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  1. Jinx

    Looking for someone to play coop with

    sorry this post is pretty old, Im done playin
  2. Jinx

    Looking for someone to play coop with

    I dont like Zdaemon mainly because of warping floors and ceilings, so I stick with skulltag. I can always start up coop and ppl sometimes come in but none ever stick around for the long haul so I need dedicated players.
  3. Jinx

    Looking for someone to play coop with

    bah, I had like 2-3 other players willing to do it but everytime something comes up on the weekend, they never show up still lookin for players
  4. lol it is hard if you where me, no idea where to begin, and I never thought it was revolutionary or never done before, it was just an idea a lot of ppl had no idea how to do it at least I gave step-by-step solution just incase anyone else might want to do something similar anyways thx for the info
  5. Ok Im slowly figuring out how to do this with a little help from someone, you download http://www.doomworld.com/xwe/ wad editor. Make a new wad and rename all the mp3s accordingly, like d_e1m1, d_e1m2 ect http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Doom_music, then Entry>Load (raw data) select all mp3s and exit program. Make a new folder called "skins" and put the wad in there and vuala. Assuming your using Skulltag but the others probably work the same if not get Skulltag anyways as its the best port in my opinion.
  6. lol I had a buddy in hs who watched wwf, I felt kind of sorry for him, he'd be like "ppl think its fake". ok I'll stop sidetracking my post, I just thought it was lol material. =P
  7. hahaha, I just saw The Rock up on the banner, didnt that doom movie turn out to be complete shit?.
  8. Any idea how difficult that would be to actually do?. I wouldnt mind learning if it aint too hard or time consuming.
  9. oh, guess its a console command cuz I never actually seen any visible options, or maybe I just didnt look hard enough? but can you make it select the right one for each level before you get ingame?
  10. I doubt it, Ive been using skulltag and I never noticed any option that allows it.
  11. I got the original high quality sound tracks from Bobby Prince, they sound so much better, it would be nice if there was a mod to make the original dooms play it over the old crummy sound, not that I cant appreciate the old quality but this would be much better. Unless a mod like that already came out..
  12. Jinx

    Looking for someone to play coop with

    Ouch, it turns out hardcore_gamer lives in Iceland, when I ping him I get 450!. Some games when you lag the shots dont even register against u, what kind of lag could he expect?.
  13. Jinx

    Recommend a source port for me plz

    ^Does skulltag enable the player to look straight up and down?.
  14. Jinx

    Recommend a source port for me plz

    Well Ive been using ZDaemon but there are 2 things that are nagging me, 1 is when I look down at the floor the view warps (im assuming because its not true 3D), also even with free look it limits my view so I cant look straight up or straight down. This becomes problematic when you are in a small room trying to kill badies that are either straight up or straight down. Is there are source port that has what ZDaemon has but not those problems I mentioned?, Id assume some source port with OpenGL would solve the funny looking floors and possibly true free look mouse support. Thx in advance.