me look like a creep. If I'm smoking, then I obviously had neen standing outside with the intent to smoke, and talking to people is just something that happens on the side.

    I'm pretty sure I won't start smoking though due to the health concerns but mostly because it's an expensive habit. I've yet to think of some kinda alternative to ciggarettes that can get me those same perks. I've thought of maybe using food to fill in that void, but who the hell stands outside so they can have a bag of chips?

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    2. NightmareZer0


      I smoke a pack of reds a day. Been smoking for 6 years. I enjoy it.

    3. ReFracture


      Imp said:

      I smoke a pack of reds a day. Been smoking for 6 years. I enjoy it.

      I bet your wallet hates you. :P

    4. NightmareZer0


      Mike.Reiner said:

      I bet your wallet hates you. :P

      Nah not really....