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  1. Agent_Ash

    The 2021 Cacowards

    An award for Painslayer was unexpected and awesome. Thanks for the kind words and the wonderful review! I'm quite proud of this project, and it makes me very happy to see the recognition of my favorite community. Expect more fun mods in the future! ;) P.S. I finally updated my nickname from Jekyll Grim Payne to Agent_Ash here. Sorry if this causes any confusion :)
  2. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    THIS THREAD WILL NOT BE UPDATED FURTHER. I've posted Beautiful Doom on many resources, and manging updates on all of them is getting too difficult. This thread will still contain the link to the dropbox folder with all updates and the general information about the mod. If you want to participate in the discussion about the mod, head to the mod's ZDoom forum thread. You can also find the mod on the ModDB page. VERSION 6.1.4 is out * FIXED -- Picked-up weapons now give the correct amount of ammo (I was able to track down the issue that was causing ammo errors, thanks Someone64) -- Destructible decorations (lamps, victims, hanging bodies) can no longer be pushed by kicks or Enhanced Shotgun's alt. attack * IMPROVED/SFX -- Added new smoother sprite flames for torches, candles and candelabras -- Candles and candelabras now have a different flame from torches -- Replaced light halos with smoother ones (with less obvious edges) -- Arachnotron's plasmaballs now has a yellowish-green hue instead of pure green. It's more similar to vanilla and also harder to confuse with Baron's fireballs. -- Plasmaballs now have shorter trail and smaller halo so they don't obstruct vision too much -- Small generic pieces of meat now spawn smaller blood while limbs spawn bigger blood -- Objects falling on hard surfaces (like guns dropped by enemies) no longer produce unnecessary hard terrain sounds (they still produce liquid splashes) -- Added special death animations for monsters when they're telefragged or killed via console. Previously they just spawned lots of gibs without any momentum which then fell down; now they show basic gibbing animation and spawn blood spurts, which looks better and doesn't cause that much slowdowns when using 'kill monstes'. * IMPROVED/OPTIMIZATION -- Adjusted light halos and light sources code so that it consumes less memory -- Plasma Railgun's ray is now surrounded with blue halo only for a limited part of its length, so that it consumes less memory when firing over very long distances -- Similarly to blood pools change in previous update, reduced the frequency of checks for the state of Gibs Toggle option which should reduce slowdowns cause by multiple gibs on older systems
  3. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    VERSION hotfix || January 12, 2017 *** IMPROVED ******* Reduced the frequency of checks for the number of existing blood pools which should reduce slowdowns on older systems ******* Made the blood pool number checks less glitchy *** FIXED ******* Fixed a bug that caused Zombieman to never drop an extra pistol when using Enhanced Guns ******* Clip starting amount is now 50 (despite what previous version's changelog said, it was still incorrect) ******* Arachnotron now also has BFG death (like Plasma death but with blood) ******* Mancubus now doesn't skip initial frames of BFG death animation
  4. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    VERSION 6.1.3 is out! *** CHANGED - (Zandronum) Added separate version for Zandronum because certain 6.1.3 features aren't supported even by its development builds - By popular demand the mod file naming convention is changed: it's now BDoom###.pk3, where ### refers to the version number (in this case 613) -- (Zandronum) The Zandronum file is named BDznd###.pk3 - Advanced effects are now controlled via 'Beautiful Doom Settings' menu under 'Options'; can also be changed via custom CVARs (starting with "bdoom_") - Changed normal statusbar: it no longer includes Doomguy's face (as much as I liked it, it looked weird and just blocked part of the weapon sprite) - Added fullscreen HUD (can be seen only if Alternative Hud is off): a simple hud similar to ZDoom's Alternative HUD but with a little more information and with Doomguy's face above health value *** ADDED - The number of existing blood drops is now controlled via a corresponding option under 'Beautiful Doom Settings'; can also be changed via bdoom_bloodnum CVAR - The number of existing debris is now is now controlled via a corresponding option under 'Beautiful Doom Settings'; can also be changed via bdoom_debrisnum CVAR - Ricochet/chainsaw spark sounds can now be disabled under 'Beautiful Doom Settings' in case you find them annoying; doesn't affect animation - Replaced skull cursor in the main menu with a modified Lost Soul animation - Icon of Sin's spawn cubes now leave yellow fire trail behind them and have some additional fire effects on spawning monsters - Arachnotron now also has a black/smoky death (from fire/plasma damage) *** IMPROVED/CHANGED - Enhanced Fist now has a different alternative attack: a kick. It's stronger than the punch but also slower, and is slows you down during the animation (because hard to walk while kicking). Knocks enemies back similar to Hexen's Disc of Repulsion (barefly affects big enemies, though). Kick speed, damage, and pushback effect increase with Berserk. Punching is still faster, easier and more reliable, but have fun playing King Leonidas! -- (Zandronum) For technical reason, in Zandronum version the kick temporarily stops you instead of slowing you down - ((G)ZDoom) When a monster is resurrected, its gibs and most of its blood slowly fade out which gives a nicer effect and shows that the monster is alive again - Improved blooddrop sprites - Enemies leave less blood pools when shot (the amount of blood during gibbing is unchanged) - Light halos are now invisible when the player can't see the light source, which conserves resources - Particle fire is also invisible when outside the player's LOS, so multiple Lost Souls hidden behind walls won't slow down your computer too much -- As an added bonus, this makes Lost Soul dynamic lights invisible when they're behind a wall, like in Doom 2 map 13 - Pinky's head now has a smaller sprite (seemed too big before) - Enhanced Shotgun's alternative attack has been reworked and is now similar to the kick, but generally less effective than the latter; it is still effective as part of the pushback+shoot combo (works well on imps and zombies) - Enhcnaed Shotgun's attack timing has been adjusted, so that primary and secondary attacks can be more effectively cancelled into each other to allow a kind of simple combo - Fist hits the wall with a different, 'drier' sound - The halo of Plasma Railgun fades out more slowly for a nicer effect - Chainsaw initial puff sprites appear lower, closer to the position of the blade - Smoke effcts look slightly more varied (less like a straight line of sprites) - Smoke rising over weapon barrels is now less opaque - Adjusted Column (small floor lamp) sprite position to better align with the light halo (remember that using different sprite clipping modes can still offset the position of the sprites) *** FIXED - The shotgun now has correct vanilla fire rate (used to be 3 tics faster because I screwed up) - Starting amount of bullets is now correctly 50 (was 70) - (Zandronum) Light halos no longer remain after a lamp is destroyed by explosions - All weapon sprites now have unique non-vanilla names, so if the mod is used along with anoter wad which replaces certain vanilla sprites, that wad won't draw its sprites over the mod's frames - Puffs now don't create solid terrain sounds when spawned on flats - Fixed a minor glitchy frame in the Fist animation following the hit - Slightly improved sprites in the chainsaw idle animation - Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause empty casings to spawn even if debris were disabled - Pinky/Spectre heads don't collide so much with actors
  5. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    The water effects only work for Doom water textures. The effects are tied to specific texture names, so since other PWADs may have their own water textures, there's no way to make the effects appear on all of them. Sad but true. The only thing I can do is try to fix the bug that led to frozen animation.
  6. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    Huh, I never noticed that (and you're the first one to do so, thank you). Apparently, it's another screw up on my part. I'll try to find out why that happened. The second one isn't possible in any reasonable way. The first one, as far as I remember, was done via 3D models. While it looked nice, unfortunately, I'm not planning to include that for many reasons, including performance, full ZDoom compatibility and my own belief it doesn't work with the design idea of my mod.
  7. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    1. Blimey, you're right! I actually screwed up with this one, and it fires 3 tics faster. Totally a mistake on my part. I'm going to fix this as soon as I can. 2. Yes, it's the same sounds. With perkristian's permission I incorporated his HD sounds into my mod. 3. I'll think about a way. For now you can do this: - Open BDoom_61.pk3 - Open BDoom_MAIN.wad - Open DECORATE - Find a string that says seesound "weapons/ricochet" and replace it with seesound "" - Save all changes inside archives
  8. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    No, these errors aren't important at all. They appear because Ultimate Doom, Plutonia and Evilution don't have Megasphere in them. They won't affect gameplay or anything else at all. Well, unless you try to spawn megasphere via console, then you'll see that it's invisible, but apart from that you can't see Megasphere in those wads because it only exists in Doom II.
  9. Agent_Ash

