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  1. rich77

    How do you feel about the celebrity news?

    Most celebrities these days don't actually do anything or have talent. Like some spoilt american teens living in their daddy's mansion, or a pop star who can't write their own music. I couldn't give a shit about celebrities, or the fucking celebrity news!
  2. rich77

    Dos games not working.

    Windows XP Professional Media Center Service Pack 2 47 GB Hard Drive 801 MHZ Processing Speed 248 MB RAM
  3. rich77

    Dos games not working.

    I recently installed opengl on my pc so I could play Quake 3 Arena, and now, although it works fine, Duke nukem 3-D and Star Wars Dark Forces aren't working, which are both dos games. When I select them the screen goes blank, like their trying to load. I reckon it's to do with opengl, but I've fiddled with the settings and tried different rendering and display options. Anyone know what I should do? Thanks.
  4. rich77

    Quake 3 Arena, for real!

    Bloody idiots! What was so funny about that?
  5. rich77

    Fav comedy

    Yeah I also like Eddie Murphy and Richard Prior, R.I.P. Lee Evans is good to.
  6. rich77

    Fav comedy

    Yet another very original thread started by me. So what's everybody's fav comedy? Here's mine: BRITISH Monty python's flying circus Fawlty towers Not the 9'o clock news Rising damp AMERICAN Taxi Naked gun Spaceballs Airplane
  7. rich77

    fav music

    Gotta luv abit of classic to. Mine included are Queen, Gary Numan, Sweet and Abba.
  8. rich77

    TNT Level End Music?

    OK. I now understand what bumping means. So basically, only reply to threads that are under a week old?
  9. rich77

    TNT Level End Music?

    Sorry, not quite sure what you're talking about. Is it forum slang? I'm just new to forums you see.
  10. rich77

    Need opengl

    Thanks for the link. Seems my PC has opengl now. Downloaded the quake 3 demo earlier and it ran fine. So I'm certainly gonna get it off ebay soon. Thanks very much.
  11. rich77

    Best Demo in IWAD

    I liked the demo in ultimate doom, E1M5 phobos lab. It actually shows you a secret. In doom legacy you could put a command in like god mode during the demo, so when the player was supposed to die, they would just stand there instead. GZDoom/ZDoom doesn't seem to play demo's.
  12. rich77

    TNT Level End Music?

    I liked the music in TNT.
  13. rich77

    What is your favorite fan made wad ever?

    My favourites that I can remember: Torment and torture 2 Mars war Memento mori Forsaken Requiem
  14. rich77

    Summoning monsters

    Yeah. It's cool that they won't attack you, but you can still get in their line of fire. Watching 2 demons go at it is quite funny. Thanks for the list.
  15. rich77

    9/11/73 NEVER FORGAT

    I happned to be in my classroom at the time, in media studies. Of course, it was a tragic day, the death toll was 3000 or something wasn't it? I have my own opinions about 9/11, and the U.S. government but if no conspiracy theories are allowed to be posted then fair enough. GEORGE BUSH YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!1