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  1. Hyabusa

    Custom Made Monsters?

    I downloaded Whacked2 but it dont work. I tried to extract the folder and there was nothing in it. I tried redownloading it twice and the same result.
  2. Hyabusa

    The Commander Keen thing

    then what exactly is the action?
  3. Hyabusa

    The Commander Keen thing

    Okay I was playing Doom II Grosse level (level 32). At the end you kill 4 Commander Keens and then some wall moves down or something and you can get to the ending switch. How do you do that? I know you need to tag the sector 666 but like how do you control the actions of the sector?
  4. Hyabusa

    Custom Made Monsters?

    okay I downloaded DehackEd but it wont run... why? Is there something special I need to do before I can run it?
  5. Hyabusa

    Custom Made Monsters?

    So then how do i add a "DEHACKED lump" into my maps?
  6. Hyabusa

    Custom Made Monsters?

    Okay I was on ZDaemon (The online Doom thing) and I saw some new things, like shotgun guys and Arachnotrons that looked like the marine and a green cocodemon that was green and shot like a burst shot of flames. How do you make monsters like these?
  7. Hyabusa

    Stopping Door.

    sorry i aint been around, ive been busy but Ajapted figured out what I am trying to get to happen. Now how can I get the line triggers to work like you said?
  8. Hyabusa

    Stopping Door.

    Stupid bunny to answer your question I dunno anything about scripting for Doom, cause I just started making maps so I been using Doom Builder. If there is a guide or something on a website thatd be useful because Ive been able to pick up scripting for other things like HTML and CSS very quickly.
  9. Hyabusa

    Stopping Door.

    How do I make it so when a door closes it stops at a certain point so its like the door got stuck?
  10. Hyabusa

    ZDoom Help

    ok thank you. I got it working... its just so damn slow!!!
  11. Hyabusa

    ZDoom Help

    okay I made a topic asking what ZDoom was and someone gave me a download link. I downloaded and installed it but i cant run it. Its saying it cant find the IWAD server and I need to make it in the same destination as ZDoom. Does this mean I simply copy the file and put it in the ZDoom Folder or what? Help please.
  12. Hyabusa

    Weird Doom dreams.

    the only dream i can remember off the top of my head i was the marine in level 30 of the PLutonia WAD for Final Doom... which happened before i ever played Final Doom. Anyway I was walking around blowing the shit outta monsters with seemingly unlimited plasma gun and i seemed to be in like a god mode cause i would be getting pounded on by like mancubus and not notice until i saw its explosion on my arm. I woke up for school and tried to fall back into the dream all day. It was a fun dream.
  13. Hyabusa

    How can I add different sounds?

    ok i downloaded XWE and DeePsea now what?
  14. Hyabusa

    Your most HATED monster?

    Cybers and Archs. They are just a bit over powered IMO. Archs dont miss unless they cant see you and have a lot of health. Plus I remember I was playing someones map from online and one Archvile walked into a room that was released from behind me. I had to re-enter the room to use a key just to find all the monsters i killed, which was probably around 60, were just sitting there waiting for me. The archvile killed me though, cause i couldnt reach it. Cybers are just big and brutal. One shot from there rockets and your dead. If not your either above 100 health, got invulnerability on, or are just lucky. Sure their missiles arent fast and they can be taken down from a distance without much work but even then they are a pain purely because of the ammo u use to take one down!
  15. Hyabusa


    OK I see people mention this all the time and i never heard of it. What is zDoom?