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  1. sonic01965

    Hexen Problem [in Doomsday engine]

    Thank you! I thought it was in the wad itself. Now that it's been fixed i can play again!
  2. sonic01965

    Hexen Problem [in Doomsday engine]

    No, nothing. I used everything and i gave up. I don't even know what the problem is...
  3. Ok, the reason I haven't played Hexen in a while is because of this: a couple of months ago, I started a new game with the Mage on the default diffaculty (can't remember the name of it at the time.)on doomsday engine. I got all the way to hypostyle and made it to the fight with the flying dragon thing over the pit. I used my best weapons and it didn't die. So i used the item that gives you full manna. (Also cant remember the name of it.) Still didn't die, Used it like 2 times, Nothing! so i got to the point where i had to use the kill command in the console with the tilde key (~). it said 2 monsters killed but the dragon didn't die! as a final option i swiched levels and tried the kill command again. finally got it! Then i could continue playing! But when i got to one of the chapels, I was up against 2 of the creatures that fly around and spit fire at u. I got the same problem as above. eventually I gave up and havent played Hexen since...:( Can somebody help me with this. Any info would be appreaciated. (Sorry for not remembering anything. I havent played the game in a while.) (If this is in the wrong forum please move it.) sonic01965
  4. sonic01965

    SMWG: Adamantium Rage

    Ok, it works. This is a awesome mod; I like it.
  5. sonic01965

    SMWG: Adamantium Rage

    I got a problem with this. When i get all the weapons with the idfa or idkfa cheats, I don't get the warhammer, but whenever I get it by running over it in a level, I can used it, but I can't use the mouse wheel to select other weapons. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. sonic01965

    Looking for a sky...

    Holy crap! I've played Doom a lot but I've never seen a double sky before. That looks awesome!
  7. I would like to help out on this project, but I don't know how to make maps or textures. Maybe I could be a beta tester?
  8. sonic01965

    Beautiful Doom -- 4.7 released!

    I swear there was another version of this mod. In it, the doom guy was wearing brown gloves and some of the weapon animations were different than version 4.4. I thought that one was better than 4.4. what happened to it?
  9. sonic01965

    D64 textures in DB2 ?

    Do you have the TC installed on your computer? Because it requires the Doom 2 wad from what i know.
  10. sonic01965

    Doom Music Remixes (Wad Format)

    I have seen a couple of doom music remixes, but none of them are in wad format. Does anyone have them? BTW: If a music remix pack is for doomsday, can I use them in risen 3d?
  11. sonic01965

    Need help - Doom in 3D

    I just noticed this and I happen to have everything for Risen 3d, all in working condition. I would like to help you out but can you give me a better explnation on what you are trying to do?
  12. sonic01965

    Knee Deep in ZDoom Weapons

    Ya. I found out that if i wanted to try a normal doom level with it, I end up getting the silver key instad of the blue one.. Wait a sec, that was when i loaded KDIZD and went to the later levels. I get it. The codes for the shell castings and the grenade launcher are only found in KDIZD and the weapons wad uses these. thanks for clearing that up. Edit: do u have another version of the rifle? I remember seeing it in one of your posts somewhere else.
  13. sonic01965

    Knee Deep in ZDoom Weapons

    this is designed to work for zdoom but i'm using it for KDIZD
  14. sonic01965

    Knee Deep in ZDoom Weapons

    Ok, first off, if this is in the wrong place, then feel free to move it. (I havent posted here in a while.) I played KDIZD and i must say, it has to be one of the best mods of doom that i have ever played. Now i remember on 1UP there was a post under doom mods (I think) that had KDIZD and the Music wad. But i also saw a weapon remix in that post. Seeing that the link did not work, I searched all over for the wad, but i never found it. I'm wondering, if anyone has it, or knows where to get it, can someone please find this file for me? I would really appreaciate it if some one could help. Thanks Edit: I found the thread here http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14048 I think Snarboo was the guy who made it. does anyone still have this?
  15. sonic01965

    Doom64 TC Hi Res Weapons

    ok i will thanx