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  1. DoomCup

    The Hobbit -- 3 films

    That's not even to mention that for the longest time in human history, there wasn't a copyright. People wrote and sang and stuff anyway. In fact, a lot of the legends that come down to us are multiple stories by multiple authors woven together. The legends of King Arthur and his knights are a good example.
  2. The actual bbc link makes it even funnier. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-15371134
  3. DoomCup

    Would you date someone who is transgendered?

    Would I date someone who's transgendered? As long as they were honest, yes!
  4. DoomCup

    What are some odd/cool talents you have?

    You know how some people have a photographic memory that can remember everything they see? I have an audiocasette memory. I can remember everything I hear.
  5. DoomCup

    Rebecca Black - My Moment

    I dunno, I had a listen to this, and I think it shows the problems with Friday were the material itself. This shows that, given decent material, Rebecca can actually sing pretty well. She just needs more decent material tossed her way.
  6. DoomCup

    Zenimax issue takedown of JS Doom port

    So in other words, Zenimax are just being horrible people. Man, iD getting bought out was the worst thing to happen to them.
  7. DoomCup

    What was your first experience with Doom?

    I was seven or eight when we got our first Windows computer. Our previous one was an Apple IIGS. This Windows 95 system came with a game sampler CD, which had Doom95 shareware on it. I played the hell out of that.
  8. DoomCup

    Most Hated Demon On DOOM

    Shotgun zombies. They are so damn annoying.
  9. DoomCup

    doom is unrealistic

    What, Doom is unrealistic? No, really? I had no idea! next you'll be telling me that italian people can't really grow several stories tall after eating mushrooms.
  10. DoomCup

    1993: Has anyone tried playing Doom yet?

    Man, I remember those days, when you couldn't use your phone and your internet connection at the same time. Man do I not miss that :p
  11. DoomCup

    Non guilty?

    I have to admit, I hadn't heard a thing about this case before today. I'm just sad that it took three years and the destruction of this woman's life to come to this decision by the jury. I've read up on things, and I side with the jury; there's not enough evidence to prove the woman's anything more than someone with serious problems.
  12. DoomCup

    curious [about purist ports]

    I do apologize for the poor quality of that rebuttal, perhaps I would have done better were there something of substance to rebutt. While I can't speak for all the wikis, and it was a mistake to try earlier, the wiki for chocolate-doom very well documents program behavior, the steps and versions required to compile (though being written as-is, one needn't be concerned about versions), and other persuant information, which, if accurate, doesn't need changing very often. I think the more important issue is why zdoom can't work with the latest version of a required library. Having the user hunt down an older version from the FMOD page is pretty unreasonable. Why not drop the pretense and admit that zdoom is mainly a Windows port? And on the topic od documentation, a wiki is not the be-all, end-all of documentation. Sometimes code can be pretty hard for an outside party to understand, and therefore, detailed documentation on how it behaves by someone who understands the code (eg Graf) would be incredibly helpful to anyone trying to build on zdoom. But I admit I'm not a coder, so my knowlege in this area is limited, and I can only draw conclusions from observing how other projects handle things.
  13. DoomCup

    curious [about purist ports]

    What are you on? Professional does not mean corporate. OpenBSD manages to be a professional project without being corporate, and they actually manage to provide documentation on everything. Oh, my, aren't you clever? Every project has a wiki, so we're vindicated! This is a rebuttal I would expect from a middle school student. Also, the wikis you have listed manage to actually have relevant, up to date information, as far as I can tell. Man up, grab an editor, write some documantation.
  14. DoomCup

    curious [about purist ports]

    Graf, I know this must be an odd idea to you, but it's the burden of the developer to provide accurate documentation on their project, not the users. If you or anyone else on your team can't be bothered, then what else in your project is lacking? And being a hobby is no excuse. If you're making something for other people to use, there is a certain value of quality and work that's expected. Were you making this solely for yourself and not releasing it to other people, it would certainly be different. As to why people support other ports than zdoom, the argument made by the OP assumes that zdoom is better than the original doom. The problem is, more features do not a better port make. Whether a port is "better" is, by its nature, a subjective thing. For me, Chocolate-Doom is better because it is, and strives to be, essentially vanilla doom on newer computers (and other architectures and OSs, but that's a side effect of good coding). That may not be the case for everybody, and that's fine.