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  1. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2721374077576035043&hl=en
    I'd suggest using the download button for better viewing.
    Not a speedrun or a bragfest about how awesome I can play it, just a test of how fast I could complete it while staying with my normal playing style. The notable thing about this is this is the first time I've played through it without dying. Usually I die from a stupid mistake(i.e. accidentally shooting a barrel, shooting a charging demon with the rocket launcher when its within splash damage distance of me, etc.). It's also a test of a music wad I threw together for E1. I don't intend on releasing the wad, just to dissuade any concerns, considering every song in it is copyrighted.
    EDIT: Forgot to post the time. 29 minutes, 20 seconds, including menu time and the ending text screen.
    EDIT2:Odd, google video seems to have somehow messed up the a/v sync.