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  1. My girlfriend knows about my obsession with Doom and that I design levels for it, but until last week she didn't quite realize how simple it was. The other day my girlfriend approached me while I was drawing layouts for doom maps on paper. She looked at me quizzically and asked what the hell am I doing. I explained to her that it's a lot easier for me to make Doom levels when I plan them out of paper. I basically draw some shapes and when I draw them in the editor, they become rooms.

    She looked at the unfinished half of the layout and said "what are you putting here?" I told her I hadn't decided yet. She told me I should make a room shaped like a heart. I was a little skeptical at first but I have a bad habit of frowning on a lot of ideas my girlfriend has, so I just went ahead and drew the heart shaped room.

    Yesterday I was at home, off from work, and began mapping. When I was finished with the bits and pieces of the layout I drew the other day, I used my phone take a photo of the layout on Doombuilder next to the layout she helped me draw and sent it to her. Then sent her a screenshot of me playing the level inside the heart shaped room she designed for me.

    She responded to the picture message with "OMG!! that looks awesome! Can I play it so I can see it better?" before then she had only played the first few levels of Knee Deep in The Dead before she was getting sick of getting lost. She needed to. I wouldn't let the relationship continue if she wouldn't play doom with me.

    Later that night I stopped over her house and told her about how easy it is to make Doom levels. Just draw some random shapes, adjust the floor and ceiling height, and throw in some guns and monsters and you have a doom level. "I love drawing random shapes!" she exclaimed. Later this week I'm gonna install Doom 2 and Doombuilder on her laptop and play around with it to show her how it works.

    I'm hoping I can show her some of my strategies to making simple layouts and show her some cool stuff you can do with thing placement. I know already she doesn't really love playing doom as much as I do, but I think she might have a thing for designing levels. We'll find out in the near future and I'll be sure to upload her work to the /idgames archive.

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    2. Six


      My missus knows i have Doom, and i've shown her what the game looks like at one stage. Her reaction? "The graphics look horrible".

      I lol'd.

    3. Ralphis


      My girlfriend beats my ass at Tetris and it ticks me off

    4. 40oz


      just posting to say that my girlfriend drew some pretty cool doom levels on paper with little notes about what monsters/items and stuff go where.

      One of the layouts is shaped like a frankenstein. She told me she started with one room then was busy with something else, so when she came back to it she forgot where she left off, saw the room she left off at almost shaped like a face, so continued to create a frankenstein shaped level with secret areas being the frankensteins heart (thats where all the health is) and secret areas in the frankenstein's fingers. The small intestinal area is an elaborate maze.

      The second layout she drew is a lot better. It's a little more abstract and features a few main rooms that branch out into other oddly shaped rooms with different hallways connecting them. With some work, it could probably even pass as a DTWiD level. It's a little short though.

      She's still a little unfriendly with DoomBuilder so I'm gonna translate her drawings into levels myself until she wants to familiarize herself with map editing some more.