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  1. Stupid Bunny

    What can you get banned for?

    It isn’t always, or at least shouldn’t be always, but depends on the thread and the contribution to it. Sometimes people will reply “idk” to a thread where someone 20 years ago that hasn’t been around since then asked for help with a very specific technical problem and this is obviously useless and a waste of space, but bumping an old interesting open-ended discussion thread with something thoughtful ought to be preferable to posting a new one. People who go “wtf necrobump” or “wtf use the search function” in either case without minding context aren’t helping anything.
  2. Stupid Bunny

    Defaulting to Ultra Violence is terrible, and here's why

    This is indeed unresolvable because Everyone, author or player, has a different idea of what is difficult. This is not only a difference of degrees but also what people find difficult (proficiency with different weapons, fighting different monsters, platforming etc.) Different authors approach balancing differently. I used to just remove monsters on below-UV difficulties but my latest megawad has basically the same monster count on HMP and UV but with rebalanced resources. Someone very clever once had the idea of putting more monsters on HNTR and fewer on UV to offer a narrower gap between ITYTD and N! and make both more palatable. UV doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone. For some sets it’s “default if you’re experienced at Doom”, for others it’s “grind mode for experts and/or masochists only” and they assume most people downloading will be experienced Doomers anyway. This is before accounting for difficulty perception as above—I like the idea of balancing like this myself but I’m not good enough at Doom to pull it off. For these reasons I can no longer be mad at anyone who says UV is too hard, though nowadays I play everything HMP on first playthrough.
  3. @Dusty_Rhodes as suggested in both the OP and credits text, none of this would exist without that speedmapping thread you made ages ago, so thanks again for that! The Wolf3D theme was the only one I specifically revisited multiple times throughout the set and probably could have been/could be the start a miniwad. Hope you have a chance to check some of them out since they’re all your fault ;p
  4. Stupid Bunny

    What makes 0/10 game? Examples?

    So Foodfight! but as a game and without the kind of interesting back story A 0/10 game would have absolutely no ideas, nothing that is balanced properly, nothing that works properly, a technical mess in a way that offers no amusement but only wastes the player’s time, nothing that is funny even unintentionally, things that are supposed to be funny but are disgusting and tasteless without being clever or thought-provoking, absolutely tedious at every moment, full of gameplay that actively trolls the player in service of nothing except the creator’s own misanthropy, visually and audibly unpleasant in an artless and dull way, with an unsatisfying, derivative story that offers no stakes, surprises, or personal investment. It needs to be deeply mediocre but also both stunningly incompetent and aggressively mean-spirited in ways that are awful without being the least bit fun or novel. I’m sure such games exist but I’m not about to go waste my time playing them.
  5. @Clippy Sorry for the delayed reply—been an exciting but insanely busy bunch of days. Thanks for popping in and checking this one out, the last map of the set to be both started and finished! Back when I was going to make this set just 22 maps I came up with a way (which has probably been done before) of parcelling out the spawned demons with teleporters so they wouldn’t get stuck in each other. Originally I wanted the slot to go to a “Highway to Heaven” to echo the Stairway to Hell map earlier in the set, but never got the map concept right in my head—finally I said fuck it and repurposed the teleporter thing into this mess, giving this set the special distinction of @Firedust thanks for playing through the end and enjoying…I think the final stretch of this is really hit or miss but it’s great that it was actually your favorite bit (I wonder how many people will play that far in lol) The zombiemen there are all supposed to be smooshed to death but…I guess they don’t always? Them being there is an incredibly hacky way I thought of as a stopgap for the falling monster effect to work, that probably could’ve been done any other way. The fast-lowering floor linedef actions are few in vanilla/complevel 2 so the existing ones didn’t work all good with self referencing sectors. This whole map is a Frankensteined mess of ideas, kind of by design. The softlock on MAP13 I never even thought to try, I guess it’s canon now because the last version on /idgames really will be the last :p But I appreciate you finding it, it means you’re poking around and really trying to see what you can do in these. Really glad you had such a good time. I have no idea when or if I’ll map substantially again, but since this represents like 75% of all the maps I’ve made and I’ve got the Mortal Soul ones up now too (mostly) I’ve got a decent gauge of what I might want to do if I ever return to it.
  6. Stupid Bunny

    Which artists would you have wanted to see live?

