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  1. yeah i know you know ipods are gay let me finish. God.

    So i've been keeping all my music stored on my brothers hard drive because it's significantly bigger than mine and a few weeks ago he's been having problems with his web browser, and so he decided to wipe his hard drive and switch to Windows 7.

    I bought a bunch of new CDs with gift cards i got for christmas and I really like them so I wanna throw the songs in my ipod. I had to download iTunes on his computer again and plugged in my ipod. I get a message saying that I was using a different version of iTunes on a different computer so in order to do anything to my ipod I have to erase everything and resync it.

    So basically I have to start from scratch, putting in all my cds into the computer one at a time, importing the music from it so I can use it on my iPod. I have 141 CDs.

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    2. geo


      Oh and I hate Apple for disallowing apps made in Flash. I had a ton made and then they disallowed it. Then Droid said they'd allow it so now iPhone does. Good times :-)

    3. sirjuddington


      geo said:

      I love iPods and I don't know why honestly. The rival brands have 2x the storage and video screens for the same price. What's wrong with me?

      2x the storage? Where?

      I've never seen anything even close to the 160gb classic I have. On which the hard drive is dying horribly.

    4. Maes


      SlayeR said:

      I've never seen anything even close to the 160gb classic I have. On which the hard drive is dying horribly.

      Perversely, Apple stuff tends to have a comparable or better price/performance ratio if you only compare it to the competition's high end products, whether we're talking desktop computers, laptops, iPods or even the iPhone.

      The iPod classic is an even more perverse comparison, since its market niche (hard disk based media players) is practically dead: not even Apple will make more like it anymore.

      However if we stick to the low end market of sub-10GB MP3 players, in the case of the various iPods, then anything Apple can throw at the competition will be almost double in price.

      Case in point, my sister bought a sixth-generation iPod nano for nearly 200 quid. At that price tag, she could have bought two or even three of chinese-made "MP4" players with pretty much the same capabilities, while if you only need a simple MP3 player under $50, Apple has no serious proposal (and it's not their target market anyway).