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  1. DoomKn1ght

    Vavoom turns 10

    I am really disapointed that the software polygonal renderer is going to be removed since it's my main interest into vavoom. OpenGL and D3D don't work for i.e crash often. Nice job for the shadows though.
  2. DoomKn1ght

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    I didn't say that using the version and choping it was a bad idea. I will wait for Kaiser opinion before getting further. Aaah! Samples can't be ripped directly from the rom because the compression method is unknown yet. well nevermind.
  3. DoomKn1ght

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Taking the psx one is not a bad idea but they sound differently the psx one is higher quality. There are several reasons for the gap issue: 1.Samples are badly ripped 2.the pitch & sampling 3.the it tempo is hard to match the original tempo accurately 4.There are differences between mod player and differences of settings between players. That why I wait until Kaiser rerip the samples or maybe doing it myself. I will try to know if AIFC used in DooM64 is the same as the jaguar or 3DO DooM.
  4. DoomKn1ght

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    I already tried to downsample or upsample the riffs in fact I tried all I can in order to make it sound right but that was useless. I compared with USF and it was simply badly ripped. I dunno how Kaiser ripped those. I was waiting for him to reripped it. There is options in instrument tab to set fade and volume curve and the offset parameter to set diferent starting point.
  5. DoomKn1ght

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    I don't know a better tracker than modplug since it is the best for making (.it) module, (.it) use more CPU ressources but I am not sure it is possible to recreate all the tracks with (mod,s3m,xm). Madtracker (mt2) use more CPU and there is no real benefit over (it) I noticed that 7zip was set to lzma2 compression type so you will need latest 7zip or anything that support lzma2. I may reupload it if you still can't extract it.
  6. DoomKn1ght

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    That's what I thought too but it was a bit trickier and the riff sample doesn't sound right as I explained above. http://www.mediafire.com/?y0mgohgijim Tracks are louder to be audible in zdoom. I have seen that Meanie50 and Everett1911 were interested. They are quite accurate but I use USFs to check. And mp3 compression... That's quite good.Perhaps you should make some improvement if you want to be more accurate. But there will be no real audible difference unless we pay attention.
  7. DoomKn1ght

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    About samples, It's sad if the AIFC format couldn't be decyphered because some samples are cut in high frequencies and don't match originals. Especially those of the endgame tune like instr025. If only you could rerip thoses one. Besides, I noticed that PSX SPU has almost 24 channel and a psxemulator spu plugin can log note events to midi file and I don't know how N64 SPU works exactly but I was thinking about modifying a plugin like lazyusf so as to It would log (note on/off,volume envelop ,panning,reverb chorus sfx)into a midi or directly a mod/it. MOD is rather limited format and maybe not enough for some of the tunes. I dunno if it's even possible to do this. If you have a detailed explanation of how N64 SPU work. I am not confident with my skill too. :-? I already recreated some tunes and here is the percentage of completion: Sparse60(stagingarea): 50 % (this one is not that hard but rather long) Sparse71(endgame): 99 % Sparse72(intermission): 99 % Sparse73(intro): 99% Sparse74(mainmenu): 99% planed: Sparse5d(darkcitadel): 0 % Sparse67(watchyourstep) : 0 % But I can't do It all by myself because It's really tiedous and time consuming (if you want to be accurate) as I am am busy in real life. So we will have to share the task. I would be motivated to do 'darkcitadel' and 'watchyourstep' but not really more knowing there may be a faster way to do it.You can take any piece of music besides those mentioned above.If you already did and yours are better than mine ok. Kaiser, I will send you a pm. Indeed, probably to save space on the cartridge and save cpu.
  8. DoomKn1ght

    export palette as bmp,png

    export palette as bmp,png ; import bmp,png to palette. Is it possible?
  9. DoomKn1ght

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I think the level design in the first part of DooMII is boring because of innapropriate design and texturing for something earth-city like levels also some music are really boring which doesn't help. But there is some good ideas. Everything done by Romero is good and some by Sandy Peterson are good too.
  10. DoomKn1ght

    What do you love and hate about Doom 64?

    Yeah that right but turok was out in 1997 too and models where quite good IMO. I know there only a handful drawn on the screen at the same time. The sprite are very good although they are "toy-ish". I was impressed at the time compared to the PSX.
  11. DoomKn1ght

    What do you love and hate about Doom 64?

