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  1. Cybermaarten

    ZDoom features in Doombuilder

    Thanks, very clarifying! I've googled like crazy to find a comprehensive reference guide explaining what all the ZDoom features are and how they should be implemented, but didn't find anything. The closest thing is the ZDoom wiki, but that also only explains a few things. Does something better exist?
  2. Cybermaarten

    ZDoom features in Doombuilder

    Sorry if I sound like a noob, but can I still make maps for Doom2, when I choose the Doom in Hexen format? Do I just have to select the Doom2 iwad in the settings?
  3. Cybermaarten

    ZDoom features in Doombuilder

    I'm trying a little bit of ZDoom in DoomBuilder but I have a few questions: - How can I add a z-index and/or arguments to things? - I'm reading online about z-doom features concerning for example Slope things. I can't find those in the list (in Zdoom (Doom in Doom format) config). Am I missing something? Thanks so much!
  4. I'm playing Doom on my laptop while commuting, and playing with a touchpad is quite difficult! I've skilled myself with the keyboard, and played all the way through episodes 1, 2 and 3 on UV without dieing once! And then I had to turn on God Mode in E4M1 and again in E4M2... I only use the touchpad for better aiming. But I have to be able to stop, aim, fire. Aiming while walking is impossible :)
  5. Cybermaarten

    Sky textures

    No second warning, but it works nonetheless. Thanks!
  6. Cybermaarten

    Sky textures

    I'm also interested in what is discussed here. I tried to choose "Boom" as a configuration for my map in Doom Builder, but first I get the error "Could not find required lump PLAYPAL". Then, when I want to change a texture, DB crashes. What's going wrong?
  7. Cybermaarten

    Sector effect and Linedef action reference guide

    Was looking around a little bit longer, and this page http://drsleep.newdoom.com/doomrefr.html provides many of the answers. Still, the synced blinking is a little bit unclear. Any more resources?
  8. I'm looking for some kind of reference guide that lists all sector effects and linedef actions and how they work. I now have loads of questions like: - If I make a sector blinking or pulsating or whatever, from and to which brightness does it blink/pulsate/etc? - How is the timing decided when blinking? Do all sectors with the same blink action assigned to it blink at the same time? Can I influence this (except write code)? - In case of a raise/lower sector which also changes flat, to which flat does it change? - For Sector effect 8 (light glows) it says "1+ sec". what does that mean? - Same for effects 12 and 13? - etc. etc. Some of the questions above I've answered by trial and error, but some I just don't get. Is there some kind of reference guide for this? Thanks!
  9. Cybermaarten

    Methods of mapping

    Funny, I do the exact same thing, except I scribble my maps in corners of my Things-To-Do-Today book. Long meetings are also excellent for drawing "doodles" :)
  10. Cybermaarten

    Can't strafe and shoot at the same time anymore

    Wow, this actually works! Connecting a USB keyboard is hard during train drives, as well of course, but I changed my keys from arrows to L=forward, ,=left turn, .=backward and /=right turn and it works! This should be quite a little change in playing style since I shoot and toggle strafe with my left hand.
  11. Cybermaarten

    Can't strafe and shoot at the same time anymore

    Source-port: ZDoom 2.1.7 Hardware: 1-year old laptop, and at home a new keyboard. happens on both. Used to happen only sometimes (I first thought it was related to WinAmp being on or off), now it happens all the time. Can't really say I changed something to my configuration, apart from that I've recently started using mouselook sometimes (when something is too far off for vertical auto-aim). I only app I've recently installed is iTunes. I'm removing that now, see if it helps. The new strafe buttons are a nice idea, but it would force me to change my playing style which is quite hard to do... If I find a solution, I'll let you know, since more people seem to be experiencing the same problem...
  12. I'm a keyboard-only player (play while commuting in the train), but I have a problem that I didn't have before. While I'm shooting continuously (holding Ctrl), I can't strafe anymore (press and hold Alt, and use arrow keys). This means when an enemy shoots at me, I have to release the Ctrl button, then hit Alt and press the arrow keys... Causes me to die all the time... :( Anyone have an idea what this is? Is it a Doom setting, or a keyboard thing? Thanks!
  13. Cybermaarten

    Methods of mapping

    I think I've tried virtually every method for mapping. My experiences: - Just start in DoomBuilder, build immediately without any beforehand planning: Pro: you only do the fun part, being the actual mapping. Con: With this method I spend so much time on one single idea, that I forget about all the others. - Laying out an entire (part of) a level in 2D mode, drawing sectors only. After that, adjust heights, lights, textures and things. Pro: you have excellent control over the map layout. When you're building this fast, you can make a good layout, where all rooms sort of 'work together' and unite, much much easier. Con: When I'm halfway detailing the sectors, I get bored with the layout I made. In other words: I can't implement layout ideas that I get along the way well enough. You're stuck with the layout that you have, to a certain extend. - Drawing (parts of) the level on millimeter paper, using the grid to draw the level precisely as it should be. Pro: as the previous method, complete control over the layout, but less 'set in stone' than that method. Con: same as previous method, and drawing the level on paper in such detail is tedious and not much fun. - Rough sketches of rooms, areas and smaller parts of the level, not bothering about exact dimensions. Pro: this is what I mostly do. It's easy to quickly draft an idea, when it pops up in my mind, and I have enough freedom while mapping to change it to my views. Con: you think about your level per room, not about the level as a whole, which I think influences gameplay. But, I'm sure everyone has to find a method that suits him or her personally.
  14. Cybermaarten

    Graphic glitches in Doom Builder's 3d mode

    I've downloaded the latest driver for my graphics card and the problem remains... Interesting to know might that if I first go into 3d mode, it's okay, but as soon as I start moving around, the solid coloured planes appear... sounds like some buffer is overflowing, or memory is full... hmmm
  15. Hi, I'm experiencing some graphic glitches, like solid-coloured planes, black stripes and such in 3d mode in Doom Builder. See the image below, the light brown plane, and the black stripes in the blood floor. Do you know what might cause this, and what solves it? Is it my graphics card? DirectX? The 3D processor? a doom builder bug? It happens in all maps that I make, whenever the sector is getting complex (read: all the time :)). In ZDoom it looks fine. Thanks for the help!