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  1. I've got mild deuteranopia. (Red-green colorblindness) Not much if anything, really. Maybe the tans in techbases and the browner shades in city maps get repetitive at times. Fwiw, I'm definitely of the opinion that the community's attempts at new aesthetics have far eclipsed that which id originally produced.
  2. berd

    Hope life has been treating you well, buddy! -Joey

  3. berd

    How do you feel about bullshit DRM?

    i already sent the bitcoins but i still can't see this post what gives??
  4. berd

    Piracy poll trifecta complete.

    The more I read discussions about piracy, the more it seems to me like a moot point. The modern age of technology has made piracy an inevitability. There's details to be read into, but the reality is, if you can't make the connection that you should ultimately buy the vast majority of what you pirate (with exception depending on the circumstance) then you should probably rethink things. That said, there are terrible ideologues at both sides of the issue that refuse to read into any nuance or uncertainty, so if you feel hesitant to make a judgement, then I don't blame you.
  5. berd

    Piracy poll trifecta complete.

    wow it sure would be nice if piracy stopped existing wouldn't it
  6. i, too, enjoy the positive effects of anti-piracy concepts as applied to the beloved mediums of head injury, traffic controlling, and uh grocery store related crimes
  7. berd

    O Is For Orange

    jmickle's project came out better than anyone could have hoped! :>
  8. berd

    H.R. Giger is dead

    I see no issue here.
  9. berd

    H.R. Giger is dead

    Well, this sucks. :( If only we could place his brain in a grotesque half-flesh half-machine body...
  10. Yeah, this. I dunno why you guys are jumping to discredit it. It's an "experiment", but it clearly wasn't made with the intention to establish anything empirical. Some guy did some drugs and said "How do I feel like drawing myself today?". I'll take it with a grain of salt and suppose he did his job. Edit: The more I look at it and look back to your responses, the less confidence I have in it lol. Backpedaling time! I do maintain that there's at least a little bit of truth to it and that its a neat art project either way, but I really have no idea how much of it is real. Some responses here seem to affirm it, though. Also this video the guy made is disturbing and funny at the same time, so that's kinda cool.
  11. berd

    Your favorite console based FPS?

    I'm a huge Goldeneye and Perfect Dark fan. There are intricacies in those games' gameplay that I doubt will ever again be replicated (Goldeneye: Source is a good game, but its definitely not Goldeneye). TimeSplitters really interests me, but unfortunately, I doubt I'll ever get the opportunity to really get into it unless there's an HD release with online multiplayer. That's the only way I'll be able to get a big ol' multiplayer session going. :( Also, the Halo series. Pls, don't shoot me. ... with that said, all of the above games really deserve PC re-releases/reverse-engineered ports with proper online play and modding support. Even the Halo series. Halo 1's port was good for its time, but by today's standards, its netcode is awful and that actually affects the gameplay majorly. Also its modding system is much more finicky than it should be. Halo 2's is nigh-universally considered awful, so... there's that, too.
  12. berd

    [PrBoom] And The Bloodshed Began

    http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/31922-newstuff-and-idgames-faq-read-this/ 7 through 9 will tell you how to do it. Also, http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/65607-archive-upload-process-changes/ After uploading to incoming, the archives will send you an email. Reply to it with the filename of what you uploaded.
  13. berd

    Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical Dead at 42

    If there's anything to be gathered from some of the responses in this thread, it's that the concept of mental illness is hard to grasp. Just because someone isn't seeing pink elephants doesn't mean that their perception isn't completely skewed.
  14. berd

    Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical Dead at 42

    On an absolute level good and bad don't really exist, because mental illness (mild or severe) is responsible for behavior that is considered bad or evil... and mental illness isn't incited by the individual, it's incited by genetics and environment. This said, I do think its safe to say that there is a "functional" bad/evil and that it crucially differs from brokenness: Basically, anybody with antisocial personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder that wrongs others is functionally bad or evil. Anybody else who wrongs others is broken and here's why. If you convince someone with NPD or ASPD that they've wronged you, they simply won't care; they don't possess a normal sense of empathy or any at all and as such, this information is trivial. If you convince anyone else that they've wronged you, they'll feel remorse. They may or may not tell you that they feel remorse, but they do and that's because they have wronged you and they know it. As you can probably tell, this is a simplification, but I think I've expressed my point well enough.
  15. berd

    Mental Illness

    Allow me to clarify: Sure, whenever you're confronted with one of the worlds many ills its perfectly normal to react with whatever multitude of negative emotions. The idea I'm just trying to get across is that its very important to establish a sense of inner peace and happiness, so that you can defend yourself from it. The reality is that you're just a single human being and that you have one life to live. You can't fix all of the world's problems, but you can certainly feel shit about them. Accept your relative powerlessness, do what you actually can, and make sure life is actually enjoyable for you.