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  1. Stupid Bunny

    Favourite Source Port?

    I lowkey fanboy for Crispy, I love having a near-vanilla-like visual and gameplay experience while still having certain QoL options like colored blood and freelook enabled when I want. Generally though I like to play with the most minimum sourceport necessary to run the WAD I'm playing. Obviously Crispy Doom isn't gonna run Time Tripper very well so I'll use GZDoom when the features of the WAD call for it. Same with PRBoom+ for Boom compatibility, although I'm not so keen on the infinitely tall actors (another nice thing Crispy can disable actually).
  2. Stupid Bunny

    Classification of "cheating" in games

    If I'm being slightly more serious than before I guess I can pad out my definitions and thoughts a bit. Let the stream of consciousness begin To my mind, using any cheat code kind of tautologically counts as cheating to some extent (besides idmus, sorry I can only hear D_RUNNIN so many times in my life). Now obviously some cheat codes are cheatier than others: idbeholdl isn't likely to offer more than a slight leg up in a room that the mapper probably made too dark anyway, while idclip can basically turn any level into an instant joke. But even that has the condition of how long you use it for, and why: like idclipping out of someone's douchey inescapable death pit is more reasonable than just clipping directly to the exit on all 32 maps and claiming you are the next Zero Master. But that doesn't change the fact that all of this is still, I think, cheating in as objective a sense as we can apply without trying to lawyer our way through every line of code and every offhand statement John Romero has made. Is it cheating to jump when the map designer told you not to? I mean, yes. That isn't even a question I think. I'd make the same argument as above that it's somewhat more forgivable if you only do it when like the mapper has put in a boring running puzzle of 32-high walls and the only way to get back on top of it is to run around for 20 minutes to get back to the beginning, but it's still cheating. Is saving cheating? I've heard people say it is. I'm reluctant to agree because in this case it's a feature that's right there in the menu and clearly not meant to be hidden away for the people on the CompuServe forums to share with each other. I guess it comes up because it can be abused to brute-force one's way through tight spots, quicksaving after every successful hit against an enemy until after a thousand hours you've managed to string together enough lucky calls. The problem here is that there's a much bigger gray area than the above examples, where clearly saving just once in a run isn't cheating, and I would safely say saving multiple times within a level isn't cheating because, again, it's a basic feature of the game and also I see no reason to force myself to repeatedly play through the same 30 minutes of a map just so I can get to the one part where I actually die repeatedly. I have better things to do with my time. But if I'm saving literally every second--and I've done this on occasion, though not for a long time--then, well, clearly I'm in over my head and/or the mapmaker is making me fight too many revenants. And in this case, it's possible I'll be able to cowboy up and just keep trying the same shit over and over until I do the sequence without any saves, but it's more likely that I'll just end up giving up or cheating through the sequence anyway. So I guess by my own very arbitrary definition I'll call savescumming a tool for the desperate more than an actual cheat. (Also worth noting that savescumming has a potential to hideously backfire in a way more conservative saving doesn't. I have many rockets up the bum to attest to that.) I don't think exploiting actual bugs and mapping loopholes counts, because usually it's either something like a rocket or archvile jump that is actually meant to be exploited in a few spots, and so seems fair game in others; or else it's the sort of thing that involves fidgeting around in front of some bars or finding weird blockmap nonsense that are so obscure and hard to repeat that they're usually more difficult to pull off than just playing the map legit. Like I'm not going to get on the ass of some speedmapper for doing some arcane trick that I couldn't hope to ever do properly (although I'm not gonna get on anyone's ass for any of this, to be fair). I don't know enough about tools and hacks to really comment on them. Ostensibly since they fundamentally change the mechanics or dynamics of the game they most safely meet the definition of cheating, but at the same time a TAS is a real skill of its own and at any rate is performed with a totally different intention than an actual run. If someone's using a mod or deHackEd that gives Doomguy 10,000 hp and makes all the demons die when they see you then, well, hope you're having fun dude tl;dr "It don't matter. None of this matters." ~Carl
  3. Stupid Bunny

    Classification of "cheating" in games

    I'd rank the graduated definitions of cheating (from most generous to most absurdly hardcore) as - Using hacks/tools - Using jump or mouselook when you're explicitly told not to - Using built-in game cheats, unless you really need it to get out of a situation - Using built-in game cheats at all - Exploiting game bugs and map loopholes - Saving mid-level - Archvile jumps - Saving at all - Not forcing a pistol start every map - Playing with a mouse - Playing with anything besides the default vanilla keybindings - Not playing vanilla with low graphic quality at 320x200 on a 386 PC that was barely able to run Doom in 1993 - Using the automap - Using powerups - Using items - Using weapons - Moving - Having the screen turned on
  4. Stupid Bunny

