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  1. In a lot of horror movies, the victims of whatever antagonist is trying to kill them is usually pretty helpless. They run, they get tired, they're not carrying any weapons, the car won't start, the flashlight runs out of batteries, etc. etc. The visual elements of Doom are horror related because our enemies are demonic and/or possessed. There's a lot of evil symbols, gore, torture, and disturbing flesh and skin stuff that would normally make one nauseaus if they saw it in real life. These all lend to the horror aspect of the game. Doom takes these scary frightening things and badassifies it by giving you kickass weapons, a near infinite supply of ammunition, and the enemies you kill blow up in the bloody shreds. This wouldn't be a very good plot for a movie, because you wouldn't be able to connect very well with the character if they are rarely in any danger. All these horrible enemies are just these little minion henchmen that the doomguy gets to blast away. Doom is everything a horror movie fan would want, particularly those who were tired of shitty effects and bad acting. "No don't go that way!!" "He's getting back up, shoot him again!" "Don't forget the bullets!" These stupid movie protagonist mistakes happen in horror movies all the time, But now you get to be in the shoes of someone who is faced with a terrifying task of going into hell and fighting your way back out. But you're also equipped with the right tools and the know-how to get the job done. So IMO, it doesn't really work as a horror game. It's got the visual components of stuff you'd see in a horror movie, but after all these wads we've played, everyone is too familiar with Doom and have seen the limits of the Doomguy's killing power, so I don't think you can do much to emphasize that Doom is a horror game without giving the player monsters that are impossibly unfair or by making the Doom guy more vulnerable, which isn't really anything people would want in a Doom game.
  2. Spelling is stupid.
  3. Very awesome, this is definitely on the right track for what I'm thinking. It's a very intimidating kinda noise. Very interesting noises you were able to create too. And only 10kb for such long tracks! Nice job!
  4. In some ways yes, but a lot of my ancient doom utilities are just not compatible with modern OS's. It seems to think a lot of my files are malware and a lot of phones and tablets have their own operating systems that don't give you much control over file sorting and management which is a major part of what it is to download and play wad files, and watch demo lumps. They are, however, great for watching youtube videos and web browsing which is what this tool prower has made answers to.
  5. You're a great man, prower! Doom files becoming increasingly difficult to access with modern technology has been on my mind a lot lately, so having a web based "convert .lmp to youtube" tool for easy viewing and distributions is really awesome. I look forward to the custom prboom parameters that are coming in the future. For example, the unstretched status bar and the progress bar included in the video are a few itches that are driving me crazy. It's super cool that you did this, though.
  6. There's a zombie killing game called Dead Rising for xbox360. There's not enough detail in your post to tell if this is what you're looking for, but on the UI there's a "x KILLED" tracker that keeps track of your kill count throughout the entirety of the game. I don't know why but that little statistic always sitting there on the HUD like that is really fun. I made my own little Doom frontend out of a batch file that records how many monsters I killed after every level I complete, and adds it to a total. I started using it a few years ago. I have a little over a quarter million kills.
  7. When Carmack was designing the monsters for Doom, which one do you think was the very first actor model to be made? Things like the Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind, and lost soul sprites didn't appear until the final game. The pinky demon sprites seem to have some frankensprited parts from the hell baron (you can see the baron of hell's back on the pinky demon's forehead) which would indicate that it was made after the Baron of Hell. The zombiemen are modeled after the player sprite which indicates they came after the player. The player and Baron of Hell were made from digitized photographs of clay models, while the imp and Cacodemon were presumably drawn from scratch. Which of those four models do you think was made first before anything else?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. A lot of what has been linked to here sounds like it's prepping me to watch a documentary about galaxies and constellations. I'm not really sure what instruments are contributing to it, but hopefully someone gets what I mean by that. I'd rather be hearing something more grounded and motivating if I'm making any sense here. Steve D, those tracks you've linked are the closest to what I'm thinking so far. From your post, it sounds like you get what I mean. Something about the juxtaposition of fighting bunch of hard monsters against quiet, nearly inaudible but ominous music smells like paradise to me. I realize my tastes are really specific here and I'm running out of vocabulary to make it make more sense. I've been avoiding using a MIDI sequencer for so long because I'm too stupid to figure it out and understand the terminology. Does anybody ever collab on MIDIs? If I could maybe make a few basic examples, would someone be willing to extend, modify or correct them?
