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  1. @Clippy Thanks for playing and for the video! Love the thumbnail art :D After you start the map, the only monsters that spawn in are the ones spitted out by pain elementals. Everything else has been there from the start. (In cooperative you could see what is actually happening if one player sits behind in the central area. Or if you can't be bothered with that, I guess you could just open it up in a map editor.) Monster count exceeding 30 in GZDoom automap: The monster count never exceeds 30 if you play in DSDA-Doom, but in GZDoom it is counted differently. GZDoom increases the monster count for each lost soul spit out by pain elementals, as well as for any monster resurrection that happens. So many puzzles!: Uhh great job solving all the puzzles that most people would never even realize were puzzles in the first place! Heh, seems like there's a little misinterpretation with this puzzle. The narrow 'bridges' that raise and lower get affected whenever you step on one of the square platforms with the yellow lights above them. It doesn't actually matter at all which direction you are facing or looking at when you walk on them. Yeah the last part is doable without doing the switch hunt too, but I think it's probably more fun to kill them through completing the switch hunt :)
  2. @dac Here's another update to my map. 30mc_worst_v3.zip I have added alternate side routes that hopefully should be less puzzling to get through. I'll try to focus on getting difficulty settings implemented next. Submission form (has not changed):
  3. @Thelokk Thanks for playing and I appreciate the feedback! I've made an update that removes some of the switches. For example the first lift is replaced with stairs. And the switch after the lift is replaced with a door that opens automatically as you approach it. Besides the lone AV towards the end (which I kinda like having there), the rest of the AVs there are actually very important for the function of the central gimmick of the map. You don't get to see it as you play the map, but they play a big role in turning the gears of the machine that repopulates the central area. As such I'm a bit hesitant to remove any of them, as I'm afraid it might break the current setup if any of them goes missing. I'm not going to rule out the possibility of removing one or two, but if I do so, I'll have to thoroughly test everything and it could mean having to do major adjustments if it doesn't work as efficiently as the current setup. @Biodegradable Thank you for the video playthrough! Your feedback in this form is very helpful and greatly appreciated, as it gives me not just your commentary and first reactions, but I can also see exactly how you handle every part of the map :) Outside area, changing the side for the buttons: I've edited this a little to hopefully make discovering the buttons easier. But I'm keeping the buttons on the same side, so that when the switch is hit repeatedly the player can see what is happening without having to turn around to face the moving platforms. The buttons are also on purpose isolated from one another, to prevent hitting two different switches too quickly while the other one still is in effect. If necessary I'll try to make further adjustments in another update. Doing the leap to the platform/pillar in the middle of the 1st half of the central area: I'm sorry for all the suffering you had to go through with this jump... I've made it far less finicky in the new update, and since I replaced the lift with stairs, getting back up should be less frustrating too. The soulsphere secret: Fair enough, I would have likely done the same, had I gone through what you did :P The two switches to open the exit: Yeah these two are kinda pointless, I forgot to remove them, they were left over from an much earlier version of the final room that was quite different. They are now gone in the new update. The switch that lowered slowly will also now lower very quickly if you complete the shooting puzzle. And the exit door will open automatically when approached. Yeah, I realize the puzzles might not be for everyone, so I'm considering adding alternative paths to bypass the puzzles. I can't exactly add more monsters though, so I'll need to figure out whether it's platforming, timed challenges, or something else that you'll have to clear to proceed. I still want those alternative paths to give you a some sort of challenge. Anyways, I have made a new version that hopefully adresses at least some of the issues. I've added the new version and a changelog to my original post. You can find it here.
  4. Here is a first playable version of my map. Difficulty settings are not yet implemented. Map Name: Recharging Station Author: Worst Theme: Techbase Music: "Nuns With Shotguns" by @MFG38 Difficulty Settings: Not yet implemented. Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom-0.24.1 Description: A dubious tech facility that has gotten infested with demons. Notes: Map contains plenty of scripting, it could break if noclip or resurrection cheats are used. It is intended to be played without jumping, some parts could be entirely skipped otherwise. 30mc_worst_v1.zip 30mc_worst_v2.zip 30mc_worst_v3.zip Feedback on the map is appreciated! Screenshots: Changelog: (may contain spoilers)
  5. Worst

    Possibility of Blast Jumping without Damage?

