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  1. Cybershark


    When will people learn to use version numbers? I mean what was the point in naming the zip "interfin" when the files in the achive have the exact same name as dozens of prior versions? Do you have any idea how frustrating it can be to ensure everyone has the same version to play online - where wad authentication is required? :/
  2. Cybershark

    ZDaemon Sessions #330 - Interception Survival

    This would have gone so much smoother if there hadn't been 100 identically named variants of the same wad.
  3. Hardly. They'll get exactly the same treatment - the occasional airing on community event nights, but otherwise forgotten, save for one or two of the CTF maps which may eventually resurface in the IDL pack. People just have little interest in much that's new, so it doesn't matter what gamemode it's for. Besides, I suspect that a large percentage of the mappers that contribute don't even care so much whether what they made gets played - it's just done for the personal satisfaction of completing a speedmap.
  4. Cybershark

    Do Odamex and Zandronum read MBF?

    Lol, I'd love to know where your statistical data comes from.
  5. Did it happen with -7? I just remember it being a real problem with -4. Anyways, I just think the regular multiplayer modes have been done to death. New (2way) CTF is still marginally exciting to receive but, after ~20yrs of Doom, I don't think anybody gets overjazzed about seeing another random 40 DM maps released. Personally I'd like to see some Domination maps made next time, but I realise that's not gonna fly on Oda for some time. So what about 3wayCTF, or 1flag? Can Oda cope with those yet? Or is it likely to, anytime soon? And, lol - as 32in24 is prettymuch at the mercy of them - then if not, why not?! Also, slopes. All major multiplayer ports can now handle them, so why are 32in24ers still being forced to screw around with fake ones? :/
  6. For future reference, it's just not wise to have different versions of the same WAD floating around with the same name. It only ends up causing headaches on multiplayer ports. Usual practice is to drop a hyphen or underscore on the end of the filename, in the case of any "post-final version" modification ;>
  7. US ZDaemon Sessions will be running this final build (in about 20mins). Well, half of it. The other half will be run on this week's Wednesday Night Flags event. Come join the release parties!
  8. Zdaemon playtesting of beta2a going on right now in Europe! Also, later on, in the US :D http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=14819
  9. No, I don't think you do need to work on a patched version - which is a shame because I know you already have. What you do need to do is ignore letter-of-the-law alarmist idiots like this who don't really know what they're talking about. Seriously, no-one is going to shit a brick over a few images being included in your work.
  10. Cybershark

    The hi-res Doom sound pack is updated

    This. Even if this wasn't something that's rather popular on multiplayer ports - where everyone is required to have the exact same files in order to play on a server - it's still good working practice to use version numbers on your files :/
  11. Cybershark

    WADs: Most Overrated/Underrated, Most Surprising/Disappointing

    Well yeah, that was the 'groundbreaking' part of it, no? And I can hardly see how you personally could gauge my own levels of surprise as I played through it. Or maybe the floor puzzle, clone fight, shrunken area, etc, etc were all perfectly predicted by yourself? And 'tech demo'? Pfeh, anyone could have cobbled together a few ACS functions and called it a tech demo. But hey, I'm sure there's equally cynical film critics out there who'd write off Blade Runner as nothing more than an fx reel. Yeah, that's the reaction I usually have when I see one of you SP nerds talk DW5 like you actually have a clue what's played on servers in this century. Myself? I got bored of DW5 after about half a week playing it, but I'd still probably choose it over more unbalanced, unhinged WADs like Crudream *shrug*
  12. Cybershark

    WADs: Most Overrated/Underrated, Most Surprising/Disappointing

    Port!=WAD But sure, zdaemon.wad is disappointing as they come! I downloaded the damn thing and there ain't even any maps in there! WTF?!? Good call, although it does suffer from a few spawns placed too close to walls. Be interested to hear what your top two DM picks would be. Kinda funny that you can remember the FNF trademark, but not 'Zdaemon Sessions' (despite it having the port in its name). But if you want hardcore DM action then you should check 'Frag Your Brains Out' there on a Sunday. A week on Saturday (02/07/2011) is also a date worth noting. Multiplayer on Zdaemon is about to get a whole lot more interesting ;) And personally - although my forays out of multiplayer are infrequent - I'd have to vote for cyb's Void as a 'most surprising'. It was such groundbreaking stuff, and you never knew just what you'd find around the next corner.
  13. Cybershark

    Orange Textures

    That one is no longer a DM map. I chopped a bit off the left-hand side of that image so nobody will guess what it's used for now ;) But lol, yeah, Francky was my first thought when I saw 'orange'.
  14. Cybershark

    WADs: Most Overrated/Underrated, Most Surprising/Disappointing

    Yeah, I said this all along. There's some playability in there, but no damn continuity. It really does look like someone just threw together a whole bunch of maps of diverse sizes, from varying eras. 32in24-5 puts it to shame. Hopefully this won't be the case with what I have lined up for ZDS #200. I call BS, and you only have to look at how many of ZDCTF's maps are usually gleefully hacked out of server rotations to prove it. Bear in mind also that 32in24-4 was (in part) crafted by people who not only had 'no real previous experience with ctf in doom', but had no real experience of multiplayer doom. With that considered then 32in24-4 is surely >all.
  15. Cybershark

    Is zdaemon and doom3d still developed?

    Well hey, EQ already covered some of what I was going to say. What part of 'private testers' did you not understand? You only have to dig out the changelog or read the Zdaemon bug/request forums to see that this is hardly the case. Probably more like since October 2009. There were certainly murmurs about a possible release this time last year. The developers unfortunately have the exact same problem which George Broussard had with Duke Nukem Forever. They're never content with what they have and cannot stop moving the goal-line. It was joked about several times that 1.09 (or 1.08.09 or whatever-the-hell) would perhaps arrive at the same time as DNF. Ironically, since then, DNF has been removed from the vaporware list and is looking very likely to beat Zdaemon 1.09. It would, however, be highly entertaining to see them both released on the same day. From the test servers I've seen then it doesn't seem to me that the testing group is all that small or selective anymore.