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Posts posted by S.N.

  1. Thank you very much by the information, although I even have some doubts (I am inexperienced XP):

    Fredrik said:

    but you can also easily do it manually with a hex editor.

    As you would recommend to me?

    Enjay said:

    Some ports won't even care if the header says I or P

    It is for using with exe of the own Doom, would have to work equal, no?

    fraggle said:

    Freedoom is built using deutex

    Where tuto is some on deutex referring to this?

    I believe that that is everything so far XP, I feel much so heavy being but I want to learn. Thanks.

  2. hello, I have a small pending project and I would like that you explained a thing to me: as I can create my own IWAD or modify one existing one and that works? a long time ago I obtained it but nonmemory like, I use Wintex and am beginning with XWE, somebody can help me please.

    P.D.: I write these post with a translator, so not if they will leave absolutely well XP