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  1. Jabberwock

    [FOUND] Doom Sky source files

    Hello. I am experimenting with a Hi-res SKY3. Do you know what rocks were used here? Original My attempts (some of them should be stretched vertically for my own reasons)
  2. Jabberwock

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

  3. Jabberwock

    [Pogostick] Doom Platformer | New v0.9!

    I found it! http://www.realm667.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=520&Itemid=37
  4. Jabberwock

    [Pogostick] Doom Platformer | New v0.9!

    Can't get that file. Please, put it somewhere else.
  5. Jabberwock

    [Doom2D] Need a little help with translating.

    Just download english exe and unpack it to DF folder. No, it's a Delphi.
  6. Jabberwock

    [Doom2D] Need a little help with translating.

    Sorry for waiting so long. Link to the Doom2D:forever v0.55 and english exe: http://www.doom2d.org/download/df/ Additional models (not all): http://www.doom2d.org/doom2d_forever/models/ Additional maps (not all): http://www.doom2d.org/doom2d_forever/maps/ You can use the google translate service for reading russian. It's a bit buggy, we are making 0.55a now for fix all bugs.
  7. Jabberwock

    [Doom2D] Need a little help with translating.

    Thank you all! Translating is done with help of Kevin GPO. Release of the DF 0.55 will be at the next week or earlier (he-he).
  8. Hello. We are Russian doom community, which are doing Doom2D:Forever. Project page: http://doom2d.org Screenshot: And we will make an English translation of our game now. But, because we are know English too bad (huh), a little help is needed. If anybody can help us, we will send piece of sources with poorly translated interface of game and tools for bringing it to well literary English. Nickname of that brave guy, who will help us, will be written in "Credits" section =) My ICQ is 2267647 and mail is jab (a) doom2d.org.