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  1. pickle965

    Ultimate DooM Poster

    Which version of Thy Flesh Consumed was this included in, as there are a couple different boxes? I've seen a couple Ultimate DooM auctions on eBay, but none mention or picture the poster (most likely ganked it for themselves). If by some far-fetched chance anyone has an Ultimate DooM poster they are willing to part with let me know. I'd love to add this to my collection of DooM memorabilia.
  2. pickle965

    Esselfortium's Doom Soundtrack Remastering Project

    Great work, some of the best remasters I've heard. And yea the percussion sounds badass. Edit: Oh yea and please do E3M8.
  3. pickle965

    Ultimate DooM Poster

    I'm wondering if this copy includes the poster... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8219938405 I'm not shelling out $20 for a MAC version just to find out though.
  4. pickle965

    WinTex In XP Problem

    Give 5.0 a shot. I zipped it up with all required files. Works fine for me on XP. http://pickle.dyndns.org/files/wintex5.zip
  5. pickle965

    WinTex In XP Problem

    Which version of WinTex are you using?
  6. pickle965

    Doom music played by some (in)famous artists

    DooM II MAP01 seems to be loosely based off of Megadeth - Hangar 18. The main similarity is the progression.
  7. pickle965

    Sprites of the many Doom ports that exist

    You can check out the DooM64 TC here: http://www.doom2.net/~doomdepot/abs-download.html. As far as I remember, the 32X and Jaguar sprites had little if any differences to their PC counterparts.
  8. pickle965

    Am I the only one who loved Final Doom?

    I didn't even notice that, thanks for the heads up.
  9. pickle965

    Am I the only one who loved Final Doom?

    What happened to TeamTNT? Judging by the TeamTNT site they seem to have dropped off the face of the planet.
  10. pickle965

    The actual 'Thrash Metal' thread

    Megadeth \m/
  11. pickle965

    Post pictures of yourself

    Friday night party shot
  12. Apparently a man by the name of Barry Duncan has created an online petition to try and push Atari to release the source code for the 8 year old first person shooter "Blood". I thought Blood was an awesome game and I know alot of people, including myself, would like to atleast be able to play it on a modern Windows OS (apart from all the other features a source port could offer). Here's an e-mail I recieved from Barry: Not sure who Nancy Bushkin is... I'll have to ask him about that. Sign it. Now! Blood Source code petition
  13. pickle965

    Blood Source Code Release Petition

    Bump. Just wanted to let all the Blood fans know there is a team working on recreating Blood using the Build source code as a base. It seems to be coming along well, hopefully it won't become abandoned before its complete. If anyone is interested, the development team is looking for help with the project (mainly coding). http://blood32.sourceforge.net/phpbb2/
  14. pickle965

    Mousepad of DooM

    Computer graphics class is the shiznit: . Was funny walking around school carrying that thing, everyone seemed obligated to remind me how old DooM is and how long ago they used to play it.
  15. pickle965

    Mousepad of DooM

    Figures... my school is giving me a hard time about making these, even though I'm paying them what they had asked for each... which doesn't make sense. Simply put, I don't think I can make any more, but atleast I was able to make ones for people that had already payed. It sucks and I'm sorry I can't make any for the rest of you. EJ
  16. pickle965

    Mousepad of DooM

    That's awesome, looks great. Did you make both of those remakes in the JDUI pack? About a free pad, you definitly deserve it... let me know your address in the UK and I'll see what I can do.
  17. pickle965

    Mousepad of DooM

    Choices (for now) include the following: Classic Ultimate DooM Classic DooM II DooM High Resolution DooM II High Resolution Obviously the classic ones don't come out as sharp. I'll be able to make pads beginning this Friday, so if any one wants any I'll need a payment before hand. Price is $8 shipped within the continental US. Paypal or money order is acceptable, drop me a PM and let me know what you want. Thanks, EJ
  18. pickle965

    Mousepad of DooM

    We have a snow day here in Jersey, so I won't be able to use the computer lab to make any until Monday. I'll wait until then to finalize any purchases. Please, no buyers out the continental United States. Ok and maybe Canada.
  19. pickle965

    Mousepad of DooM

    I did use the 320x240 titlepic for my pad. Dooms graphics are blocky to begin with and for being enlarged quite a bit it actually turned out looking pretty good. For those of you who want mouse pads I found pretty nice looking high-res titlepic remakes. If I can make some for you guys how does $8 shipped sound? I'll keep the choices to the original 320x240 DooM titlepics and high-res title pics for now to keep things simple.
  20. pickle965

    Mousepad of DooM

    It's a printed sheet heat pressed onto a foam rubber mousepad base. The computer grahpics teacher has hundreds of these blank mouse pads in the back room, so I'm tempted to make a few other designs.
  21. pickle965


    Brit11 and Surge2 kick ass
  22. pickle965

    My First Doom Multi Experience

    Don't forget the source code release back in 97. That was what revived DooM for the most part. Welcome to the forums Lullaby.
  23. pickle965

    Voxels (are they the future?)

    I agree voxels would suit Doom very well indeed. Any word on voxel implementation in any source ports yet?