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  1. Stupid Bunny

    Favorite level theme?

    My favorite canonical theme would be the E3 hell, best exemplified I think in Pandemonium. I still go back and play that map for inspiration sometimes. Hell-themed maps often end up as fairly standard mixes of stone and marble and red lava-filled caves, and I really love Sandy's mix of wood and flesh and steel and ancient and futuristic all twisted together into an alien, forbidding world of its own. That being said, I also love me some Gothic Hell maps. MAP27 of Scythe II is the best example of this I can think of by far. Both this and Pandemonium are first-time experiences I'll never forget, one alienating, one epic, both brilliant.
  2. Stupid Bunny

    What do you call Doomguy?

    Semper fi, mother fucker Anyway I go with Doomguy because it’s the second silliest sounding of the lot after Flynn Taggart, keeps things from being too self serious
  3. Stupid Bunny

    What are you?

    Disappointed that "a miserable little pile of secrets" isn't in this poll
  4. Got to MAP23 of Plutonia and 14 years later I still haven’t finished the rest
  5. Stupid Bunny

    Doomworld Merch?

    If this shirt is flashing YOU’RE IN HELL
  6. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  7. Stupid Bunny

    I am taking a break

    Good luck indeed! May your memory leaks be few and your pointer references be tidy
  8. Stupid Bunny

    If you went inside the last doom mod you played how screwed are you

    Sunlust :( …with -nomonsters enabled :DDDD
  9. Stand in place shuffling, from what I can tell No I always figured they kept some humans around to torture…they are from Hell, after all, this is presumably what their day jobs are (except for ones like eg mancubi and arachnotrons that have clearly been suited up for combat). They’re busy gnawing on the endless corpses lying around, pulling bits off of the twitching impaled humans here and there, doing freaky sacrifice ritual things with those hearts on pillars and evil eyes and such…probably getting into fights with each other periodically too, they’re chaotic beasts and I always figured the demon corpses already around when Doomguy arrives are just as likely from infighting as from previous encounters with marines.
  10. A stackable Going Down Lego set would be absolutely legendary
  11. Doomguy returned to his hometown in Pennsylvania and opened an ice cream shop where he makes cacodemon themed ice cream After watching the Icon of Sin and its suspiciously similar looking siblings, the Gatekeeper and whatever it is in TNT, get brainfucked by rockets, Satan went to Target to buy helmets for the rest of his enormous children. He is currently planning his next invasion of Earth as well as writing a theatrical adaptation of the scheme The pinkies in that one monster closet that never got triggered are still there to this day. They now have a son named Patrick, who says his lifelong dream is to find a way out of the monster closet Arch-vile got shot by his own troops in Vietnam Several hundred SS men are still awkwardly shuffling in place waiting for something to happen because Doomguy skipped the secret maps in his last playthrough The lost souls that spawned outside the map area are looking for a way to trigger the all-ghosts glitch, so that they can hang out with some monsters that aren’t fucking lost souls The guy who sent the transmission to Doomguy at the end of MAP11 is now a ham radio enthusiast, sending out alien base related information to random nerds from all kinds of exotic locations Daisy was resurrected by an archvile and then briefly considered as inspiration for the later-cut "former bunny" enemy in id Software's hit game, Doom II After the invasion, all cities now feature giant arrows in their downtown areas The Rock cameo’d as a former sergeant in TNT MAP27. You probably didn’t notice him among all the others but if you heard a “semper fi, mother fucker” off in the distance then that was him Phobos is still looking for Deimos to this day
  12. Stupid Bunny

    Can former humans be saved?

    Yeah I’m going with what @Murdoch said that these blood-soaked, shambling, moaning formers are more akin to zombies than to possessed humans—more zombieman then POSS, if you will. Shooting them isn’t so much depriving them a chance of rescue as it is putting their bodies to rest where they belong (even if it’s in many bits). What I wonder is whether they were reanimated by drifting spirits like in Doom 3, or by a team of arch-viles sent through for the purpose on their way to Earth. Hate to be the Doomguy who comes back from his walk early and finds the Hangar full of archies at work
  13. Stupid Bunny

    Have a good Patriot Day

    Well the annual 9/11 thread is here and it looks like it’s going to go about as well as the others have
  14. Stupid Bunny


    This is an incredibly obscure example that will be relevant to maybe one person who ever reads this but I prefer the original release of Dr. Lunatic to Supreme with Cheese. I know that the latter is just the former with like 1000% more features, but the replacement of the overworld map with a menu, the simple, janky interface with lots of slick Matrix green computeriness, and the constant author's notes on everything take me out of it too much. It's silly because Dr. Lunatic is emphatically not a world building sort of game and is full of fourth wall destroying jokes anyway, but it just felt like it lost its coherence a bit and went from being a wacky brain hunting adventure with a clear goal and ending to just being a really big levelpack. Also a lot of the puzzly new levels are in practice annoying and not fun to play. That said, it comes with a really good level editor and the music sets the mood nicely, so I'm not entirely agin it either.
  15. Stupid Bunny

    What's the worst map you've ever played?

    Idk some of my earliest maps are pretty fucking terrible This is the real answer. Dunking threads like these don’t usually come across well anyway, especially when the people who made whoever’s least favorite maps may well still be around.