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  1. Found another bug over the holidays which is fixed https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads/scoredoom-monster-replacement-randomizer-v117 Cool thing I found out as well that the Boss Rush chain replacements work OK in levels like E1M8 E2M8, E3M8 etc.. v.1.1.7 Cyberbot correctly fires bouncy grenades now. By default now, the boss rush chains have a chance of spawning for the Cyberdemon, Spidermastermind and Baron of Hells. When spawned on maps like E1M8,E2M8, E3M8 etc... the first boss in the chain killed will end the level. Decorate classes: BaronChain1AC , BaronChain1BC, CyberChain1newBP and SpiderChain1newBP
  2. HI, Necro-post here, but relevant. Updated to v1.1.6 Fixed a number of bugs reported. BD's Icon Of Sin shows up in the Cyberdemon boss rush chain now as well. https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads/scoredoom-monster-replacement-randomizer-v1-1-6
  3. Yeah, that would be cool to have ported that. I have never used ZScript or ACS, which this would require. Someone proficient in either should be able to whip something up fairly quickly... events would be on player death, on monster death, probably on level end... the most complex would be the chain bonuses, but someone who planned to work on a ZScript version of the mod, suggested this would be possible... not sure what happened to that. Updated to v1.1.5, the last version, unless I find some major bugs.... Moved Baphomet (un-nerfed) from an Archvile replacement to a Cyberdemon replacement. Baphomet (Credit to Xaser) is an icon of sin type enemy, that I tweaked to not need a BossTarget, so it can work on any map. Also added Brutal Doom's Real Icon of Sin (Credit to Sergeant Mark IV) as a Cyberdemon replacement, also tweaked it like Baphomet to work on any level...tweaked the size as well. This is based on an earlier version of it. You can summon it using the class name 'IconOfSinSD'. You can use the SD-BONUSPACK.WAD in the archive in Scoredoom as well, you would need to add a line in the ini for the new class. https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads/scoredoom-monster-replacement-randomizer-v115
  4. uggh, the original pk3 that I used to base the randomized replacement decorate code and a couple new enemies had altered the chaingunner sound from the default, and its not a very good sound, lol... so that has been fixed. Hopefully thats the last change. same d/l link... https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads/scoredoom-monster-replacement-randomizer-v114
  5. The last build of scoredoom itself is on moddb with everything, but yeah, this has all the addons (addonpack + bonuspack) as well. Plus a couple new monsters. Thinking of running a zandronum server for a while as well hosting this... getting back into doom a bit more after a hiatus.
  6. some more tweaking... Shotgun alt fire is more balanced. Baphomet which was only used in Boss Rush chains, a slightly nerfed version can show up very occasionally as an archvile replacement. https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads/scoredoom-monster-replacement-randomizer-v114 Video highlighting alt-fires that scoredoom added to default doom weapons available in this mod (these are loaded in a separate wad, so optional).
  7. Updated, works in Zandronum now... https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads/scoredoom-monster-replacement-randomizer-v113#downloadsform
  8. New version updated to v1.1. Fixes spidermastermind not being replaced at all, and fixes default chaingun sprite & sound override from one of the addon packs + fixes plasmagun sound override from one of the addon packs, so default doom weapons are not affected, if just using the monster replacement wads. This resource basically allows you to use all 308 monsters in the scoredoom addon/bonus packs in zdoom/gzdoom/zandronum as random monster replacements out of the box, instead of requiring scoredoom exe. https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads/scoredoom-monster-replacement-randomizer-v11-for-zdoomgzdoomzandronum
  9. BilboHicks

    Splitscreen Brutal Doom? Complex?

    Have this working with gzdoom and zandronum. Use Universal Split Screen (USS) to do it. Start up 2 instances from 2 different directories (after local server, or connect to other server for zandronum), via zdl or command line to connect. You can use win+tab then use right click ->snap to left/right to place the windows (may need to tinker with resolutions first), then use USS to via alt+tabbing to assign either keyboard or an xinput controller to each window (1, 2 etc...) you can also remove border windows via USS so you get fullscreen. gzdoom 4.2.4 for me is ok with filling up custom window dimensions, zandronum 3.0 (screenshot) I am still playing with... will get black borders. Once each instance has connected and everything assiged... just click on Start Splitscreen button in USS, it will go to the background and away you go.
  10. BilboHicks

