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  1. Acidic Lamb

    I would definitely buy this game!

    I would hate it if i got in a room with that dwarf unless i had something to defend meself.
  2. Acidic Lamb

    How do you feel about the celebrity news?

    I couldn't care less. Celebrities aren't any more important than me in my point of view.
  3. Acidic Lamb

    What Program is easy to use to edit Doom?

    thank you everyone I am now using doombuilder to create a whole wad of edited maps. wish me luck lol
  4. haha who would think doom would have secret sex scenes?
  5. Acidic Lamb

    New Hexen Map

    k ill be sure to leave credit thank you
  6. Acidic Lamb

    Eternity Engine Has A New Logo

    Haha When I Saw That Logo I thought EMachines. LOL
  7. Acidic Lamb

    Sim McDonalds

    Poses Balanced Amounts Of Challenge Very Cool Game
  8. Acidic Lamb

    Best game intro/ending

    Intro: Myst Myst 3 Outro: Riven Myst 3
  9. Acidic Lamb

    Your most HATED monster?

    I Personally Hate The Chaingun Guys. Just Because They Pose No Challenge.
  10. Acidic Lamb

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Its Being Delayed? WTF I was waiting so long for that.
  11. Acidic Lamb

    New Hexen Map

    Since your the creator of the sprites, you can tell me how u want them to behave if that floats your boat. If not, its not a problem I'll make the behaviors and sounds and stuff. How do you want to send them to me?
  12. Acidic Lamb

    New Hexen Map

    Sounds Good. What Have You Got?
  13. Acidic Lamb

    New Hexen Map

    Im Creating A New Map For Hexen B/c Im Bored. Any Suggestions?
  14. Acidic Lamb

    Classic Doom On The Xbox 360

    I'm looking for a few players to do co-op on nightmare from start to end on all four (or is it three I forget) episodes. Please post your gamertag. I'll Pm You On Xbox Live.
  15. Acidic Lamb

    the most useless doom weapon

    The Pistol Definitely