    Note that if you don't set XF_HURTSOURCE, the player will both not take damage and not get any knockback/thrust. (So A_Explode will not let the player rocket jump in that case.) I have tried this before, and using custom damage types and damagefactor basically reduces not just the damage, but also the knockback/thrust. So it's not really a solution. A_Blast doesn't seem to do much in terms of vertical thrust, so also adding A_RadiusThrust with the right flags helps (RTF_´╗┐AFFECTSOURCE|RTF_NOIMPACTDAMAGE|´╗┐RTF_THRUSTZ).
  6. Worst

    Possibility of Blast Jumping without Damage?

    Doing that will only make the rocket deal no projectile damage to targets, but it will still deal blast damage to the player and it's targets. (The rocket calls A_Explode, which does not use the damage property of the actor.) If you want the rocket to still damage enemies, but not the player, and still want it to thrust the player, something like this could work: Actor BRTERocket : Rocket replaces Rocket { States { Death: MISL B 0 Bright A_Blast(BF_NOIMPACTDAMAGE, 255, 128, 20, "None", "") MISL B 0 Bright A_RadiusThrust(64, 128, RTF_AFFECTSOURCE|RTF_NOIMPACTDAMAGE|RTF_THRUSTZ) MISL B 8 Bright A_Explode(128, 128, XF_THRUSTZ) Goto Super::Death+1 } } Note: This rocket explosion is definitely different from vanilla, it thrusts differently, and it also pushes away enemies and projectiles in its explosion radius. If you would be making a map for Zandronum, ZDaemon or Odamex, you could use the sector effect 4171 (Hexen/UDMF format) or 523 (Boom format) to prevent the player from dying in the sectors where the effect is set.
  7. I see, in that case I suppose the approach wouldn't solve anything meaningful. When I got the idea with the color translations, with my very limited knowledge on hardware rendering, I think I was just hoping that there could be some method to translate e.g. green colors to red in a surface without needing to create new textures. But now that I think more about it, I imagine such a 'feature' hasn't really been necessary in at least the last 20 years or so. Instead of big textures being plastered on big flat surfaces, things have gotten a lot more detailed, so rather than changing the texture of a big flat surface representing a door for example, that would nowadays instead be many many surfaces, where I'm guessing the specific part that needs to change color could just have its surfaces tinted. I figured that it would be more limited than colormaps and not as convenient, but I was still hoping that it'd provide a some kind of compromise solution, that would do more than the RGB tint, yet be easy for hardware rendering. But yeah, as it turns out, it would solve nothing and be just useless cruft. Also I was thinking that rendering and how mappers interface with it, should be two separate problems, where you'd solve the bigger problem first, rendering, and only once that is figured out, you would worry about how mappers can interface with it. Which I think would not be as hard to figure out. And I think mappers having to go through some extra hoops would be an acceptable sacrifice, if it means that the renderer can handle something that it wouldn't otherwise be able to. Have to resist the temptation to change my title to this :P
  8. Would color translation strings for sectors, similar to the actor translation strings in ZDoom, work any nicer with hardware rendering than colormaps do? "112:127=208:223", "192:207=16:31" "112:127=[32,32,0]:[224,196,0]" Those could offer more flexibility than a simple RGB color tint, but I don't really know if such definitions would be any less cumbersome for hardware renders to handle... (Or if they would be even more cumbersome.)
  9. I did some comparisons between the vanilla heretic sky1 patch, and a copy of it that I converted to a png, and then back to a patch in slade3. It looks like slade is assembling the posts of each column of the picture differently from how they are in the vanilla resource. Vanilla: Converted by slade: For each column of the picture, slade seems to create posts only up to 128 pixels tall, and thus ends up storing more posts per column than in the vanilla resource. Not sure at this point if this is causing issues with the converted sky textures, but it's a difference at least.
  10. According to the changelog, you'll need to update to PrBoom-Plus 2.6.1um for that feature to work.
  11. Worst

    Post your Doom textures!

    Did a simple edit on the computer texture. Idea from a post @Maes made in another thread.
  12. Have you perhaps enabled the "Multiplayer" flag on the things that are not appearing? That flag is not very well named in Doombuilder 1, since what it actually does is make the thing appear ONLY in multiplayer.
  13. Did you perhaps change the sky texture definition to be 200 pixels high? I believe it should be 128 units high, just like the sky texture definitions in the heretic iwad. It's the patches that are 200 pixels tall, but the sky texture definition is still 128 units high, just like in Doom. From the doom wiki: So make sure that in your TEXTURE1 or TEXTURE2 lump you still have the sky texture definition as 128 units high.
  14. Worst

    Obscure / Lowkey CTF wads?

