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  1. stoned

    I love Doom Builder

    DB is the best doom editor by a mile. Plus it's freeware! So thanks for it. I hope you still have interest to work on it and fix those couple of nasty crashing bugs. Other than that, it's perfect. fuck slopes!
  2. stoned

    Worst Level Editors of all time

    So it's bad because you never learned to use it? Right... I've used it almost since it was released in -95 or something. Deu based DETH is still my favourite and probably the most powerful all around editor out there. Let's you have control of everything.
  3. stoned

    How long have you played Doom?

    Early 1994 on friend's 486/50. Then Doom 2 was released and i had to get pc myself. :) First started mapping sometime in 1995 i think when DEU was included on a PC Format magazine cd.
  4. stoned

    Worst Level Editors of all time

    EdMap was pretty awful. It was unstable and eventually screwed the map up at saving or something... WadEd also had a habit of screwing things up and it left some weird garbage in the wad file... it was nice to use though.
  5. stoned

    Advent Doom Calendar for December 2005

    Still possible to join in? If so, count me in. I have some unfinished maps lying around so i could try to get one finished for this project. A medium sized E2-style map maybe, or something. For Doom2 of course. I'll post some screenshots soon...
  6. stoned

    [newproject] PROJECT 1994

    Why not just make maps in the style of the original doom levels using your favourite editor no matter if it's from 1994 or 2004? Yeah it's been done a hundred times before, i know, but what's the difference here? it's not like you can notice what editor was used to make the map. If not. DEU 5.21GCC doesn't seem to work on XP, so i'm out.
  7. stoned


    do you still got that map i sent you back then?
  8. stoned

    [newproject] PROJECT 1994

    DETH is still my favourite editor, but if it's not allowed, i think i can manage with DEU too. But does DEU run on XP? Guess i'll have to try... Count me in for now, i'll see if i have time to come up with something.
  9. stoned


    ummm, hello. Darkhaven, remember me? i sent you that E2-prototype sometime over a year ago maybe...? i think it was called E2pp.wad and if i remember correctly you actually liked it and wanted it for xdoom shit. i haven't had any time to focus on doom lately... so do you still need mappers? i might try to have some work done as i'm not too busy on other things right now.
  10. stoned

    Rotten level

    Actually i can. Wolf3D is still great. ;)
  11. stoned

    Rotten level

    Cool. At least you don't need to be much worried about the overall quality, because it can't possibly be any worse than the original ROTT. Oh man, did that game suck!
  12. stoned


    Hey Darkhaven. Send me what you've got so far... overtake@luukku.com
  13. stoned


    Sure. E2M3 it is. Is the style ok or should i change something? What kind of textures should i use?
  14. stoned


    Darkhaven, did you check out my level? Do you want me to finish it for Xdoom?
  15. stoned


    HELLO! Do you still need mappers Darkhaven?