    The /newstuff Chronicles #504

    I really don't see what the problem was with Second Infuscomus. It's not that hard, and there's the Easy difficulty which I could easily beat. The reviewer makes it sound hopeless, but it's an interesting concept, even though IMO it requires more work and more space to create the actual "Slenderman-haunted-by-a-monster" feel.
  10. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    VERSION *** CHANGE: now GZDoom 2.1.1 or ZDoom 2.8.1 are required (earlier versions won't work). Zandronum 3.0 is still fine. *** FIXED - IMPORTANT: gibs used to block teleporting monsters. Now with +ALWAYSTELEFRAG flag they don't. - Hell Knight doesn't show Baron of Hell sprites in one of his resurrection animations. *** IMPROVED - Vanilla Supershotgun's reload animation is more similar to the classic one (you put in both rounds simultaneously)
  11. Well, I don't care about multiplayer stuff because IMO it sucks and nothing can help it, but the singleplayer campaign definitely suggests a sequel, so I guess there's that. I wouldn't mind a DLC for a reasonable price with a reasonable amount of content. Also I'd love to see a real map editor, not that kiddie Snapmap garbage.
  12. Agent_Ash


    Don't understand all the hate. It's quite an interesting wad, although the maps are not connected to each other at all so could have been uploaded separately. Most have a very interesting style.
  13. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom (version

    AUTHOR HERE. I'm really unhappy to see that version 6 appeared as an update here, while it's actually quite a different mod in terms of quality and the number of features. It's been five years since previous version, so it's not a surprise.
  14. Agent_Ash


    One of the few wads that made me feel like I'm playing Dark Souls in terms of difficulty. Nice!
  15. Agent_Ash

    Beautiful Doom

    Do you mean to say that the gibs themselves prevent monsters from teleporting on top of them? That's very weird. I see no reason why they would. Perhaps it's somehow connected to NOBLOCKMAP flag... I'll try to test it.