    Found this version in Wad Archive: fwctf_a3.wad I'd very much like to have this actually, I didn't think there was anything left of the ill-fated velocity II I also found this one in Wad Archive: veloiibeta8.wad Sure that's not a problem, but now that I went over the list again... I'm not entirely sure about one particular wad in there, which is "GL-CTFmap01.wad" (a single map), which I'm unsure if it was ever even publicly released, and not being the author of said wad, I'm not sure if it's right for me to share it... EDIT: Oh right, I have edited my previous post with the list to include links to any wad I could still find online.
  15. Worst

    Obscure / Lowkey CTF wads?

    Here's many CTF wads I found scattered in my wad directory. I've excluded 3-way/4-way CTF wads, as well as other unusual CTF modes from the list, to keep it short. It has however been very long since I last played most of them, so I can't really recall which ones were great, and which ones were definitely not, so you may need to find that out for yourself...
  16. Build a small dark spacecraft map. The player has to destroy a few demon gateway and find some keycard which is hidden behind ridiculous numbers of power generator and destroy ridiculous numbers of lost UAC machine and find a plasma gun which is hidden behind two demon gateway and destroy three crates
  17. Worst

    Doom 2 Project Rebuild

    So is this a random collection of maps taken from the Wad Archive with no credits at all given to the original map authors ?
  18. Worst

    Mentioning WadEx extraction/assembly tool

    You may also find LumpMod useful for batch processing of wad lumps. It is another command-line wad tool. I believe the author made it to support a modified doom-engine based fangame they worked on, but to my experience it works without issues for regular doom wad files too. Probably the point is that it can be used for command-line batch processing of wad files, which to my knowledge isn't possible with slade3 as it has no commandline interface for doing wad operations. It may however be possible to get some batch operations done using the console in slade3, but I'm not familiar enough with it to tell how much can be done with it. Either way without a suitable command-line interface, slade3 still can't really be used as part of a bigger batch script.
  19. It should be permanent for your copy of GZDoom, as long as it does not have a problem saving to the config file (gzdoom-<username>.ini). Though if you switch the game from doom to heretic, hexen or strife, etc. You will have to repeat the bind commands, as the different games save their binds separately.
  20. Worst

    UDMF mapping in Slade 3 vs UDB?

    To be precise, Hexen format actually supports up to 65536 sector tags (from 0 to 65535), but the linedef special arguments only go from 0 to 255. So if a tag above 255 needs to be affected by a switch for example, an ACS script or some other indirect method needs to be used to refer to tags above 255. Though if you are mapping for multiplayer ports, it's worth noting that Hexen format is compatible with Odamex and ZDaemon, while UDMF is not.
  21. Try binding the command, or a sequence of commands to a key on your keyboard. To do so you have to first execute something like the following in the console: bind f freeze bind j "give berserk; summon demon" alias grunt "mdk; playsound imp/pain" bind g grunt alias +frocket "summon rocket; freeze" alias -frocket "freeze" bind h +frocket After doing so, you can just hit the bound key without opening up the console.
  22. Alright, here's the updated version of the FluidLib ACS library, where the invisibility effect no longer expires over time. fluidlib-v3.zip
  23. I went ahead and did some investigation on this as well. Turns out that the function being used for the invisibility effect is basically equivalent of giving the invisibility powerup to the player. I had not realized this before. So basically this line of code: SetPlayerProperty(0, ON, PROP_INVISIBILITY); Is the same as doing the following: GiveInventory("PowerInvisibility", 1); And PowerInvisibility has the original built-in duration of 1 minute, so it doesn't last forever because the effect is only applied when first entering/touching the liquid. If you tested with the fluidlib, then yeah it does not apply a timer, since I took a slightly different approach from your original liquids.wad, and assigned the player the invulnerability status using SetActorProperty(0, APROP_Invulnerable, ON) instead, which does not have a timer to it. I think the invisibility effect could be made infinite by making a new powerup type in ZScript or Decorate that has an infinite value set for the Powerup.Duration property. And then adjusting the fluidlib to give this new type of invisibility powerup instead. In my opinion changing the effect to be infinite would be more logical, since the player is not just grabbing a single sphere, but rather will be wading knee-deep in the liquid, so I think it would be logical for the effect to last as long as the player is in there. I don't mind updating the fluid library wad, so that the invisibility effect is infinite (while in fireblu liquid). Or even instead make both the invis and invulnerability time limited like picking up the original powerups (But imo that doesn't entirely make sense in this setting). Of course, @Alfredo this is your decision to make here :)
  24. Oh that sounds interesting. I'd think that regular old ACS would be enough for kill triggers, but since I haven't used Zscript too much, it's likely that I'm just unfamiliar of its advantages in those setups.
  25. I've gotten started with my map, but it's still got a long way to go.