  9. It's awesome that you're doing the 'one map a week' thing. I might consider doing something like this myself :) I imagine that this 32 grid rule might siphon out your creativity (unless you really do like mapping this way) so if you feel like ditching this rule at any point to continue mapping, do it. I think anyone who would seriously hold you to it is an asshole.
  10. Dead in the Knee Deep
  11. If my luck with searching for it is any indication, this kind of music doesn't have a real name. There are parts in movies and in tv shows that are pretty dramatic and suspenseful and they have really quiet background music. It's barely audible over the sound of the dialogue or the sound of what's going on in the environment. I've been dying for music like this in my Doom maps but I can't find anything quite like it. I haven't had much luck finding this kind of music on youtube. Often when I search background music from TV Shows I get the actual songs they use for the montages and stuff. I've heard of "Dark Ambient" which is a pretty popular music genre, and it's close. However, most of what I've heard is just too spacey or 'rainforesty' for lack of better descriptive words for audio. PSX Doom music and Doom64 music is also pretty good but to me it better resembles 'noise,' like the sounds of metal bending or machines moving in the distance. It's very close but it's still not quite what I want. The kind of stuff I'm thinking of usually has a kind of pulsing drone sound, or a low octave strings sound, a heart beat, a single note bass line or all of the above. I suspect it could be really good as a midi because the length of the track could have a progression that starts quiet, slowly builds up, then fades back down for a neat and tight loop. It doesn't really have a noticeable or 'catchy' melody which actually works in the music's favor. It's a really quiet cacophony. The indistinct noise makes it very easy to listen to on repeat for a long time without getting old, but it still has some repeating tempo in the form of the aforementioned bass line or heartbeat to still be 'music' rather than literal random noise. The best midis I can think of that are closest to what I'm thinking are MAP06 from Sunder (originally used in Scythe 2 MAP16, which was based on a track from Super Metroid Advance.) and MAP07 from Memento Mori I've talked to a few people about this like @Ed and @Eris Falling and a few others. They seemed to have an idea of what I mean, but I'm still not totally sure I'm describing the best I can. I'm hoping someone here is following me and give me some direction towards what I'm talking about. Try watching an intense TV series with really diabolical characters in it. Take the Walking Dead for example. Pay close attention to the music that is used in situations that aren't a complete panic, but are rather a buildup for something crazy that is going to happen later on. There are enough TV series and movies for people to produce this kind of music professionally. What is this stuff called??? This music track from Nightmare Creatures linked below kinda has the thing I want. 1. A distant 'boom' on a metronome + funneled wind for about 2 minutes 2. the distant boom gets a faster tempo now, plus an echoing bass line 3. send in some strings with it 4. quietly return to (1.) for a few moments 5. repeat (2.) but include a churchbell 5. quietly return to (1.) It starts off sounding like funneled wind, then there's a distant boom on a metronome, the tempo of the boom gets faster, now with an echoing bass line. Send in some strings for a few moments, tack on some distant church bells to coincide with the booms. Then quietly fade back down to the funneled wind. It's so dark, imposing, and ominous. I love everything about it. It's perfect. It doesn't need to be long, it just needs to be right. I don't know anything about making music so I don't know if this request is a lot to ask; but if someone sequenced like 10-15 of these tracks in MIDI, each with slight deviations from one another it's the exact kind of soundtrack I'd want for my more serious projects.
  12. Nice! I saw videos of Industrial Zone A and Industrial Zone B but I've never gotten to play them. I'd love to play GBA Doom 2 as a PWAD.
  13. That's interesting. I've never had an issue of caring too much for people who probably don't deserve it. I can't really think of any good advice for something like that. What keeps you from ignoring these types of people until they go away? Do they just keep coming back? Do you not realize they are a lot of baggage until after you get too close?
  14. in my experience its always easier to remake something into something better from scratch than it is to fix something that's fundamentally broken. If it's too complicated to recreate from memory, keep a backup or sketch the layout on paper. You'll waste a lot of energy and time holding on to something you don't want to let go because you're not sure you'll be able to make it the same way. If you can do it once, you can do it again.