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  1. Metabolist

    The /newstuff Chronicles #97

    I'll have a go at reviewing some: I just downloaded the five new /newstuff files. Expect something from me on my next visit here (in a day or two).
  2. Metabolist

    Das Ist Millennium

    Cor blast! talk about drastic improvements! and I thought the improvements to Plut2 were radical.... I don't know about you, but I'll tolerate delays if it means maps that look this superb. Anyone entering those maps is going to blinded by all those lights. ;-)
  3. Metabolist

    Dutch Doom Dudes

    This is what the front page says: "Op deze site kun je allerlei artikelen vinden over Doom III." On this site you can find all types of articles about Doom III. "Doom III is een van de mooiste games die in de maak is." Doom III is one of the most beautiful games in progress. "Met het uitgebreide licht een schaduw systeem is het kwijlen als je er naar kijkt." The extensive light and shadow system is something to salivate over. "Wil je meer informatie kijk dan op deze site, en bekijk ook de nieuwtjes hieronder." If you want more information you can find it on this site, and you can also see the latest news below. Maybe I took a few liberties there. :-)
  4. Metabolist

    Hades Awaits You

    This is especially interesting to me, as I studied Virgil's "Æneid" (in Latin) at school; in particular, the book concerning the Underworld. "Ibant obscuri sola sub nocte per umbra perque domos Ditis vacuas inania regna: quale iter est in silvus per incertam lunam sub maligne luce, ubi Iuppiter condidit caelum umbra, et atra nox abstulit colorem rebus." - Virgil, Æneid VI (in English: "They [Aeneas and the priestess accompanying him to the Underworld] were going in the darkness under a lonely night, through the shadow and through the unoccupied homes of Pluto and his empty kingdoms: a journey such as this can be in the woods by a wavering moon beneath its grudging light, when God has hidden the sky in shadow, and black night has taken the colour away from things." It's much more poetic in Latin.) Oh no!! F...laming hell!!! It's just cut me off *again*, saying it's done at 320K!!! Arrrrgh! Damn Angelfire to hell!! (I used to have a site there, I know what they're like)
  5. Metabolist

    The /newstuff Chronicles #73

    Well, it really depends on the equipment you use. The equipment I was referring to was the Atomic Absorption (AA) machine, which measures substance concentration in liquid samples by nebulising said liquid and burning it in a flame. The resultant spectrum (processed by the machine) indicates the concentration in milligrams. However, it is an extremely temperamental and unreliable machine - it needs to be re-calibrated on every sample and even then, there's still a large factor for error. Hell, we even have to adjust the calibration readings depending on those from the control samples (which are of a fixed concentration) all the time and take a mean from them! As five samples are taken from each liquid sample (the obtaining of which I could explain but I'd be here all night if I did that) and a mean is drawn from that, it does, overall produce a more accurate result than one reading (which may be well off the mark). This is advanced, compared to the sort of thing you'd get asked about on a GCSE or probably even an A-level Chemistry paper, so to be honest, it's only really relevant in mitigating circumstances as this. The Work Experience lad we had in last July was completely flabberghasted by it - as was I when I started working there. So, if anyone wants to argue with me about scientific matters now, then touché to you! ( ;-)
  6. Metabolist

    The /newstuff Chronicles #73

    As they say; quality is better than quantity... except in analytical inorganic chemistry (my profession), where you need more samples to get accurate readings. ( ;-) Pablo's maps are damn good, too - he's got a skill which I lack; making good E1-style maps. The few I've tried to make are just ugly... perhaps I'll try again shortly, after I've finished off the Plutonia II levels... could be a long while!
  7. Metabolist

    Metabolist 3

    It won't be around for a while yet, it's objective 17 on my 23-point agenda. (mort04 was objective 4!) But keep on cheering nonetheless ;-)
  8. Metabolist

    Metabolist 3

    <font size=1><samp>sssshhhhh!</samp></font>
  9. Metabolist

    Metabolist 3

    er... Rez... I think you may be talking about the wrong map; I made map03 about a year ago. The update is actually about Mortiser 04 - Julian must have misread the text....
  10. Metabolist


    Cor Blast!
  11. Metabolist

    Sheer Choctaw

    Oh well, I guess it's just me then.
  12. Metabolist


    Heh - I wonder what that would get in a Resistant Materials (that's what carpentry/metal/plasticwork is called these days) project.
  13. Metabolist


    Hmm. That, in some ways, is truly daft. On the other hand, fair play to the bloke for doing it well! It's not like I could do better than that - my carpentry is pretty bad. (Mind you, the last time I made a wooden box it was bloody hard to take the top/bottom off if the bottom/top was on... that was, until I dropped it from nearly head-height and it split into 4 pieces - again, not actually that bad, considering I'd made it out of five bits of wood and a bit of perspex ;) but the top and the bottom never fitted quite as tightly again. Ah, the lost joys of my youth. :)
  14. Metabolist

    Sheer Choctaw

    sigh... Wow, that's the way to make maps look _good_. But why does he use FLOOR7_1, one of the ugliest textures in Doom? Well, I guess everyone has their little quirks. AARGH! I'm holding a dialogue with myself!!! Noooo!!! I'm gonna have to up my prescription... see you later!
  15. Metabolist

    Good Gravy

    I get it! It's something to do with horses... or maybe not. ;-)