    A hypothetical question involving costumes

    @Snark psh I’m gonna go as FIREBLU
  5. Stupid Bunny

    A hypothetical question involving costumes

    I wonder why nobody’s said Wolfenstein SS yet /s Idk I’ve never cosplayed and I don’t know what really goes into it, so I’ll be pretend I have infinite time, creativity and resources and say I’ll dress up as the most badass spider mastermind you’ve ever seen. Preferably life size
  6. Stupid Bunny

    Romero reveals Sigil 2

    This is the part where John Romero comes to find Sandy Petersen chopping wood outside his trailer in the woods and says "You were the best, Sandy. We need you for one more job. I can't do this without you."
  7. Stupid Bunny

    How much coke do you drink a day?

    Yeah I drank like 2-5 cups of coffee a day for years and finally started making the switch to decaf a couple years ago (I love the taste of coffee and I still get a placebo kick out of it, though yes I'm aware there's a wee bit of caffeine in it still). It's not done "wonders" for my sleep per se, I still have pretty bad insomnia but I feel like my energy levels are a lot more stable now and I don't have the weird muscle twitches I used to get occasionally. Idk after I smoked for many years and then stopped I kind of realized "wow dependency sucks and is a huge waste of my time" and it occurred to me that if I can (mostly :p ) kick tobacco then I can (mostly :p ) cut out caffeine as well. The effects of cutting caffeine have obviously been less dramatic than for ciggies but both have improved my disposition and let me feel a bit more in control of myself, which is nice.
  8. Stupid Bunny

    Your opinion on nuclear power?

    Yeah I'm all for developing renewable sources of energy but seriously anybody who sincerely cares about averting climate crisis is mad if they discount nuclear power as an option. I mean yes the USSR came dangerously close to poisoning the world that one time but there's ways to scale down individual reactors and also to build them so they, like, don't do that. I think the drive in a lot of countries to denuclearize their power grids is shortsighted in the extreme and the aversion a lot of people have to it, while understandable, is reactive and based like others have said on a few highly sensationalized disasters that overshadow the actually poor health and safety record of fossil fuel power. @Biodegradable if my understanding of the nuclear fusion process is correct then yes there should ultimately be no radioactive waste produced. In fact it would produce helium just like in our lovely sun, which could be an added bonus since helium is otherwise rare and nonrenewable on earth what with being inert and super light and all. Although I was just reading some thing from the bulletin of atomic scientists (the folks who do the Doomsday Clock thing) about how waste is produced, which would as I understand it would not be a byproduct of the fusion reaction but rather would take the form of irradiated assemblage from the reactor itself--bits that get messed up by constant neutron bombardment and become radioactive in the process. At any rate I'm not an atomic scientist myself believe it or not so I'm taking all of this with a grain of salt
  9. Stupid Bunny

    How much coke do you drink a day?

    I rarely drink sodas, for whatever reason it's not a habit I ever got into. A bit surprising given my sweet tooth, but then I'm not complaining. Any adult who hasn't spent the last 70 years in a cave full of Marlboros and Humphrey Bogart films knows that cigarettes are a terrible habit so this is kind of a weird claim to make
  10. Stupid Bunny

    What Song Makes You Cry?

    Actually this entire album </3
  11. Stupid Bunny

    F.E.A.R is a very overrated video game trilogy

    I'm glad you enjoy it, because the journey from "Is X shooter from 2000-2010 overrated?" to "fruitless war over linearity in level design #34253250237452" is more or less inevitable on this site
  12. Stupid Bunny

    What Are The Best Joke Wads For Me To Play?

    I remember finding It Only Gets Worse hilarious back in the day. A lot of the gameplay is pretty grindy or annoying though but I'd recommend checking it out for some lulz That and The Sky May Be as Nikku mentioned, which is absolute brilliance
  13. Stupid Bunny

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    I always play with 100x.wad loaded, so about 20 seconds per frame usually
  14. Stupid Bunny

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    Lost souls and pain elementals are fine, I think PEs are just one of those enemies that are easier to abuse than most, since it doesn't take many of them to completely ruin the player's shit and make a hideous chaotic mess of the map in no time flat. I don't place lost souls as often as I should. My instinct is to say they are too tanky for what they are, though, especially once they become swarm enemies by way of the PE (and even in E2-3 they're often used that way). The fact that they're just barely impossible to oneshot with the shotgun is a bit vexing.