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  1. additup

    We're all going to be RICH

    Hey, no problem, have fun being an asshole. Jesus H Christmas You're an. Love your maps tho. Quoted for truth.
  2. additup

    We're all going to be RICH

    Yes, it did. Thank you for clearing that up. What seems odd to me is that intention doesn't matter at all; that the fact I don't intend to profit from the endeavor, only to increase playability for those who have never yet picked up Doom (my original plan was to have a zip that included everything necessary to click download, extract, and play), doesn't enter into the equation at all. It's odd to me because Doom is thirteen years old. I guess I would hope that by this point id would have made the game freeware and just called it good. I didn't pay for my copy of Doom which I downloaded about two or three years back, and frankly I would consider anyone who paid (what does the readme say, I just checked, $40.00?!? what a joke) for Ultimate Doom after the year 2000 to be a fool.
  3. additup

    We're all going to be RICH

    Okay. Any idea what Scuba Steve was talking about when he said "There's nothing illegal about making a wad the iwad so it doesn't require the doom.wad file"? Did I misunderstand what he was saying (or is it more probable he simply wasn't aware that what he's describing is, in fact, illegal)?
  4. additup

    We're all going to be RICH

    Is that the case if I were to try to sell what I'd created, or is that also the case if I distribute it in any way at all (without seeking profit)? Edit: If the latter is the case, then what was Scuba Steve talking about with this line; "There's nothing illegal about making a wad the iwad so it doesn't require the doom.wad file."
  5. additup

    We're all going to be RICH

    I tried this, and people leapt onto my back and complained about how I was doing something illegal by making my wad the iwad, so I ended up taking the extra stuff out...
  6. additup

    Your most HATED monster?

    I don't hate any doom enemies, but Pain elementals are the toughest to me, because as soon as you've done away with the lost soul shield another two have spawned blocking the thing that's spawning them. In large numbers pain elementals are surprisingly lethal.
  7. additup

    Unified Evil - Version 0.333 Recurring

    The scripting is really interesting and the idea I like a lot. I do n0ot like the gameplay that goes along with them, though, at all. Fighting demons and cacodemons with a pistol in the dark is not fun, it's repetitive and boring. Keep working, I'm keen to see how this develops. If you add some more detail to the interlocking rectangle hallways outside the multiple switching-rooms, that might improve the visual appeal of the level immensely. Great job so far, soldier on.
  8. additup

    New project

    The nukeage where the walls meet the floor? Yeah, that looks great.
  9. No, it wouldn't be awesome or redundant, now that I think about it, for exactly one reason. Severe lack of pistol.
  10. Who caught the Simpsons reference? LINBiNk, if you're going to make a weapons conversion, you should port over the enemies and create maps to emulate the halo levels, too. New textures, some skyboxes with the Halo arcing overhead... "Awesome" would not begin to describe the finished work. See you sometime after the apocalypse.
  11. additup

    [Community Project] Untitled New Years CP.

    I think what he meant was that if Bloodskull has only been using zdoom, he would expect that Bloodskull would want to create this map for zdoom. Not everyone uses zdoom, obviously. Is BOOM less restrictive in some important way?
  12. additup

    [Community Project] Untitled New Years CP.

    I have to admit, that would certainly make things easier on me. I've gotten used to being able to use simple txt lmp inserts to do things (ie mapinfo).
  13. @the iron hitman--- You may find these two pages useful, they're the only reference I had: http://zdoom.org/wiki/GLDEFS http://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes Of course, that's "only reference", other than this: http://www.box.net/shared/3d91ndhny0 That's the GLDEFS lump from Last Man on Earth, which I found invaluable, both as a source of motivation, and inasmuch as this GLDEF lmp served as a template for my own modified code (which I knew literally nothing about prior to nine or ten o'clock last night) http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/41750-last-man-on-earth/2/ If you need more to get you started, PM me about it and we can talk. Here's some more screens whoring out those thousands of extra sectors... Just for you, Kaiser.
  14. I know, I know, I said the last upload of this wad was going to be it... but after playing Sigvatr's early beta release of Last Man On Earth, I can't help but feel my own wad is lacking in the absence of this simple, yet elegant, effect. So, I took a couple hours last night to learn how to use the DOOMDEFS lump. I customized the death sequences of several monsters with fireworks displays, as well as setting the scale and shade of candelabras and torches.
  15. additup

    Last Man on Earth

    http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y280/teh_death/DOOM0000.png That what you're pointing out? Edit: I loved the map, by the way. Are the ambient lights on the creatures and other things added using that DOOMDEFS file in there?