    Scoredoom 3.0r5 archive

    Thanks man, I just saw the boss rush video, you are a good player! Will check out the SIGIL videos too. I have been getting back into Doom again using Universal Split Screen and other tools to play split screen on 1 computer, since xinput support in modern ports like gzdoom and zandronum make these games much more playable with gamepads imo. I just uploaded a version of the addon and bonus packs for gzdoom and zandronum (scoredoomst packs) that are usable in gzdoom and zandronum. Its just a monster replacer/randomizer to use all the enemies from the add on and bonus packs. Thread here: I included your boss rush video as well, thanks again. I can see how the boss rush chains would be interesting with OTT weapon mods as well.
  11. Hi, Something that was asked for by a few people in the past, was to have the monsters in Scoredoom's Addon + Bonus packs to be stand-alone to use with zdoom/gzdoom/Zandronum iwads, pwads and mods. I recently got semi-motivated to do this, so here it is. https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads/scoredoom-monster-replacement-randomizer-v1-1-6 I'm releasing it 'as is' and not supporting this, feel free to change and edit, just give credit if content is shared. I made some effort to tidy up the wads, to work without scoredoom, but they are not organized very well. Included is a Read Me with instructions and details, as well as credits from the old scoredoom site (along with the list of monsters + pics). I added a pk3 from Doom Krakken's (now Dutchygamer's) Monster Randomizer mod to drive the randomizer, and it includes newer extra monsters (Draugr revenant and viral zombie) from that mod (from Realm667 probably). So credit to them, and Tormentor's site as usual. (credits: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=62911 ) There are up to 308 monsters that can be used, as well as an optional scoredoom weapons/ammo/health pk3 which the source port used for harder enemies when the monster packs were loaded. All standard doom weapons get alt fires except fists, chainsaw and pistol. There is a new weapon called a smartbomb as well. If I find any problems with the randomization I may update, but it will/should out of the box, replicate the default scoredoom addon-pack & bonus-pack monster distributions. You can also add the Boss Rush chain replacement decorate classes as well for a monster, to start a battle where 10 to 20 bosses (with helper enemies) in sequence will be spawned until they are all vanquished. These are not added to the randomizer DECORATE by default, but the Read Me will be able to help edit the enemy distros. Here is what Boss Rush looks like, in terms of the enemies spawned. There are 2 Baron Of Hell chains , 1 Cyberdemon chain and 1 Spidermastermind chain (Read Me has more information). The player in the video randomly kicked off 2 Baron chains of the same type here... also, I just saw that someone has done something similar for gzdoom, so now you have 2 version for gzdoom! ;)
  12. BilboHicks

    Scoredoom 3.0r5 archive

    FWIW, The Green Herring was the by far the best player online, thanks to the wayback machine here are the scores that he set: https://web.archive.org/web/20170318214622/http://www.scoredoom.com/profile.php?playername=TheGreenHerring
  13. BilboHicks

    Scoredoom 3.0r5 archive

    Yes I would do most of it in zscript if I were to do it today, if not all, if possible. There were a couple of guys about a year ago trying to reproduce the mod with ZScript, not sure where they got off. They seemed to run into a snag iirc, with archvile resurrected enemies, and lost souls emitted from pain elementals which do not count as kill in scoredoom (to stop infinite scores), as well as custom monsters doing similar things. Saying that, it would seem to me that zscript along with decorate changes should be able to fix that. There are some other nuances, like in co-op, infighting bonuses are weighted and shared according to the highest points scorer for the level, again, do not know enough about zscript to determine if that would be possible. Presumably zscript can create/add custom cvars, so the add-on pack configuration settings would be possible.
  14. BilboHicks

    How do i play Scoredoom?

    Hi, I updated scoredoom to it's final release. posted about it here: You can download it from here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads
  15. BilboHicks

    Scoredoom 3.0r5 archive

    Hi, Scoredoom.com is no longer, so there is no more online hi score server. Source code to run your own hi score server is here: https://github.com/ddraigcymraeg Scoredoom (gzscoredoom.exe) still works with local hi scores, which is the mode that I recommend using (to get rid of the purple text on the HUD). Final release is Scoredoom 3.0r5 Earlier in the year I fixed a DECORATE bug in the add-on/bonus pack(s) that can cause a fatal crash which is evident in wads like Scythe 2, as well as updating the bonus pack with some new enemies, and included some extra stuff as well. You can download it here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads I have a quickstart guide included, as well as the old faq and add-on pack guide. The quickstart guide should help with setting it up, and how to deal with newer wads with the newer MAPINFO format (the 'workaround' is to delete the MAPINFO lump via Slumped). Scoredoom is built on a 10 year old version of gzdoom (wow, has it been that long!), but despite the MAPINFO workaround, will work fine with all WADs (and newer systems), except with newer zdoom/gzdoom specific ones with newer DECORATE etc... You can also grab the final release of ScoredoomST here as well: https://www.moddb.com/mods/scoredoom/downloads Built on the original Skulltag 0.97c2 source code release. It runs well for normal wads, but becomes very unstable for wads like Hell Revealed, especially with the add on pack. You can use it with the old GPL Skulltag Master Server http://gstmaster.sourceforge.net/ created by Ghostlydeath. If you want to play competitive co-op with Scoredoom with friends, I would recommend using gzscoredoom instead in all honesty, if you can coordinate together and have LAN/fast internet. archived site with old hi score tables: https://web.archive.org/web/20170111201422/http://scoredoom.com/