    Type O Negative. Laibach in their 1980s iteration (especially Macbeth or Krst pod Triglavom.)
  7. I call them piggies more than I call them pinkies. Agree “demon” fails to disambiguate them from every other monster that is also a demon, may as well have called them “enemy” or something. (EDIT: although notes from @houston are interesting and can appreciate this as a thing) “Demon sergeant” as of the Doom Bible days is a funny one because can you imagine this snarling chomping beast thing giving coherent orders in some kind of organized chain of command
  8. Doom was (somehow!) on GBA so I suppose Wolf3D is peanuts by comparison. Some very clever and talented programmers out there.
  9. Played a few more--loving the third episode(?) already
  10. Stupid Bunny

    Community Project concepts that you would like to see?

    This is less conceptual and more structural, but just thought of maybe a project where the end product is not one big honkin' wad but a bunch of small (like 5-7 maps apiece max) wads that are listed together, but can be downloaded separately? Like "let's make a whole bunch of miniwads together!" Each one can have a bit of its own character, either aesthetically, conceptually, gameplay-wise, but the idea would be to give people the choice of downloading the wads that sound most cool and interesting and playing them one at a time. It may not be that different than just dividing a megawad into episodes, but I suspect people may be keen to check out more bite-sized wads and get over the psychological barrier against skipping ahead to middle episodes, or feeling of being swamped (or, worse, having their map me swamped) in the middle of a 40-50+ map set. It also can leave a little extra room to try a bunch of different ideas, compartmentalize, have different enemy replacements or whatever (think of all the MAP07 replacements you could do!). If there's a concept that gets a lot of people extra excited then it can be divided into multiple Parts or whatever you want to call them, still as separate wads. And if not a lot of folks contribute or they jump ship or whatever then you just scale down and release two or three or one little community miniwads. And there’s always room to do more next time! I dunno it may not make any difference but there's something about like "these wads are only 5 maps long and I can play each one in an hour or two" that may be appealing to some. I kinda like the idea anyway
  11. Stupid Bunny

    If Doom 2 happened in real life, would we win?

    I'm surprised no one has said "No, OP, we are the demons" although I guess a lot of responses are more or less in that spirit
  12. Stupid Bunny

    Hobbyist Mappers and Megawads

    I've done a bit of both--like @Somniac said, pretty much all mappers here are hobbyist mappers, whether they put out a modest little single map here and there, crank out solo megawads, or contribute to/lead community projects on a routine basis. We're all doing it for fun, based only on how much time and motivation we have and what we want to create at any given time. Making a grandiose solo megawad is just as much a hobby project as making a casual little map in a couple hours. For my part I've done a bit of both, although most of my released maps, even single ones, were envisioned as part of a set at some point in time. Self promotioney rambling tl;dr below After all that, and my experience of releasing solo maps, making megawads, and failing to make megawads, I've definitely come to appreciate the casual solo map and will probably do more of that in future. Part of that of course is just because I'm getting older and no longer have the hours to sink into big mapping projects. Making megawads is fun but also a lot of work and are also a bigger commitment for people to play, meaning a lot of the maps are less likely to be played anyway :.3 especially later in the set, than if they were released standalone.
  13. Stupid Bunny

    Why Infinite height monsters Exist?

    I hate infinitely tall actors and disable them immediately in every port allowing it, unless the mapper has explicitly mapped with them in mind. More than I think any other mechanic it feels artificial and frustrating—there is no way I can imagine that it makes sense for Doomguy to stop dead in his tracks and become immobilized because of a bunch of lost souls 500 feet above him, or get magically bit to death by pinkies in a crevasse 500 feet below. I don’t doubt it was necessary, or at least desirable, for performance reasons in the early 90s, but I’m certainly grateful it’s something I can disable now.
  14. @LadyMistDragon hey thanks for checking this one out! I'm not sure what happened at the end--that exit platform is supposed to lower in and force the player to engage the revvies for at least a short amount of time. (It looks like you may have been playing an old version of the map, I checked the one on the archives and it doesn't have this problem, and also one or two other minor things are different :p ). Looks like you had a good time of it otherwise. I think my maps come out more coherent and thematically distinctive when I build them around a specific piece of music, and this one was definitely built for the Turok Catacombs theme in mind. The linearity probably works to its advantage given its size because it reduces the number of "where tf do I go now" moments, I imagine. @SkidyBoobFish appreciate it! I have no idea when I'll ever have time to make maps even on this scale again, but I have a few more from the olde days I'll home on the archives soon
  15. These visuals look insane (I always mean that as a compliment). My "to play" list is already precariously long and looks like it's just gotten longer. Brilliant stuff.