    I think it was a great game with great additions to DooM especially colored lighting, level design, sound. The music is awesome ; ok some tracks are boring less boring as some DooM2 tracks IMO and it's more an ambient track with weird noises but there was also ambient tracks in PC DooM like "they are going to get you", "sinister", "dark halls", not only fast paced metal. Also the PSXDooM music is much darker and despair than DooM64 that is just weird and spooky. I think the design was very unequal the zombieman, imp and baron look-like correct but some like lost soul look-like bullshit. They released it after Quake was out and they didn't put 3Dmodels, but ok if it was for having some crappy md2, the bigger sprites are fines.
  12. DoomKn1ght

    Doom64 Music Recreation Project

    Kaiser, I PMed you my try about the end and intro tracks.
  13. DoomKn1ght

    Doom64 Music Recreation Project

    There is no missing instruments; I was doing the same thing and I almost finished the intro music as well as the end screen one. By the way, is there any useful infos that can be obtained from the USFs? Like which samples are used for each piece... Anything new about VADPCM thing?
  14. DoomKn1ght

    Starting gear

    Well, at first I would suggest to make the controls as fast and smart as possible for an iphone. -I would redesign the status bar to make it looks like a handheld game console with an arrow pad for forward, back, strafe left, strafe right. -I think DooM gameplay is all about the way you handle strafe&turn so i would try to put turn right and turn left in a handy way. -Press on enemies to shout them and on switch to turn them on/off -press on weapons icon to switch weapon. -also I always thought that the concrete-like statusbar was looking odd (I like how Saturn DooM statusbar look though.) And for starting weapons I would do that by difficulties and episodes in order to make it more generic for PWADs, not on a per level scheme. skills: - skill 1 and 2: pistol + 25 bullets. - skill 3 : pistol + shotgun + 50 bullets + 4 shells. - ultra-violence: pistol + shotgun + chaingun + 50 bullets + 4 shells. - nightmare: pistol + shotgun + chaingun + RL + 50 bullets + 4 shells + 2 rockets. episodes (UDooM): - 1: pistol + 50 bullets. - 2: pistol + shotgun + 50 bullets + 4 shells. - 3: pistol + shotgun + chaingun + 50 bullets + 4 shells. - 4: pistol + shotgun + chaingun + RL + 50 bullets + 4 shells + 2 rockets. parts (DooMII, plutonia, tnt): - 1: pistol + 50 bullets. - 2: pistol + shotgun + 50 bullets + 4 shells. - 3: pistol + shotgun + chaingun + RL + 50 bullets + 4 shells + 2 rockets. I would make episodes and skills almost additives(the numbers of ammo is approximative here). I would consider to add a SNESDooM like episode accessibility system just to make it more progressive challenge. And instead of cheats I would add bonus when you complete a secret level or an episode or the game in a given time like: - start levels with a green or blue armor - start levels with a chainsaw - start levels with a plasma gun and 40 cells - start levels with a BFG9k and 40 cells - invulnerability - map all lines on etc. Ok, this may seems a bit ridiculous, dunno. Edit: I second the jagdoom system idea.
  15. DoomKn1ght

    How to play created map

    If you mean save your map it's file->save map as or ctrl+maj+s by default, I guess. then run the map with the source port you mapped for.
  16. windows update remove a component needed by DoomBuilder1 & dbx to run. It ask me to insert ressource cd each time there is an update. What component do you guess it is? Is that dependency to that component easy to remove by messing a bit with source code?
  17. Your map is good really, It remind raccoon city. Are the doors models, how do you make them blocking?
  18. I am making a Resident Evil1 TC for gzdoom, but I only did some door models. I don't what you do exactly if It's a Spencer's mansion like map. Anyway, I planned to do models from scratch or taking them from some half-life R-E mod. I don't if I can use your models because I don't know what they are looking. Edit: Thank for the site some models are exactly what I am looking for. EDIT2: Are those model free of right or they are ripped from a game?
  19. DoomKn1ght

    Doom BuilderX

    It could be cause by the fixed resolution aspect option but I dunno.
  20. DoomKn1ght

    Doom BuilderX

    I have a memory leak problem with dbx. My map is about 2800 sectors 25000 sidedefs... And large about a square of 30000 px. At the start the program only take 50mo of memory but It increase quickly to 230mo of memory when I do the usual things draw, copy, paste, drag... even more in 3D mode. So is it possible to free memory after saving the map by cleaning cleaning all undo/redo. And free the memory allowed to the 3Dmode when exiting it. I don't know if the cause is the size of the map but this is strange, It never happened before.
  21. DoomKn1ght

    HOKUTO no Cathedral!

    So, is this better to put every details in 256x128 patch? I always wondered, if you can define even bigger textures with TEXTUREX than 256x128. tnt and plutonia have 1024x128 for skies but I wonder if you can do the same with wall textures without Doom crash. Anyway that doesn't count much on modern pc for what you do because you don't need dozens of textures for this. The biggest limitation is that You want to fit the original texture set for the chalenge and don't define new 256x128 for your arch for example. For example, You can use a 256 mid texture for the organ's pipes. That said, the quality of the map and textures are impressives, keep it up!
  22. DoomKn1ght

    What were you doing 15 years ago?

    The same as me, SNES DOOM had bad graphics but the sound was good. First time, I turn the game on I was startled by the intro screen that appeared suddenly.
  23. DoomKn1ght

    The Car that Doom Bought

    As far as I remember it's an atmospheric and not a turbo. It's not a toyota supra twinturbo. :)
  24. DoomKn1ght

    The Car that Doom Bought

    F*** , I wanted the car for 2000 bucks! :D
  25. DoomKn1ght

    Slade or Builder?

    This is a nice feature to overview the whole level.