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  1. Jim Rainer

    E3 Rage pics

    I think it's a FPS with some driving, but I'm not sure.
  2. Jim Rainer

    The /newstuff Chronicles #319

    I'll try my hand in reviewing next round.
  3. Jim Rainer

    Strategy Game Preferences

    And for overused smilies such as X D.(without the spaces)
  4. Jim Rainer

    aalduel1.wad ( WIP)

    Don't bump.
  5. Jim Rainer

    My (probably) last hurrah.

    You being an asshole isn't fixing anything, Remiel.
  6. Jim Rainer

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    On a side note, I just got Doom 3 for the PC. Now to see if the full game is scarier than the demo.
  7. Jim Rainer

    Strategy Game Preferences

    10 sucks. A whiny child with a temper for a protagonist, a story ridden with failure, and a complete sense of boringness, enough to make one vomit. EDIT: Heh, broken english? Fixed.
  8. Jim Rainer

    Mega Man 9 (NES) announced

    That would be awesome. That way, I wouldn't have to upgrade my computer to play it.
  9. Jim Rainer

    Strategy Game Preferences

    8, yes. 10, no. Oh, and thanks, Richo. Forgot about FF Tactics.
  10. That's because doom 3's engine lacks efficiency.
  11. Jim Rainer

    Strategy Game Preferences

    RTS: StarCraft is the only game I've ever really liked in this sense. TBS: I have the first two Fire Emblem games released in the US(technically 7th and 8th in the series). They're both pretty good in the strategy department, especially with the simple-yet-daunting rock-paper-scissors style weapon layout.
  12. Jim Rainer

    WAD Realease - The UAC Rebellion

    I'll beta test, if it's still open.
  13. Jim Rainer

    Doom. Why is it such a satisfying game to play?

    It's simplicity is the main reason. Just boot it up and shoot the shit out of everything.
  14. Jim Rainer

    Story/theme of FreeDoom

    http://freedoom.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/*checkout*/freedoom/website/proposed_stories/bbg/bbg.txt?revision=1 I like this revision of the story the best.